The Cleveland Cavs pretty much played the game they had been hoping to play last night in Boston. Lebron James dropped a triple-double. Kevin Love had a nice night. And Cleveland even got a little help from a couple of role players. Boston still beat the Cavs 107-94. The Cavs held a lead for most of the game, but the Celtics fought back. I honestly don’t know if this will get any better for the Cavs back in Cleveland. Boston may be a team of destiny this year. Can you imagine what will happen if the Celtics beat the Cavs and then go on to beat the mighty Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals? The city of Boston will probably go crazy. Climbing up street poles and shit. The national story will be “The underdogs did it! A team full of no-name players, playing without two of its star players won a championship!” Can you even begin to imagine the headlines? A thing like this has never happened in the history of sports!………Oh, wait a minute. This exact thing has already happened. Remember the Philadelphia Eagles winning the Super Bowl earlier this year, without at least three of its star players? You don’t remember? I do! I always will! That feeling I felt during the Eagles improbable run to a Super Bowl victory, is the same type of feel I’m getting from this Boston Celtics team. Nobody thinks they can beat the Cavs, and even if they do, there is no way they will beat Golden State. The same was said about the Eagles before they smashed the Minnesota Vikings then went on to beat the mighty New England Patriots in Super Bowl five-deuce. So, I ask you……how crazy is it to believe that the Boston Celtics may be the Philadelphia Eagles of the NBA this year??

celts-cavs -2




Lebron James had 19 points in the first quarter to help the Cavs jump out to an early lead. A hot-shooting Kevin Love helped the Cavs hold that lead for most of the game. Then Boston fought back to tie the game. Once Boston got the lead they took control of the game and never let the Cavs back in it. It’s much too early to count the Cavs out of this series. Especially when you consider that they have two straight games coming up at home. Boston took care of business on their home court, just like they were supposed to. If Cleveland does the same, the series will head back to Boston for game-5 right back where it began…..tied. So don’t count a Lebron James-led Cavs team out just yet. But Damn! It’s pretty tough to believe that Cleveland will figure out this Boston defense, suddenly start playing with some hustle and urgency, and play like they care, just because they’re at home for two games. Who knows? Maybe coming home will light a fire under their asses…..maybe not.

celts-cavs -21




Rising young super-star, Jaylen Brown led the way for the home team, dropping in 23 points. Al Horford came up big again with 15 pts and 10 rebounds. And a very important player for the Celtics, who may go unnoticed by some, came up big again last night. Marcus Smart had 11 pts, 9 ast. and 5 steals in 31 minutes of action. That stat line is cool, but Smart’s importance to this Celtics team goes far beyond his stats. If there’s a loose ball on the ground, Smart is there. When you see someone sacrificing their body to take a charge against a player twice his size and weight, it was likely Marcus Smart. And when you see someone never giving up on a play and coming up with a huge steal or rebound, it was probably Marcus Smart who did it. Don’t underestimate how much Marcus Smart being out there on the floor plays into the success of this Boston Celtics team. Bron had a triple double for the Cavs last night 42 pts. 10 reb. 12 ast. Kevin Love had 22 pts and 15 rebs. and Tristan Thompson had 8 pts and 7reb. Kyle Korver dropped in 11 pts. off the bench. Rodney Hood had 2 points in 11 minutes on the floor. Larry Nance Jr. had a donut in 11 minutes of action. Jeff Green had 6 pts. in 28 minutes of action. And sometimey-sharp-shooter, J.R Smith dropped as many points as I did last night in 27 minutes on the floor. Question: WHERE IS JORDAN CLARKSON???


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