It seems like James Harden and the Houston Rockets received the email I sent them about “how to beat Golden State.” Naw, not really. But, I have been preaching that Houston was not going to beat Golden State the way that they played in game-1. Too much one-on-one, and not enough ball movement. That helped, but Golden State not being red-hot will always help too. Whatever the reason, I’m sure the Rockets will take it as they head up to Oakland tied at 1 to play games 3-4 in front of what will surely be a loud and rowdy Oracle Arena crowd full of Warriors fans. All the Rockets need to do is fins a way to win one of the two games in Oakland. If they can manage to do that, this series will get a whole lot more interesting than it already is.




The Rockets were led by James Harden and Eric Gordon last night who both dropped in 27 pts. The Rockets had five players score in double digits last night, including 22 pts by forward PJ Tucker which turned out to be a nice unexpected surprise for the home team. Big man Clint Capela was held to 5 points, but he did snatch 10 rebounds. The Warriors were once again led by Kevin Durant who had 38 pts. Steph Curry had 16. The Warriors didn’t really get much help from anyone else. Let’s be honest here. The Warriors are known to play games like this every now and then. It’s almost like they get bored out there, so they give away a game or two to make it a little interesting. Even with Houston’s big hoe victory last night, I’m not convinced that they can beat Golden State in a seven game series. I’m not sure the Rockets believe it either. I think they were relieved to get this one win under their belts. Maybe I’m wrong. We will see Sunday night in Golden State.


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