Did you watch the game last night? Did you see the faces of the Warriors players as Steph Curry’s last second shot and hope for overtime fell harmlessly short off the front of the rim? I did. The Golden State Warriors and every person in the crowd at Oracle Arena last night looked stunned. I did also. Earlier in the game I was tweeting (@kblack_yb932) about how this series wasn’t living up to the hype I thought the series would have. And how every game has been a blowout, and this one will be too. Of course, the moment I tweet that, we end up getting the best game of the series. Goes to show how much I know.

rockets warriors game 4




Early on, I felt that Golden State was going to cruise to a victory, then go down to Houston and finish the Rockets off in game 5. Everything seemed to be leaning in that direction. Paul’s shot was off and he was clearly frustrated. Harden was out there looking like he was scared. And Steph Curry went old school “NBA Jam- He’s on fire!” on the Rockets asses in the 3rd quarter. That’s usually the formula for a win for Golden State against the Rockets. Something unexpected happened though. I like to believe that the Rockets were pulling a Muhammad Ali “rope-a-dope” move. Let your opponent punch themselves tired, then start wailing on them late in the bout when they’re too tired to properly defend themselves. Houston made a remarkable run, led by Harden and Paul. The Warriors fought back to make this game as close as it was late in the 4th, but the Rockets held on for the “W” and just shifted the whole narrative of this series. Going home down 3-1 would’ve given the Rockets a lot of  motivation to just quit and start talking about what pieces they needed to add to get better next season. But that victory last night in Golden State’s house changed everything. Houston believes they can beat Golden State in a seven game series. They seriously believe it too. You know what? They might not be wrong! Time will tell. Game-5 in Houston is going to be BIG!




James Harden’s 30 points and Chris Paul’s 27 led the way for the Rockets. Eric Gordon helped out with 14. Clint Capela had 8 points and 13 rebounds, but he has not been as dominant in this series as he has been in others. At times I forgot that Capela was even out there. He’s going to need to have more of an impact in this series if Houston hopes to pull off this upset. Steph Cury and Kevin Durant led the scoring for Golden State with 28, and 27 respectively. Draymond Green was two assist shy of dropping another triple-double (13 reb, 11 pts. 8 reb.), but it was clear as day that Andre Igoulda, who sat out the game with an injury, presence was missed. On the defensive and offensive end. Hell, he was missed simply as a stable force out there when the Warriors needed it. It’s crazy to think of how much impact Andre Igouldala’s absence had in this game. But he was definitely missed last night. Check out some of the highlights from game-4 below:



Video Courtesy: MLG Highlights



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