Going into last night’s game, I honestly said this game-7 in Houston could go either way. I was at 50-50. Leading up to game time, news broke that Chris Paul would not be playing in this critical game due to injury. Once I heard that news I put the Rockets chances of winning the game at about 30%-70%. Without Paul, I believed the Rockets really had no chance.

warriors rockets 1




The Rockets jumped out to a nice lead early on in the game behind hot shooting from guard Eric Gordon. Clint Capela also showed up big for the Rockets early on. Clay Thompson got himself into early foul trouble in the 1st quarter. He had 3 fouls and was headed to the bench until the 3rd quarter. Kevin Durant couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Steph Curry was so-so. Draymond Green wasn’t doing much. And most importantly, James Harden had not really got into his rhythm yet. Surely that would change as the game went along, and when it did, the Rockets would be in great shape right? The Rockets had to be feeling pretty good about themselves going into the locker room with an 11-point lead over the Warriors. Even though they should’ve been up by more, an 11-point lead was looking pretty good at the half……. Then the 3rd quarter happened. I don’t know what the Warriors players and coaches do in the locker room at the half, but whatever it is, they have a way of coming out and owning the 3rd quarter. This was not just a one game thing for the Warriors. A 3rd quarter outburst has pretty much been the norm for this team. The Warriors outscored Houston 33-15 in the 3rd quarter last night. That’s a plus 18 in one quarter of basketball. Behind hot shooting from Curry, Thompson and Durant, the Warriors erased the 11-point halftime deficit and put themselves up by 7. The 12 minute stretch was a shock to the fans inside the Toyota Center. It was also a shock to the Rockets players. A shock that I believe they never really recovered from. The 4th quarter remained close, but I never felt like the Rockets were going to get over the hump……and they didn’t. Golden State took game-7 in Houston’s house 101-92.




James Harden finished the game with 32 points. Eric Gordon had 23 but most of that damage was done in the first half. and PJ Tucker had 14 points and 12 rebounds for the Rockets. The Warriors were once again led by Kevin Durant and his 34 points. Steph Curry had 27. Clay Thompson dropped 19. And Draymond Green finished the game with 13 rebounds and 10 points for the Warriors.




I like to try to get hype for the NBA Finals. But if I’m keeping it real, it’s getting harder and harder to get hype for a movie I’ve seen before. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing at all against the Warriors or the Cavs……I’m just tired of seeing the two teams face off in the NBA Finals YEAR. AFTER. YEAR. Unless you’re a Cavs or Warriors fan, I doubt that you’re really hype for this same movie again either. Why don’t you two take a year off and give somebody else a chance! Anyway, we have a Warriors-Cavs NBA Finals again. I like the Warriors in 6. The only reason I say 6 is because the NBA will not allow a finals series to be a sweep or even end in 5 games. That type of thing would be very bad for ratings and the league itself. With the assistance of the refs, Cleveland will get two games in this series. Warriors in 6. Sorry Bron, not this year.

lbj ugly cry



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