Can you imagine The Walking Dead without Rick Grimes? According to Entertainment Weekly (@EW), you won’t have to imagine it, because it’s happening. EW reports, Andrew Lincoln, who plays officer Rick Grimes in AMC’s hit show is set to exit the series in the upcoming season 9. AMC declined comment on the issue, but EW reported that they had an inside source that confirmed the news.

rick grimes-1




Rumors were floated that Rick Grimes will only make it through six episodes of the new season. Not sure if he will get bitten like Karl did, get killed by another gang of outlaws, or just decide to off himself due to depression, but people seem pretty certain that Rick Grimes will not be on The Walking Dead after season 9.




Over the years we’ve seen lots of our favorite characters killed off. The show always managed to go on without them. This right here seems kinda different. I’m not sure what the show will look like without Rick. I’m not sure that the show can survive without Rick Grimes. Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?


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