You would be hard pressed to find a person who was less excited about this years’ NBA Finals than me. I mean, you have some of the best players in the game on both teams. That will probably make for some excitement. Curry, KD, Love, Bron, Klay. I really had no problem with that. My issue was that I’ve seen this movie before. Too many times as a matter of fact. If Kyrie was still playing for the Cavs, maybe I would’ve been a little more excited going into this series. The way things looked on paper, this seemed like this should be a walk in the park for Golden State. Let’s be honest, there’s just too much firepower on that team for the Cavs, (or anyone else in the league, for that matter). That’s what I was thinking going into last nights’ game-1. BUT, like always, I usually end up being wrong about these kind of things. Game-1 of the NBA Finals was not a blowout. The Cavs did not look outmatched in game-1 of the NBA Finals. And game-1 of this years NBA Finals turned out not to be a movie that I’ve already seen before and knew the outcome before the end of the movie. Game-1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavs turned out to be a really good game. A really good game that has me looking forward to game-2 this weekend.




This game was close throughout. There was no time when a team was winning by 20 points and cruising along, then the other team made a late run to make the final score look respectable. You know what type of game I’m talking about. The type of game where even if a team looks like they’re making a run, you never really believe they are going to win the game. This game was not like that. Look at the quarter by quarter scoring breakdown:


Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4  OT

CLE – 30  26  22  29   7

GS-    29  27  28  23  17




This game was closely contested throughout the game. Well, except for the overtime period. That really doesn’t count though. The wind was pretty much taken out of the Cavs sails when JR Smith grabbed a rebound and attempted to run the clock out thinking the Cavs were winning, when the game was actually tied. Honestly, JR Smith would’ve never been in a situation to do that if George Hill had made both his free throws. That’s not the point though. The point I’m trying to make is that Cleveland kind of lost hope after not winning in regulation, while Golden State was energized by the opportunity to go into OT. Golden State took advantage of that opportunity too. But, before all of that, this was a very competitive and close game. All four quarters. Even the 3rd quarter which is usually when the Warriors blow teams out of the building. The Cavs took the heavy 4th quarter blows and kept coming. The Cavs feel like they should’ve won this game, and honestly, they should feel that way. They should have won this game. There was a very questionable blocking foul called on Lebron James as Kevin Durant drove the ball down the lane late in the game with the Warriors down 2, and desperately looking for a bucket. The ref closest to the play initially called a charge on KD. They overturned the call after replay and that gave KD 2 shots at the free throw line to tie the game up. If that call had gone the other way the ball would’ve went back to Cleveland with seconds left in the game. The Warriors would’ve had no other choice but to foul. The Cavs probably would’ve won this game. Even though Cleveland lost this game, they believe they can beat the Warriors. That is going to make for a good series. And if you need more proof that this should be a good series, look no further than the little scrum that broke out at the end of the game. The Cavs were angry. They want revenge! Yeah, this should be a pretty good series.




Lebron James’ 51, 8, 8 led the way for the Cavs. I don’t know how much more you can ask for out of Lebron. The other players are going to need to contribute more if the Cavs hope to even this series up next game. Kevin Love had 21 points and 13 rebs. JR Smith finished the game with 10 points. Larry Nance Jr had a nice game too. He played 19 minutes and had 9 points and 11 rebounds. Draymond Green flirted with another triple-double for the Warriors (11 reb, 9 ast, 13 pts). Steph Curry had 29. Klay Thompson had 24, and Kevin Durant had 26 points and 9 rebounds for the Warriors. Game-2 is Sunday night at 8pm. Should be a good one. Check out the game-1 highlights below:



Video Courtesy: Rapid Highlights



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