Remember the Cavs dropped the first two games of their Eastern Conference series against the Boston Celtics? They looked terrible. Everyone, including myself, thought Cleveland was done. Then they had two home games and things changed drastically. The Cavs find themselves in that position once again in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. The only difference is that the Warriors are not the young inexperienced Celtics. I’ve said early on that I think this series is going six games, because………NBA Finals. A four or five game series will be very bad for the NBA, especially in this series between these two teams that we seem to be meeting in the NBA Finals year after year. The league won’t allow a sweep to happen, even if Cleveland looks like they’re ready to throw in the towel. I can’t see it. But, I do still believe that Golden State will win this series easily. You say, “how is a 6-game series easy?” Because, the 2 games Golden State loses will likely be blowouts. They won’t get blown out because Cleveland is better, they will get blown out simply because they were bored and decided to take two games off. My Warriors 4-2 prediction still stands after last night’s thrashing, but this looks like it can get a hell of a lot worse for Cleveland. Golden State just has way too much firepower for this Cavs team that only has one weapon.

cavs warriors game-2 -1-2




Lebron James led the way for the Cavs with 29 points, 13 ast, and 9 rebounds. James was one assist shy of a triple double. The stat that was more eye-popping than that one to me was the amount of minutes Lebron played. 44. That’s way too many minutes on the floor for your star. If he doesn’t get any help, I don’t see how Lebron can continue to play this many quality minute without running out of gas. Kevin Love had 22 last night and George Hill had 15, but IT’S NOT ENOUGH. Unless Korver, Clarkson, Rodney Hood, or some other forgotten player can consistently come up big and allow Lebron some rest, this series won’t even be worth watching anymore. I find it hard to understand why coach Lue will even attempt to see what will happen if he tried a deeper rotation. What’s the worst that could happen? Lebron could steal a few minutes of rest here and there? How could that be a bad thing? Steph Curry caught fire last night on his way to 33 points. Klay Thompson had 20 and Kevin Durant had 26 for the Warriors. Game-3 is Wednesday night in Cleveland at 9:00 pm.



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