An East Pittsburgh police officer has been charged with criminal homicide after the officer murdered 17-year old Antwon Rose in cold blood last week.

NPR (@npr) reports, Michael Rosfield has been on paid administrative leave since the June 19th murder. Pittsburgh residents held demonstrations in protest for days in the Pittsburgh area. They may have finally got a little justice for Antwon. Rosefeld was arrested and charged with criminal homicide on Wednesday morning. He posted $250,000 bail and was released a little later.

On June 19th a car Rose was traveling in was pulled over by police. They claimed the car matched the description of a car that was involved in a shooting minutes earlier in North Braddock Borough. A video recorder at the scene showed an unarmed Rose clearly running away from Rosfield. With no apparent danger to himself or anyone else present, Rosfield made the decision to shoot the teenager in the back. Three shots can be heard before Rose is seen collapsing and falling to the ground. A passenger in the vehicle was arrested and charged with attempted homicide on Monday. The driver of the car was questioned and released without being charged with a crime.

Rose family attorney Lee Merrit said that while the family are glad to hear the news of Rosfeld’s arrest, the city should have taken action sooner.

“When that video first went viral of Antwon Rose being shot in the back three times — at that time, there was no justification. An arrest warrant should have been issued immediately. The family views the homicide charge with guarded optimism. We believe it’s a step in the right direction, but we understand that there’s gonna be a long road to a conviction and sentencing.”


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