Philadelphia, PA

For the fourth day in a row, protesters in Philly set up shop right outside of ICE’s Philadelphia headquarters at 8th & Cherry streets. And for the fourth straight day, Philadelphia police officers were called in to break up the sit-in.

Action News Philly (@6abc) reports, the protesters camped out outside the ICE office and demanded an immediate end to the separation and jailing of migrant families at the US-Mexico border. According to reports, the police repeatedly asked protesters to move from in front of the entrance to the ICE building. After three warnings police moved in. Ripping up makeshift tents and making arrest as they pushed the protesters away from the building. 29 protesters were arrested earlier this week. No official numbers yet on how many went to jail today.

“We are protecting their right to protest as well as trying to keep the streets open and trying access to this building. There are multiple businesses in this building so we have to make sure these entrances are kept open.” Deputy Commissioner Of Special Operations, Dennis Wilson said. Protesters said they are calling for the abolition and defunding of ICE, and are expected to keep up the protest until they get just that


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