To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” slogan, Nike decided to do something big. That something big, likely included plans to do something controversial. If we learned anything at all from 2018, it’s that controversy sells. So it only made sense that Nike would include the man who’s probably the most controversial figure in sports and sports talk today, in their ad campaign. Colin Kaepernick. The man who has been credited with starting the National Anthem protest which Donald Trump managed to convince his followers was all about disrespecting the military.

Of course we all know the protest had absolutely nothing to do with the military. The peaceful protest were supposed to be a way to bring attention to an issue many people in this country wanted to pretend didn’t exist. Police brutality. Especially when it comes to black people, who it sometimes feel like police hunt and kill for sport. Even after a clear explanation of what the protest were about, Trumpers still managed to make it all about disrespecting the military…… because that’s what their patriotic, military-loving, law & order president told them it was about. No need to take a look at the alarming number of black people being brutalized and killed by police every day all across the country. We see video of, or watch stories of this on the news it feels like almost every single day. The president told them not to believe their own eyes and ears, but believe him….And they did, and do.

The point being……idiots decided to destroy their own stuff that they paid money for because a Nike ad features Colin Kaepernick.

Ah yes! The old destroy your own shit to own the liberals. That’ll show them!

I have an idea for all of the people who are so mad about the “disrespect shown to the military” by kneeling during the national anthem. And are so mad about this that they will destroy their own clothes. I know this may sound completely insane, but couldn’t you do more for homeless vets and vets who may not be doing so well financially by donating those clothes to them instead of destroying them? I mean, I know it sounds crazy that you would even consider helping those same vets that you say the protest disrespect and you love dearly, but why don’t you give that a try before you put images of yourself destroying your clothes on social media for likes and retweets. You’ll probably feel better helping someone in need than you will feel about watching your likes and retweets add up…….but then again, maybe you won’t. Maybe your actions and outrage aren’t about your love for the military and law enforcement at all, but all about likes, retweets, attention, and your collective beliefs that black people should shut up and be grateful that you allow us to live in “your” country. You know, RACISM. Besides, where was all of this faux outrage when your courageous leader continuously disrespected and degraded a war hero/veteran as he was dying of cancer??? Where is your outrage as your fearless leader continues to attack law enforcement every day by calling a legitimate investigation that’s looking into who betrayed “your” country, a “witch hunt”????

Just a little food for thought on this beautiful September morning. Don’t be shy or hesitant to add to, or dispute my thoughts below in the comments section:


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