Former Trump campaign spokesperson and frequent CNN guest, Jason Miller has announced that he will be quitting his job as an analyst on CNN amid some very serious allegations that have been levied against the adamant Trump supporter.

The New York Post (@nypost) reported, Miller adamantly denied the claims against him and announced that he would be quitting his job at CNN to “focus on clearing his name.” Miller said he would fight the accusations against him.

Miller is alleged to have had multiple extramarital relationships, including the one these accusations stem from. Instead of just having sex with a woman who you were cheating on your wife with once, Miller allegedly entered into a relationship with the woman he met in a strip club in Orlando. At some point the woman allegedly found out she was pregnant. When Miller found out he spiked the woman’s smoothie with an abortion pill, court documents alleged.

According to the court documents, the woman ended up having to go to the emergency room because she was bleeding heavily. She reportedly nearly went into a coma. The woman spent two days in the hospital as a result of the incident.

Miller took to Twitter to post several tweets about his accuser and the allegations made against him.


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