After a rough year full of scandals and making headlines for all of the wrong reasons, The National Enquirer has reportedly been sold. The buyer is reported to be James Cohen, who comes from the family that started Hudson News. 




The Washington Post (@wapo) reported, The National Enquirer’s parent company AMI (American Media Inc.) had found itself caught up in multiple scandals involving Donald Trump’s run up to the 2016 presidential election, including being accused of “catch and kill” tactics to hide negative information about Trump. AMI publisher and longtime Trump friend and associate, David Pecker had been implicated in most of those Trump-related scandals. The Post reported that the hedge fund manager who owns a controlling interest in AMI had become “disgusted” by The Enquirer’s practices. The sale of The National Enquirer also reportedly includes two other publications owned by AMI. Globe and National Examiner. 




“The sale includes a multi-year service contract that will generate substantial fees for American Media to provide publishing, financial, and distribution services for the tabloid brands.” AMI said in a press release on Thursday.