Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen’s days as a free-man are numbered. The former “fixer” for the current president, is scheduled to begin serving his 3-year prison sentence on May 6th. Cohen will be headed to FCI Otisville.




CNN (@cnn) reported, Cohen requested to be sent to the prison when he was sentenced by District Judge William Pauley. Cohen allegedly requested Otisville because of its proximity to New York City. Otisville is located in Upstate New York, and is likely one of the closest low-security federal prisons systems to the city. That’s a good thing if your family lives in New York City. It’s better than being sent clear across the country to Texas or South Carolina or something. So, that may be one legitimate reason Cohen wanted to go to Otisville. The other reason is because Otisville has become known among federal prisoners as one of the best places to do your time at. When someone in the system says “best” they usually mean least violent. The unknown is always fearful. Cohen has never been to prison in his life. But the truth of the matter is, practically every low-custody or satellite camp in the federal prison system is the “best.” Low custody prisons are not really for violent inmates. You have a lot of people who have been convicted for white collar crimes, drug crimes, non-violent gun crimes and plenty others. If your criminal record or current crime has some violence involved, you are more likely to end up in a medium custody facility or penitentiary. Don’t get me wrong, THAT IS NOT A RULE THAT IS SET IN STONE. You do have some violent offenders who are sent to low custody prisons. But most are likely serving a sentence of less than 20-years, so it’s not like they’ll be in there looking to kill anyone. They have a release date. The people with no release date are the people you need to be concerned about. You’ll likely find them in medium custody facilities or the penitentiary. Those jokers ain’t got nothing to lose. Now I’m not saying that Cohen, or any other inmate can’t get punched in the face or beat up at a low-custody facility…..but it’s prison, not a freakin’ amusement park. What did you expect? I’m just saying that the likelihood of someone trying to kill Michael Cohen is very low, even given the fact he will be labeled a “rat” the second he steps foot through the prisons doors. Low custody time would’ve probably been smooth time no matter where Cohen was sent to serve his prison sentence. But like I said earlier, the fear of the unknown is always a scary thing. But I’ve personally heard from many people that, if you had to serve some federal time, Otisville is not a bad spot to land at.