I was really trying to hold off on saying this, but I guess right about now is the time for me to finally blurt out my thoughts: This Toronto Raptors team reminds me of the 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles team that won Super Bowl 52. Before you call me crazy, check this out… Remember how, after the Eagles had the great regular season and finished with a 13-3 record, everyone said it doesn’t matter because they’ll get to the playoffs and do what they always do? Every playoff game, everyone was just waiting for the moment that the Eagles would find a way to lose. The Eagles have a long history of finding a way to lose playoff games. Surely they were not going to the Super Bowl. Nobody could see it. People thought that same thing about this Raptors team after their multiple seasons of losses in the playoffs and Conference Finals and never reaching the NBA Finals. When the Eagles made it to the Super Bowl, everyone said there’s no way in hell the Eagles are going to beat the almighty New England Patriots with Tom Brady leading the way. And we all know how that turned out. The same thing was said about this Raptors team. Even without KD on the court, the consensus was that this was going to be a pretty easy road to travel for the Steph Curry led Warriors franchise to collect their 7th NBA Championship. The team’s 4th in the last 5 years. If you say that you predicted the Warriors would be down 3-1 heading into game-5, you are likely a Raptors fan…..or a straight up liar!




The Raptors were once again led by Kawhi Leonard (36 points, 12 rebs), Kyle Lowry (10 points, 7 ast), and Paskal Siakam (19 pts). They also got a big lift off the bench from Serge Ibaka, who put up 20 points in last night’s victory. Also, I just wanted to mention, the Raptors fans traveled very well on this NBA Finals road trip. There were enough Raptors fans in the Warriors house last night to be heard. Even over the very loud Warriors fans in attendance. I don’t know if that was a major factor in last night’s final score, but to be a visiting player, it had to feel pretty damn good to hear that many people cheering for you on the road. The Warriors were led by Klay Thompson, who was back after missing game-3 with an injury (28 points), Steph Curry (27 points), and Draymond Green (10 pts., 12 asts, and 9 rebs.). The Warriors got 10 points off the bench from Kevon Looney, who was also returning to the Warriors lineup after missing game-3 with an injury. I will say this in defense of the Warriors. This Golden State team is banged up from top to bottom. They have injuries all over the place, and their best player hasn’t been on the floor this whole series. Demarcus Cousins looks like he shouldn’t even be out there, as he’s becoming more of a hinderance than a helping factor. I don’t believe Cousins has fully recovered from his injury yet. I admire his courage in wanting to get out there to try to help his team, but truth is, he’s been hurting them more than he’s been helping them. Even though things are looking bleak for the Warriors, I still feel like they will somehow turn things around. I’m not saying they will win the series, but I’d be shocked to see them lose it 4-1. Just my opinion. Anyway, here are some highlights from last night’s game:



Video Courtesy Ximo Pietro/YouTube