What more could a fan of the game ask for? This one had all of the drama that one would expect out of their favorite soap opera. Down 3-1 with their backs against the wall, it’s reported that Warriors superstar, Kevin Durant would be suiting up and playing in this elimination game. Durant goes out there looking like his old self early in the game, and everybody knows Toronto doesn’t stand a chance. KD gets hurt. The Warriors look shell-shocked, meanwhile, the Raptors are smelling blood in the water. The Raptors come back to take the lead late in the 4th quarter. Everyone (myself included) thinks that the Raptors late come back has taken all of the fight out of the tired and defeated looking defending champs. Led by Curry, Thompson, and Green, the Warriors show the world what “the heart of a champion” looks like. It would be hard to script a dramatic television series better than the sh*t that took place up there in Canada last night. Outside of Durant’s injury, and some Raptors fans despicable reaction to his injury, last night’s NBA Finals elimination game was one for the record books. There was so much drama and ups and downs for both teams in this game. I honestly thought KD’s injury would be enough to make the Warriors want to pack it up and get ready for summer vacation. It may turn out that KD’s injury will be the thing that woke the sleeping giants. We’ll see what happens in game-6 back in Oakland. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights from last night’s thriller:



Video Courtesy: Ximo Pierto/Youtube