Anthony Davis heading to L.A to join forces with Lebron James was a big deal, but the NBA free agency news that every fan was waiting on was, where is Kawhi Leonard going to sign? Every sports analyst claimed to have some “inside information” that no one else in the world had knowledge of. Most of this “insider information” pointed in the direction of Kawhi joining Lebron and A.D on the Lakers, or Kawhi resigning with the Raptors, who allegedly even had rapper Drake trying to tempt the all-star to stay in Toronto with a “producer’s credit” on his upcoming album. I don’t recall the Clippers’ name ever even being mentioned among all of the “expert” speculation. Unlike most current NBA players, Kawhi kept his decision to himself. More importantly, he’s clearly surrounded by a team of supporters who are not willing to leak information for a little fame. (A rare thing in today’s world.)




The new rumor is now that “Kawhi never really wanted to play with A.D. and Lebron on the Lakers”, he wanted to play against them. According to new rumors circulating around “the net” this morning, Kawhi informed Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, that if the Clippers could find a way to get Paul George over there, he was definitely coming to the Clippers. A thing that’s being reported today, but I’ve never heard reported prior to this morning. Long story short, Kawhi and Paul George will be playing in L.A next season. A thing that makes for a strong argument that the Clippers may be the best team in L.A even though the Lake Show have A.D and Lebron. If the Clippers can hold on to some of last season’s players like Pat Beverly, Lou Williams, and Montrezl Harrel…..I agree with the people who say the Clippers are the best NBA team in L.A with Kawhi and Paul George.