TMZ (@tmz) is reporting that rapper Young Dolph was shot in Hollywood this afternoon. Law enforcement sources said that Dolph was just outside Shoe Palace at the Hollywood & Highland intersection when he was hit. Officers were nearby and responded immediately. It’s reported that Dolph suffered multiple gunshot wounds, but  his injuries appear to be non-life threatening. No arrest have been made at this time, and it’s unclear if there was one shooter or multiple shooters.



Move over Taylor Swift and “Look What You Made Me Do.” A new queen, and a new single has just moved in to grab that number one spot. Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow is now the number one song in America. The song has received major plays everywhere all summer, and has now officially moved Cardi into that coveted number one spot. Bodak Yellow is the first solo song by a female rap artist to top the charts in 19 years! Cardi B is only the fifth female rapper to ever hold the #1 spot. Cardi now joins Lauren Hill, Lil’ Kim, Shawnna, and Iggy Azelia as the only female rappers to hold such an honor.



Cardi B’s rise to stardom has really been an amazing thing to witness. From Instagram, to Love & Hip Hop, to a successful rap career, and now to the #1 song in the Country. Wow! Through it all, Cardi has remained consistently…..Cardi. She has not changed one bit. When I saw Cardi on Love & Hip Hop I had no idea that she was even a rapper. I thought she was just another person that was being brought on the show to make trouble and fight. I was wrong. Love & Hip Hop was just a stepping stone and not a career move for Ms. B. You have to love, or at least respect Cardi B’s grind from the bottom to the top. It’s proof that if you work hard enough, and maybe catch a break here and there, you can achieve your dreams. Congratulations Cardi!


It was reported last week that Mel B’s divorce proceeding took an ugly turn when the former Spice Girl allegedly sent threatening text messages to rapper Siya who was set to testify in Mel’s divorce hearing on behalf of Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte. Siya was set to testify about Mel’s alleged drug use and Mel’s frequent threesomes with the couples’ nanny, Lorraine Giles. E NEWS reported that the Los Angeles County District Attorney said they “declined to move forward with the witness intimidation charges because the statements are vague and cannot clearly be interpreted as threats.” Mel dodged a bullet this time, but she better chill with the “Thugnificent” stuff before she finds herself doing a county eleven and a half to twenty three or something. (“11.5 to 23 months in the county jail” for those that don’t know what that means.)