Singer, songwriter, and record producer, Tom Petty was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after he was found unconscious, not breathing, and in full cardiac arrest.  **(Update)** TMZ (@tmz) has just reported that Petty had no brain activity when he arrived at the hospital and a decision was made to pull life. The 66 year-old had just finished a tour last Monday that ended at The Hollywood Bowl.



To date, Tom Petty has sold more than 80 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artist of all time. Petty was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame in 2002. Tom Petty is best known as the lead-singer of TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS




Reports of Tom Petty’s death has been retracted. USA TODAY (@usatoday) reports that Petty is hospitalized and his condition is unknown.



You can’t say that 30 year old Crystal Harris married 91 year old Hugh Hefner for the money. Mirror Celeb (@mirrorceleb) reports that 30 year old Harris signed an “iron-clad” prenup before marrying the multi-millionaire owner of Playboy Enterprises. Harris also will never be added to Hefner’s will. The former playmate of the year won’t be included in the will, but it’s reported that Harris will be “looked after” following Hefner’s death. Who will be “looking after” her? What does “looking after” consist of? Who exactly is doing this “looking after?” Your guess is as good as mine. One thing seems pretty certain though, Crystal Harris probably didn’t have money on her mind when she married Hefner back in 2012.



Crystal and Hugh Hefner began dating way back in 2009. Crystal was 22 years old and Hef was 82 when they started dating. The two got engaged in 2010. Crystal’s engagement ring reportedly cost $90,000. Crystal was featured on Playboy’s cover in 2011. The couple seems to have had some history. This wasn’t a relationship where the two barely knew one another before they married. In my opinion this was love. Even though Crystal signed a prenup, and on paper won’t receive a dime, it’s still possible that Hefner and Crystal made a private side agreement between themselves. I doubt if money will ever be an issue for Crystal Harris. Not only was she a model, she also made and released an album titled “Pick Up Lines.” Crystal is also a travel blogger.


Hugh Hefner the creator of Playboy Magazine has died at his home in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles. He was 91 years old. Hefner sold the infamous Playboy Mansion last year to 34 year old business owner Darren Metropoulos for $110 million. Hefner made a deal with Metropoulos last year that he would live in the mansion until his death. Metropoulos is the co-owner of Hostess Brands.



The first issue of Playboy Magazine was published in 1953, when Hefner was 27 years old. Over the years many famous, and women who have went on to be famous after making an appearance in the magazine include: Shannen Doherty (1994), Lindsay Lohan (2012), Drew Barrymore (1995), Vanity (Prince protege and singer, 1985 & 1988), Farrah Fawcett (1995 & 1997), Madonna (1995), Aubrey O’day (2009), Sharon Stone (1990 & 1992), Garcelle Beauvais (2007), Naomi Campbell (1999), Carmen Electra (2003 & 2009), Robin Givens (1994), Brooke Burke (2001 & 2004), Jenny Mccarthy (94′, 96′, 97′, 05′ & 2012), Kim Kardashian (2007), Stacey Dash (2006), Ursula Andress (1965 & 1981), Pamela Anderson( too many times to list), Jayne Mansfield (1955 & 1963), Kim Basinger (1983), Bo Derek (80′, 81′, 84′ & 1994), Cindy Crawford (88′, 96′ & 1998)


Hugh Hefner & Playboy Magazine managed to change the world’s opinion of naked women. Where it was once looked at as trashy, Hefner managed to transform the general public’s opinion into seeing naked women in public as something not to be ashamed of, but something to be proud of and proud to put on display. It might not sound like much today, but people were a lot more uptight in the 50’s & 60’s during the magazine’s rise to stardom. Playboy transformed into “the classy nudity magazine.” It was this reputation that separated Playboy from other nudie magazines like Hustler & Penthouse. It was also this reputation that attracted star quality women to the magazine. Playboy done away with the nudity in 2016 when they released their first non-nude issue in March of that year. Hefner’s son, and heir to the Playboy throne, Cooper, brought the nudity back about a year later in the magazines March/April 2017 issue. Hugh Hefner was many things, but one thing that can’t be argued is that he was a visionary. The little magazine that started in 1953 is a multi million dollar business today. Playboy Enterprises is reportedly worth north of $200 million today. That my friend, is what you call a legacy! #RIPHEF


Multiple news outlets are reporting that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. The father of the child is reportedly Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson. The two have been dating for about a year. An unnamed source and close friend of Khloe’s said that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is about three months pregnant.  This news comes on the heels of news that little sister Kylie is pregnant with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott’s child. Sister Kim is also expecting her third child. This time around, by a surrogate. Tristan Thompson has a 9 year old son, Prince, with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig.