In the latest attempt to try to repair the franchise’s broken image, Papa John’s has turned to former NBA all-star, Shaquille O’neal. Papa John’s took a major hit when leaked recordings of founder and former CEO John Schattner making racist remarks surfaced. Papa John’s has made multiple moves in an attempt to save the struggling pizza chain after it’s stock price took a major blow. Including removing the founder’s face from it’s pizza boxes and other marketing materials and a shitload of commercials attempting to show that the company employed people of every race. Neither really seemed to be helping the company in a major way, but bringing Shaq into the company may be a different story.








CNBC reported, Big Shaq will become the board’s first African-American director. Shaq also grabbed an investment in 9 Papa John’s franchises in the Atlanta area. Shaq also pulled an Oprah when he signed a deal to become the company’s brand ambassador. Shaq will receive $8.25 million for that part of the deal, but just like Oprah, Shaq got half of the $8 milli in company stocks. It’s a gamble, but if something like this pays off, it can pay off BIG. If you don’t believe me ask Oprah Winfrey. She came up like a fat-cat when she took half of her endorsement money from Weight Watchers in company stock. When the stock price made a huge jump, so did Ms. Oprah’s pockets. She cashed out some of that stock and walked away with double digit millions. Much more than she would’ve received had she taken all cash at the time she signed the endorsement deal. If this happens, it will probably be years before the stock price takes such a huge climb, but as long as the company doesn’t go out of business, those stock options are like having money in the bank. As I write this, Papa John’s stock price currently sits at $48.79, up about 4% from this time yesterday. Papa John’s was looking for a way to show some diversity within the company. It cost them some money to get Big Shaq on the team, but I believe Shaq will be well worth the price of admission. People love Shaq. The little jump in the stock price after the company announced the news that they were bringing Shaq onboard showed that. Papa John’s hasn’t even started rolling out the inevitable pizza commercials with Shaq either. Around the time that happens, is when I believe Papa John’s stock will see a jump that will take them above $55/share. That, and come up with some new way of making their pizza or something. Because from looking at my personal Twitter feed, about 90% of people who’ve tried Papa John’s says the pizza is trash. I don’t know, I’ve never had Papa John’s. Have you? Is it trash or is Twitter just overreacting again?



Philadelphia, PA




Somebody….or some people are really pissed off this morning. You would be too if you’d just lost more than 1180 POUNDS (450 kilos)  of cocaine with an alleged wholesale street value of 27,000 per kilo.



coke philly-2




According to 6abc action news the cocaine was seized from a cargo container that was resting on a shipped docked at the Port Of Philadelphia. Federal agents allegedly found the drugs inside of 13 large duffel bags inside the container. Federal officials estimated the value of the drugs to be around $38 million. Cops and FEDS tend to announce the retail value of seized drugs when they do these type of huge seizures. I guess it adds drama to the seizure. Bigger numbers make for a better story? I don’t know…all I know is that 450 kilos at a wholesale price of $27,000 per, is closer to a grand total of around $12 million. Math has never been my strong suit…so what the hell do I know? Anyway, the ship that the drugs were recovered from originated in Guatemala and made a stop in the Bahamas before docking in the U.S. It will likely be very hard to nail down the exact place where the drugs were loaded onto the ship. So, that’s one less thing the owner of this cocaine will have to worry about, but that peace of mind still doesn’t replace his seized cocaine.



Two sergeants from Texas’ Department Of Criminal Justice found more than they bargained for when they went to pick up 45 boxes of bananas that were being donated to the department. As the sergeants began picking up the boxes, they quickly noticed that something wasn’t quite right. People Magazine (@people) reported, there was nearly $18 million worth of cocaine packaged in with the fruit.

“Sometime life gives you lemons. Sometimes it gives you bananas.” The department joked on their official Facebook page after the discovery.

The cocaine was hidden beneath the bundles of bananas. The sergeants contacted U.S. customs, who ran a test on the white substance and confirmed that it was cocaine. 540 packages were discovered with an estimated street value of just under $18 million. It’s not clear who sent the cocaine or who was supposed to pick it up. One thing is clear though…..somebody f*cked up! Big time!



Has your fruit been smelling or tasting like butt lately? If so, it could be because 27-year old, Michael Dwayne Johnson was in the produce section at your grocery store before you.

USA TODAY (@USAToday) reports, police were called to a Giant grocery store in Virginia after multiple shoppers reported seeing a man picking fruit off the shelf, rubbing it on his ass, then putting the fruit back on the shelf. The worst part is that Johnson reportedly pulled his pants down before he rubbed the fruit on his bare ass.

What I’ve learned in my travels through life is that people rarely get caught the first time they do something. If that theory applies here…and you live in Virginia….and you eat fruit…there’s probably a good chance that you’ve tasted ass before. Or at least, Michael Dwayne Johnson’s ass.

Johnson was charged with destruction of property and indecent exposure. The Giant store said they had to destroy several pallets of produce out of fear of contamination.