Singer, R. Kelly was arrested again on Thursday night. He was already out on bail awaiting trial for sexual assault allegations. That was a state charge. Thursday night the FEDS nabbed the R&B crooner. The fed charges seem to be a little more serious than the state charges, even though he was already facing a heavy prison sentence if convicted in the state. The feds charged R. Kelly with sex trafficking, child pornography, and some other charges which have yet to be announced.




According to NBC News (@nbcNews), R. Kelly was snatched up by Homeland Security agents as he walked his dog in a neighborhood in his native city of Chicago. The federal indictment against Kelly was allegedly filed in Chicago and New York City. The singer is expected to be transferred to New York to face the additional charges. As of Thursday night, Kelly was being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Federal prosecutors for the Eastern District Of New York are expected to hold a press conference on Friday where they will announce the additional charges filed against Kelly.







According to DEA officials in DC, the latest count for the seizure stands at 34,341 pounds. A little over 17 tons of cocaine. Authorities are still adding up the amount of cocaine seized in the raid before an “official” number is determined. That number will likely be announced at a press conference scheduled to be held  on Wednesday afternoon.




Action News Philly (@6abc) reported, the cargo ship carrying the cocaine was headed from Chile to Europe, when the drugs were found in Philadelphia. Authorities received a tip about the huge shipment coming into the city on Monday night. The cocaine was discovered inside eight containers on the cargo ship, according to sources.




The ship’s journey began in Chile, before making a stop in Peru and the Bahamas. From there, the ship made its way to Philadelphia. According to the Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District Of Pennsylvania, the ship’s final destination was Europe, with a stop in Rotterdam. So far, it’s unclear where the ship was planning to unload the huge shipment of cocaine.




U.S. Attorney William McSwain tweeted “This is one of the largest drug seizures in United States history.” Members of the ship’s crew were arrested and charged federally. Two of the ship’s crew allegedly admitted to taking part in loading the cocaine from 14 separate boats while the ship was already in route at sea. Authorities say this is the largest seizure of cocaine in the history of the Eastern District Of Pennsylvania.




What do you think authorities do with this much drugs? I know the official “good citizen” line is that “they burn the drugs.” But, what do you really think a country who’s always crying about how much debt they’re carrying would do with over $1 billion worth of cocaine? I know what I’d do……..






Ten police officers in Philadelphia have been placed on desk duty after an investigation uncovered “racist, intolerant, and otherwise offensive” Facebook posts by the cops. Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Richard Ross said in a statement that the entire 6500- member police force would undergo anti-bias training. This, in response to the publication of The Plain View Project, a database professing to catalog activity from police in eight jurisdictions nationwide, including Philadelphia.




The Philadelphia Inquirer (@PhillyInquirer) reports, The Plain View Project published the database Saturday, saying it included offensive material from about 330 Philadelphia cops. Some of them were identified as high-ranking officers. In his statement, Police Commissioner Ross said the department had asked a law firm to help evaluate the Facebook posts and comments to help identify who may have made the post, and if those posts violated the departments’ social media policy.




   “When a police officer’s expression of his or her opinions erodes the police department’s ability to do its job and maintain the public’s trust, the department is permitted to act. Those officers that we have identified that appear to have engaged in explicit bias against any protected class of individual or who advocated any form of violence, will be immediately removed from street duty during the course of these investigations.”


Police Sgt. Eric Gripp said that the 10 officers whose posts were considered among the most egregious had been placed on desk duty pending an Internal Affairs investigation. Some of the posts made by the cops included posts that celebrated acts of violence against Muslims, immigrants and black people. Some posts captured long, “hate-filled”, exchanges that appeared to involve multiple officers, according to the database. Some of the posts have allegedly been contributed to at least one police inspector, six police captains, and eight lieutenants.




A lawsuit filed in the District Of Columbia by The Center For Inquiry (CFI), alleges that Walmart is “committing wide-scale consumer fraud and endangering the health of its customers through its sale and marketing of homeopathic medicines.”




Forbes Magazine (@Forbes), reported that this current lawsuit against Walmart is similar to a 2018 lawsuit brought against CVS by CFI (a non-profit organization). CFI’s Vice President and General Counsel said


“Walmart sells homeopathics right alongside real medicines, in the same sections in its stores, under the same signs. Searches on its website for cold and flu remedies or teething products for infants yield pages full of homeopathic junk products. It’s an incredible betrayal of customers’ trust and an abuse of Walmart’s titanic retail power.”



A Walmart spokesman responded to the claims saying




“We want to be the most trusted retailer, and we look to our suppliers to provide products that meet all applicable laws, including labeling laws. Our Equate private label homeopathic products are designed to include information directly stating that the claims are not based on accepted medical evidence and have not been evaluated by the FDA. We take allegations like these seriously and will respond as appropriate with the court.”


Homeopathic medicine is a medical system that uses plants, animals or minerals that are administered as oils, creams, tablets or gels as treatment….with the premise that the body can heal itself. Those who practice, believe that natural substances stimulate natural healing.