The AP(@AP) just reported that Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price has resigned amid criticism of his excessive travel on private planes. Price had previously apologized after making at least 24 private flights since may. At the time, it was reported that Price had run up a $400,000 tab at taxpayers expense. A few days later it was revealed that Price had actually run up a tab of over $1 million. This also included private flights by military planes. After being busted, Price promised to pay back about $52,000 out of his own pockets. Price may have apologized, but he was far from remorseful for his actions as he went on FOX News two nights ago to say that private flights were pretty much a part of the job. He also remembered to include what has become the company line for this administration, “but the Obama administration….” Price’s actions and comments didn’t fly well with most people including the president, who when asked about Price by the press corps on the White house lawn said “he would make a decision on Price’s future in the administration tonight.” It looks like Price saved the president the trouble of having to make that decision tonight, when he took it upon himself to turn in his resignation a short while ago. Price is not the only employee in the current administration who has used tax dollars like they were his own personal piggy bank. Secretary Steve Mnuchin used a government jet to take a trip to Fort Knox with his wife, reportedly to look at the solar eclipse from atop the building. Mnuchin’s wife received backlash when she posted a picture in front of the government jet on Instagram and made sure to name – drop all of the expensive designer clothes she was wearing. When called out on the excessive use of government funds by an Instagram user, Mnuchin’s wife basically called her a peasant, and told the woman that she was jealous because her own life was miserable, and not a 24/7 shopping a partying spree like hers.



If you have a Netflix account you should be on the lookout for a new phishing email scam that is making the rounds. First reported by WGN, the scam includes “official looking” emails that claim there is an issue with your billing information. The email asks users to login and update your payment details. The email is signed “Aleksander.”


The email contains a link called “Login Now” that, when clicked, will take you to a fake page that asks you to enter account information. Under it’s help center, Netflix says it will never ask you for payment information, social security number, or password over email. Netflix asks that if you do receive a suspicious email, forward it to and then delete it immediately.


The State Department of the United States has issued a travel warning for United States citizens who may be thinking about traveling to Cuba. This after 21 U.S diplomats and family members became ill after a mysterious sonic attack. The U.S. State Department is pulling all families of employees and nonessential personnel from Cuba. The American Embassy in Cuba will continue to operate with a 60% reduction in staff. CNN (@CNN) reported that the sonic attacks took place in hotels around Cuba that Americans are known to frequent. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denied that Cuba was involved in the attacks. He accused U.S. Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson of trying to politicize the events. U.S. officials say there may have been as many as 50 attacks. The most recent in August. Victims of the attacks have experienced long lasting symptoms, and in at least one case, a permanent loss of hearing.


Equifax Chief Executive Richard Smith has resigned amid backlash after the company’s embarrassing cyber-attack went public last month. Smith will still receive an $18.4 million pension. The resignation is an attempt by the company to regain public trust. The company reported the breach that left a potential 154 million Americans personal information exposed, three months after the incident occurred. It was then reported that multiple top executives in the company sold off major shares of company stock after the company learned of the breach, and before the company informed the public. Equifax, along with Experian and TransUnion make up the three major credit reporting agencies in the Country. If you’ve ever applied for a loan of any type, the company will check you out through one of the three credit bureaus before granting the loan or line of credit. The exit by Smith comes one week before the company is set to answer some tough questions in front of Congressional lawmakers on Capital Hill. Senator Elizabeth Warren said “It’s not real accountability if the CEO resigns without giving back a nickel in pay and without publicly answering questions.” Equifax shares have fallen 26 percent since the cyber-attack was publicly disclosed on September 7th.