Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller’s protesting police brutality by taking a knee before Sunday’s game may have cost him an endorsement deal. Phil Long Ford in Denver said that it would not be continuing it’s sponsorship agreement with Miller, the Super Bowl 50 MVP and enormously popular athlete in the Denver area. A spokesman for the car dealer said that they weren’t firing Miller, but they were in a contract renewal negotiation and Miller kneeling for the anthem caused them to cut that off. Von Miller’s popularity swelled after the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50 and Miller took home the MVP. Miller took full advantage of the opportunities that were presented to him, from being a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”, to pretty much becoming the face of Old Spice. Von Miller may lose this endorsement with the local dealership, but I doubt that Miller’s pockets will take that much of a hit for it. I actually think that the dealership losing a populat star athlete like Miller as a representing face of the brand, will hurt them more than it will hurt Miller. Only time……and sales will tell.



In 2015 Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico filed for bankruptcy. Shortly after the announcement was made public, Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, made a statement “We merely licensed our name for a fee and have nothing to do with the ownership, development, or entity.” Eric Trump also stated that the club had been in default on it’s obligation to Trump for months due to the company’s financial constraints and a difficult business environment in Puerto Rico. The resort filed for bankruptcy protection as Coco Beach. Coco Beach listed assets as $9.32 million and liabilities as $78.07 million according to the filing with the bankruptcy court in Puerto Rico. Even though the Trump Organization immediately distanced itself from Coco Beach and the bankruptcy, the announcement of this news had to be another blow to the Trump brand at this time, which had filed for bankruptcy protection for Trump Entertainment Resorts in Atlantic City just a year before this.



Fast forward to present day. As earthquakes, hurricanes, and a very real North Korean threat plague the Country, the president took to Twitter to take issue with the NFL all weekend. Residents of Puerto Rico called for help as they have had many deaths, lost homes and property, and have seen most of Puerto Rico go without power since the powerful storms hit. The president did not send out one tweet about Puerto Rico or it’s citizens during his weekend fight with the NFL, its owners, its players, and NBA basketball player Steph Curry. On Monday night, the self proclaimed “Social Media expert” finally got around to sending out a few Tweets about the tragedy currently taking place in Puerto Rico.






AP(@AP) reports that federal officials confirmed that a small earthquake hit parts of New Jersey last night. The quake measured 1.5 magnitude. The US Geological Survey recorded the earthquake around 6:30 pm in the Morris Plains area of the state. According to the USGS, a 1.5 magnitude earthquake wouldn’t be felt by most people, except in the cases of favorable conditions. Morris Plains Police Lt. Michael Koroski says police received about 25 calls reporting a loud booming noise, but there were no reported injuries or request for service due to the quake.


Ten top tier collegiate individuals in college basketball, including four assistant coaches and Adidas sneaker company, are all facing federal charges. Including bribery, fraud, and a long list of corruption charges. As reported by The New York Times (@nytimes) The United States Attorney said in a statement that since 2015 the FBI and federal prosecutors have been investigating “the criminal influence of money on coaches and student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate basketball governed by the NCAA”



The investigation has revealed “numerous instances” of bribes paid by athlete advisers, among others, to assistant coaches and sometimes to student-athletes at NCAA Division 1 Universities, the complaint said. The bribes were designed to get commitments from college stars to work with specific agents and companies after they turned pro, or to convince coveted high school players to attend certain Universities.  Among those charged was former NBA sharp shooter Chuck “Rifleman” Person, an assistant coach at Auburn, where he was also a star player. Person also played 13 seasons in the NBA. Most notably with the Indiana Pacers. Federal prosecutors warned other NCAA schools, coaches and affiliates, that “they already have their playbook” and “their coming for them.” The FBI’s two plus year investigation included wiretaps, informants, and other relevant sources. So, yeah they kind of do have the playbook.