By Kareem Rahman @kblack_yb932 on Twitter


Winter is here, and the season 8, and final season of Game Of Thrones premiered last night on HBO. I’ve been watching the show since almost the beginning, which helped me come to my conclusion about the end of the show. “Somebody gon’ die!”  Not just somebody, but some people. Probably some of your faves. Before I give my quick summary, let me say this to some of the people on Twitter. NOBODY CARES THAT YOU DON’T WATCH GAME OF THRONES! AND NO. NO, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO DOESN’T WATCH IT! But you already knew that before you tweeted that dumb ass, attention seeking tweet, didn’t you?




Anyway, on to my summary of last night’s episode. First I’ll start with Cersei Lannister. Cersei is probably the most evil person in all of Westeros. She’s not really smart evil, ol’ girl is just plain evil! Euron Greyjoy did her bidding and headed off to bring the Golden Army people back to Kings Landing to fight for Cersei. She was happy the army arrived, but pretty disappointed that they didn’t bring their elephants. Elephants? Really? Those Golden Army people arrived by boat. I’ve never known the people of Westeros to be the most technologically forward people. Yet, you were expecting these people to put elephants on boats? Really? We both know that shit would’ve fell apart and sank before it even arrived at Kings Landing. Besides, there is an even bigger reason why elephants is a horrible idea. The Night King would’ve likely ended up having them in his army. Dude already got an army of dead folks that likely numbers into the 100,000’s, a bunch of horses, 2 giants, 1 dragon, and now you want to give him elephants too? But you know Cersei. Even though she’s seen one of the dead people, I’m not sure she really believes it, or believes that she’s in harm’s way. She’s just that type of person. Then there’s her whole thing with Euron Greyjoy. Euron has been doing Cersei’s bidding with the promise that after he’s finished doing Cersei’s dirt, she will marry him. Nobody expected her to actually keep her word……except maybe Euron. He asked her about that last night. She told him “If you want a hooker, you can go up the street and buy one. But if you want a queen you’re going to have to work for her.” I mean, it sounds cool and all. But she still ended up giving Euron the cheeks less than five minutes after saying that shit. But Cersei didn’t sleep with Euron because she liked him or was horny or any of that. Cersei likely has a more sinister reason for doing it. I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure there’s a lot more to it. Cersei claimed that she was pregnant by Jaime last season. I don’t know if she was telling the truth or not. But Euron made it clear that if Cersei pops up pregnant, he’s taking the case. Talking bout “he wants to put something in her belly.” IT’S ALREADY SOMETHING IN THERE FOOL! But in the end, I’m guessing both of them will be dead, so none of that really matters anyway.




Next is Brandon Stark. There’s something really strange about Bran. I know he’s the three eyed Raven, but there’s something else going on with Bran….or what used to be Bran. He knows and sees everything. But it seems like there’s something he knows that he’s not telling anyone. Bran told Samuel Tully that he needs to tell Jon Snow that he is the rightful king because his dad was next in line for the crown. Not Denarys and not Denarys’ brother. Sam ain’t really rocking with Denarys after she told him that she killed his father and brother. Sam tells Jon he’s the rightful king. Jon, as usual, really wants no parts of it. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s in love with Denarys (who is actually his cousin or aunt. I’m not really sure), or because he’s never wanted the responsibility of leading. Jon got in trouble with his own people after they named him the King Of The North, and he relinquished his crown to serve Denarys, unbeknownst to the people of the North. They’re not happy about it at all. Especially Sansa Stark who didn’t like Denarys before she even met her. But after meeting her, Sansa’s dislike of Denarys seems to be even more apparent. Who can really blame her though after what she went through the last time she was around a queen. She doesn’t know if Denarys is the same kind of queen that Cersei is. Arya Stark and Jon finally reunited. In a nutshell, Arya told Jon that she’s riding with family if it comes down to it…..and he should too. I’m not sure if Jon knows little Arie is a stone-cold killer yet. If he don’t know, he’ll probably find out soon enough. Arya also ran into someone else who was on her list of people to be killed. The Hound. I believe she’s going to off him, and I believe he knows it. That’s something to keep an eye on. Also, Arya and Gangrich (I know that’s spelled wrong but you know who I’m talking about) linked back up. She’s had a crush on him for about six seasons. So that may be something else to keep an eye on. Theon Greyjoy finally found his balls and went and freed his sister, who was being held hostage by their Uncle Euron. Theon and his sister looks to be parting ways (on good terms), as she’s going to retake their homeland from her uncle and his peoples, and Theon is going to Winterfell to fight with the Starks. I know I’m missing something…..oh yeah! The dead have breeched the wall! They are currently in the North causing havoc, while rivals, who are supposed to be linking up to fight the bigger enemy, are bickering amongst themselves. I honestly believe the allies are going to end up fighting each other before the Night King and his team even reaches them! If I had to put money on one person surviving all of this, I’m putting my bread on The Night King! Maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see what happens. Oh, I just remembered, Cersei put a hit out on both of her brothers. Ser Bronn Of The Blackwater is likely on his way to Winterfell to kill  both of them as I’m writing this…….maybe not. Bronn is good friends with Tyrion and Jamie. I really can’t see him taking them out. Besides, as you could tell by the end of this past episode, Jaime already has some other beef to deal with down in Winterfell at the moment. It’s all a big ass mess…… usual!



The Alliance Of American Football league has suspended its operations. On Tuesday, players were told that the end of the day would be the last day of football operations. There has been no official explanation as to why the AAF decided to shut the doors. But if we’re going to take an educated guess here, I would say that money was likely a big factor.






The AAF started off with a bang. As a football junkie myself, I gave the first televised game a shot just to see what it was hittin’ for. I have to admit, I was impressed. The AAF was far from any “junior” NFL league that I’ve seen over the years. From what I saw the AAF was actually very competitive. These didn’t seem to be guys they just picked up off of the streets. These guys seemed to have played organized football at the highest level before. My thinking was right. I remembered multiple names as players who once played in the NFL. There were also a bunch of known names from their college days that did not make a big splash in the NFL. Still, these are all players who’ve played football on the highest level. A big difference from leagues like the XFL back in the day. Talent was not the AAF’s issue. Getting an audience was not even an issue. With the NFL season over, football junkies like myself were fiendin’ for more football to watch. We would’ve watched the AAF faithfully every Sunday at 1pm. The problem was the difficulty finding AAF games on television. I never checked their official schedule, but it seemed sporadic. People like a routine. Plus, the AAF didn’t have the correct television outlets for a new league. You need to be found on a television network (a free one, not the NFL Network). It needs to be accessible to all people. Then you can spin off to your cable channels and “dot-coms” or whatever. After the first week I was looking for more. I think a lot of people were. I believe the league’s first week ratings were pretty good. The league made the mistake of allowing the excitement to wear off. The very next week I couldn’t find a game. I checked their schedule and they were saying it was on cbssports,com? No disrespect, but I ain’t going through all of that bullsh*t to watch a team that’s not the Philadelphia Eagles. Even during the NFL’s offseason. I forgot the AAF was still a thing after that. My guess is that most of the league’s week 1 viewers did also. That’s a shame too. I really thought they were on to something. Oh well, I guess it’s on to the next one.



To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” slogan, Nike decided to do something big. That something big, likely included plans to do something controversial. If we learned anything at all from 2018, it’s that controversy sells. So it only made sense that Nike would include the man who’s probably the most controversial figure in sports and sports talk today, in their ad campaign. Colin Kaepernick. The man who has been credited with starting the National Anthem protest which Donald Trump managed to convince his followers was all about disrespecting the military.

Of course we all know the protest had absolutely nothing to do with the military. The peaceful protest were supposed to be a way to bring attention to an issue many people in this country wanted to pretend didn’t exist. Police brutality. Especially when it comes to black people, who it sometimes feel like police hunt and kill for sport. Even after a clear explanation of what the protest were about, Trumpers still managed to make it all about disrespecting the military…… because that’s what their patriotic, military-loving, law & order president told them it was about. No need to take a look at the alarming number of black people being brutalized and killed by police every day all across the country. We see video of, or watch stories of this on the news it feels like almost every single day. The president told them not to believe their own eyes and ears, but believe him….And they did, and do.

The point being……idiots decided to destroy their own stuff that they paid money for because a Nike ad features Colin Kaepernick.

Ah yes! The old destroy your own shit to own the liberals. That’ll show them!

I have an idea for all of the people who are so mad about the “disrespect shown to the military” by kneeling during the national anthem. And are so mad about this that they will destroy their own clothes. I know this may sound completely insane, but couldn’t you do more for homeless vets and vets who may not be doing so well financially by donating those clothes to them instead of destroying them? I mean, I know it sounds crazy that you would even consider helping those same vets that you say the protest disrespect and you love dearly, but why don’t you give that a try before you put images of yourself destroying your clothes on social media for likes and retweets. You’ll probably feel better helping someone in need than you will feel about watching your likes and retweets add up…….but then again, maybe you won’t. Maybe your actions and outrage aren’t about your love for the military and law enforcement at all, but all about likes, retweets, attention, and your collective beliefs that black people should shut up and be grateful that you allow us to live in “your” country. You know, RACISM. Besides, where was all of this faux outrage when your courageous leader continuously disrespected and degraded a war hero/veteran as he was dying of cancer??? Where is your outrage as your fearless leader continues to attack law enforcement every day by calling a legitimate investigation that’s looking into who betrayed “your” country, a “witch hunt”????

Just a little food for thought on this beautiful September morning. Don’t be shy or hesitant to add to, or dispute my thoughts below in the comments section:


This is the type of thing that bothers me about “healthy living” type of people. They go out of their way to “dog” people for things like smoking, drinking, and…..of course eating fried foods and fast food. They claim there is a huge risk in doing these things that can potentially lead to health issues. I’m completely fine with people feeling that way. If you don’t partake, you don’t partake right? To each its own. But when you dog people for doing something, then go out of your way to do the same thing…with a healthy twist, I can’t help but to wonder who really has the issues?

KFC is now considering rolling out vegetarian fried chicken. Yup, you read that right. Two words that seem like they should never even be spoken in the same sentence are about to be combined by KFC. (Vegetarian/Chicken)

KFC has announced that it was testing a chicken-like vegetarian option in the UK. The food site Delish (@delish) reports, KFC is expected to use its famous signature recipe of 11 herbs and spices in the veg dish.

“Development of the recipe is still in its very early stages, and so the options we’re exploring in our kitchen are still top secret. Once we’ve perfected the recipe, we aim to test with customers this year, and if all goes well, we hope to launch a new vegetarian option in 2019.” A KFC spokesman said in a statement to the site Foodbeast.