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Sometimes it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. In the year 2018, in a scene straight out of something that you may have seen in video clips of how black people were treated during the civil rights movement back in the 1960’s, two white police officers publicly degrade and disrobe a black woman in a restaurant…..and for what? Did this woman shoot 6 people with an AR-15 rifle at another Waffle House location in Nashville TN, killing four and injuring another two? Did this woman shoot and kill 17 people with an AR-15 rifle at a high school in Parkland Florida? Did this woman shoot and kill 58 people with an AR-15 at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas? Nope. Now, I know you’ve gotta be asking yourself “what was the police called for that made two male police officers react to one woman in such a violent and degrading fashion?” The answer. A disagreement with restaurant staff over silverware….or maybe it was plastic silverware… of the police officers said it was because he heard the “F” word. There are multiple accounts of the story, but whichever one you want to go with, ask yourself one thing. Did it call for this type of escalation? Then ask yourself this. How would you feel if this were your mother….or sister….or aunt….or cousin?




Murderers have been treated more gently than this young black woman was treated by these two cops. The first example that comes to mind is Dylan Roof. The white man who murdered nine black people as they pray in a Charleston, SC church. In that instance, police took the mass murderer to a fast food restaurant to get a bite to eat before they eventually (and I’m certain, very gently) took him down to the station to be booked for killing nine innocent people. I guess a disagreements over silverware is a much more serious crime than murdering 9 people. In the video you can see police choke, manhandle, and degrade this woman. From where I’m sitting, it looks like the police involved had some type of fetish for white male domination over a black woman. If you take a close look on the faces of the officers, what you don’t see is someone fearing for their lives. What you don’t see is a person trying to do their job. What you do see, are people taking pleasure in what’s currently happening….all of it. From the control of a black woman, to the sight of her exposed breast, to the power felt from controlling a woman who is held down beneath them, to the physical threats (“what am I doing? I’m about to break your arm is what I’m doing!” You can hear one of the cops say to the woman), to the climax when the cop placed his hands around this woman’s throat. This was not an arrest. This was an attempted rape! If there were no witnesses present, this could have (and probably would have) easily turned into an actual rape instead of an attempt. Not only should these policemen be fired, they should be arrested and charged with assault, attempted rape, and terroristic threats! Right is right, and wrong is wrong. This is clearly wrong. There was no logical reason that this should have escalated to this point. Over fuckin’ silverware???? Really?? Police officers’ first action when arriving on scene is supposed to be to deescalate a situation. Not make the shit worse. Again I ask, how would you feel if this were your mother, or sister, or cousin, or aunt? However you may feel about it…… sure to keep that same energy if it unfortunately does happen to one of your loved ones.



By: Kareem Rahman


Sinclair broadcasting is a right-wing leaning company that has slowly been buying up many local television stations. Like any company, Sinclair made these purchases in the hope of making their company more profitable. But Sinclair also had a more sinister reason for buying these local broadcasting stations. To spread propaganda. The really dangerous thing about this move is the trust that people have in their local on-air personalities. These on-air personalities have been working at these local stations for years and have gained the trust of their audience. Sinclair took advantage of this trust between viewers and the on-air personalities and swooped in to spread their message of propaganda and mistrust of the media……except for employees who are pushing their agendas, of course. Many reporters and on-air personalities are upset about being used as pawns in this game. They understand they’re being used, and want no parts of it. The problem is that Sinclair has threatened the livelihood of these employees. Sinclair made it mandatory that reporters read the script they were given to read, no matter if they believe in the message or not. This is a step in the direction of a dictatorship. Attack any media outlet that reports anything but great things about the dictator in charge. Most times, this is done in a much more slicker way, but Sinclair doesn’t even have that kind of respect for their viewers and right-wing leaning supporters. Instead of switching up the script a little for each station, Sinclair just sent the same idiotic message out there. If you’ve seen something similar to this, then Sinclair broadcasting has probably hijacked local news in your area. BEWARE! NOW THAT YOU KNOW, WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IS UP TO YOU!



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Professional attention seeker Laura Ingraham is in the news again. And once again, Ingraham being in the news has absolutely nothing to do with her being good at what she does for a living, having a positive influence on someone, or attempting to change the world for the better in any type of a way. No, Ms. Ingraham is not in the news again for anything positive. The Fox News host has once again used her forum to say something stupid, and something she hopes will garner her some attention as she attempts to navigate her way through the swamp that has become Fox News. Laura Ingraham fits in perfectly at Fox News. A personality-lacking, vanilla, idiotic opinion having, lying shill. In short, a fuckin’ dirtbag. This seems to be what everyone over at Fox News is striving to be. The biggest dirtbag. It’s like whoever can become the biggest douche, somehow rises to the very top of the food chain over there. It’s an amazing thing to see. A person drag their character through the mud, in the hopes of becoming the biggest piece of shit possible. This seems to be the circle of life over there.That’s why it did not come as a surprise to me, when the fame-seeking Ingraham told Lebron James to “shut up and dribble” and it certainly did not surprise me when this grown-ass woman attacked and made fun of high school student David Hogg because he’d been turned down by four colleges.




Ingraham, Fox news, the NRA, and right wing jackasses have been highly frustrated by the actions of these Parkland high School students since the tragic massacre that took the lives of 17 people, students and teachers included. The NRA is used to a few days of protesting and angry conversations after a gun-related attack in this country. They’ve even built their curriculum around this expectation. After a shooting, go silent from social media for a few days until people find something else to speak about, then come back to social media with their message of “buy more guns” stronger than ever. Rinse and repeat the pattern when the next gun-related massacre occurs. That didn’t work well for the NRA this time. Instead of adjusting to change, the NRA threw a tantrum…..and also encouraged everyone who supports them to do the same. This is why you see these vicious attacks on these young people by these adults, and multi-million dollar corporations. They were not smart enough to change strategy, so they decided to throw tantrums in the hope that they will get their way. The thing that Ingraham and others did not count on was these students not running away with their tails tucked between their legs. Instead, they’ve become even more vocal. While Ingraham and others are running around trying to make the argument that these kids are too young and not knowledgable enough in how the world spins, these kids are making these big corporations hurt in the pockets. Ingraham, Fox, and other business who take part in this battle vs. kids will continue to suffer in the pockets. And it’s because of one simple fact that these arrogant corporations and personalities refuse to understand……or realize. THIS WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT BELONGS TO THE YOUNG. Period. And that includes the internet and social media. These kids understand the internet better than any adult over 30-years old ever will. Why? Because they were born into this shit. When Ingraham, with her horde of followers, attacked David Hogg, he did what Ingraham and others like her never expected him to. Brought a spotlight to Ingraham’s advertisers. Most advertisers want no parts of this kind of thing. Attacking kids is bad for business. There is nothing so special about advertising during Laura Ingraham’s low-rated show, that will make an advertiser want any parts of this foolishness. Their money is not based on saying stupid things for views……Ingraham’s is. Advertisers, advertise to bring eyes to their product, not to lose money because they’ve aligned themselves with idiots with idiotic views and opinions. It’s not a hard decision for advertisers to decide they don’t want their product advertised during In graham’s failing show. Without advertisers, Laura Ingraham’s show is absolutely worthless. The network knows it, David Hogg and other young people know it, does Laura Ingraham know it? If she didn’t before, I bet she does now. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Grow up and act like an adult……..or watch your rise to fame come to a screeching halt. Crash and burn baby, crash and burn.


Martin Shkreli has finally found out his punishment for conspiring to commit fraud and manipulate stock shares. Seven years behind bars. CNBC (@cnbc) reported that the once arrogant man who became known as The Pharma Bro, and carried himself as if he was “hood” and “built for this”, cried as he was sentenced, just like you knew he would.




“The one person I have to blame for me being here today is me” Shkreli managed to get out of his mouth in between sobs. “Not the government. There is no conspiracy to take down Martin Shkreli. I took down Martin Shkreli with my disgraceful actions. This is my fault. I am no victim here.” 




Shkreli also took a moment to address anyone who may have been duped by his shady dealings. “I was never motivated by money. I wanted to grow my stature and reputation. I am here because of my gross, stupid and negligent mistakes I made.”




Shkreli’s pleas may have had some effect on his sentencing….or the judge at least took his pleas into consideration upon sentencing. Shkreli’s low sentencing guidelines called for a prison sentence of 18 months. The high called for a 15-year prison sentence. The high end of the guidelines was what prosecutors called for. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto sentenced Skhreli to 7 years. About half of what was recommended by prosecutors. Judges usually go with the recommendation of the prosecutors when considering sentencing for defendants. Judge Matsumoto said she struggled with what sentence to give Shkreli. She ultimately took Shkreli’s upbringing into account. His abusive father. His problem with panic attacks. His charitable contributions to groups and organizations. Blah….blah…blah. I’ve never heard a judge take anything into consideration when sentencing me, other than the sentencing guidelines. But then again….I’m not Martin Shkreli. It must be good to be Martin Shkreli. The crazy thing is that he probably doesn’t even realize how big of a break he caught. He’s likely too busy sitting in his cell crying right now. On a 7-year federal prison sentence, Shkreli could cut as much as 18-months off of the tab even though the Feds don’t have parole. He will earn at least six months good time on a 7-year sentence just for staying out of trouble. And if he can get into a drug treatment program (which he probably will) he can shave up to another year off of the sentence. Also, being sentenced to more than a 5-year prison term makes you eligible for maximum halfway house time (6 months). If things go his way, Skreli could be out in 5 years and a little change. Not a  bad punishment for defrauding folks out of millions of dollars. Don’t you agree? The sweetener, is that if Shkreli has no previous record, he will probably serve his time in a prison camp, considering that fraud is not considered a violent crime. Prison camp is where some non-violent offenders are sent to do their time. So, if you thought Shkreli was going to have a tough go at it in a rough prison or even the penetintiary, think again. Prison camp is exactly what it sounds like… Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Shkreli will also receive credit for the six months he’s already sat behind bars after violating the terms of his probation.