Former Trump campaign spokesperson and frequent CNN guest, Jason Miller has announced that he will be quitting his job as an analyst on CNN amid some very serious allegations that have been levied against the adamant Trump supporter.

The New York Post (@nypost) reported, Miller adamantly denied the claims against him and announced that he would be quitting his job at CNN to “focus on clearing his name.” Miller said he would fight the accusations against him.

Miller is alleged to have had multiple extramarital relationships, including the one these accusations stem from. Instead of just having sex with a woman who you were cheating on your wife with once, Miller allegedly entered into a relationship with the woman he met in a strip club in Orlando. At some point the woman allegedly found out she was pregnant. When Miller found out he spiked the woman’s smoothie with an abortion pill, court documents alleged.

According to the court documents, the woman ended up having to go to the emergency room because she was bleeding heavily. She reportedly nearly went into a coma. The woman spent two days in the hospital as a result of the incident.

Miller took to Twitter to post several tweets about his accuser and the allegations made against him.




A republican lawmaker has been accused of sexual assault/inappropriate touching, by his own daughter. Minnesota state rep. Jim Knoblach has officially dropped his re-election bid on Friday after he was approached by MPR News (@MPRnews) about allegations made by his daughter that he’d inappropriately touched her for years.

“Her allegations are false.” I and other family members have made repeated attempts to reconcile with her in recent years, but she has refused.”

“I could fight on for another six weeks to defend my reputation while running for re-election. But this would entail subjecting my wife, son, and elderly parents, as well as my daughter, to six weeks of extreme stress and scrutiny. I’m also not willing to spend six weeks fighting with my daughter in the media. As a result, I feel I have no choice but to effectively end my campaign today so I can work toward healing my family.” Knoblach said in a lengthy statement released on Friday.

Knoblach’s daughter, Laura, who is now 23-years old, told MPR News that the first memories of her father’s inappropriate touching happened when she was about 9-years old. She said this went on for years. Laura Knoblach vividly described memories of her father coming into her room late at night.

“He would put his arm around me and not let me get up or get away, and he would lick my neck and bite my ear.” Knolbach told MPR in an interview.



Former Republican Senator Ralph Shortey, from Oklahoma, was sentenced to 15-years in prison in a federal courtroom on Monday. Shortey’s conviction and prison sentence stems from a child sex trafficking charge.

NBC News (@NBCNews) reports, Shortey pleaded guilty to the child sex trafficking charge back in November of last year. The guilty plea on one charge was in exchange for having three other child pornography charges against him dropped.

Shortey was arrested in March of 2017 after police found him in a motel room with a 17-year old boy. A tip from the teens’ father led police to the motel. Police accused Shortey of paying the teen for sex. A police report showed a search of the teens tablet uncovered sexually explicit exchanges between Shortey and the teen. Shortey also offered the teen cash in return for “sexual stuff.” The FBI also found that Shortey used fake names to receive and send child porn and he also actively used Craiglist as he sought “encounters with males, the younger the better.”

Shortey resigned shortly after his arrest. His wife was granted a divorce earlier this year. Shortey will have to serve 10-years of supervised release after finishing his prison sentence. He’s also facing a fine of up to $250,000.



Just weeks before his Washington D.C. trial was scheduled to begin, Paul Manafort reached a plea agreement with the special counsel. On Friday the Washington Post (@washingtonpost) reported, Manafort plead guilty to two charges in the DC case. Manafort was originally scheduled to be tried on seven charges. The plea deal Manafort agreed to with the special counsel erased the five other charges. In the end, Manafort plead guilty to one count of conspiring to defraud the United States and one count of conspiring to obstruct justice. On paper, Manafort only plead to those two counts, but in the courtroom, Manafort was forced to admit to everything he’d been charged with. Including cheating the IRS out of more than $15 million and attempting to cover his tracks while doing so. Also the many years he spent acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government.

With the plea deal, Manafort gives up his right to have a trial on these charges. Manafort also agreed to surrender three luxury houses and two luxury apartments, including one located in Trump Tower Manhattan. Manafort’s guilty plea deal also includes Manafort’s cooperation in “anything relevant to the special counsels investigation”, testifying in court if necessary, and working with the special counsel without the presence of his lawyer. The special counsel will now be Manafort’s representatives of sorts, because they will play a huge role in Manafort’s prison sentence now that he has agreed to an open-ended 10-year plea. Meaning, Manafort can be sentenced to anywhere between 0-10 years in prison when sentenced. It’s up to the judge, BUT the special counsels recommendation will play a huge role in influencing Manafort’s sentencing judge. If special counsel says Manafort’s cooperation was great and they could not have made their next case without him, Manafort could walk away from this with time served, being as though “the next case” could be a year or more away. Many people believe that “next case” will involve Donald Trump, his 2016 presidential campaign, and election interference. It makes perfect sense. That is what the special counsel was brought in for, and that is a subject Manafort reportedly knows tons about.

As of now, the who’s and what’s of what Paul Manafort will tell the FEDS remain unknown. Many have speculated, but no one really knows except the special counsel and Paul Manafort, and I don’t believe either one will be telling the public sh*t anytime soon. There have been reports that Manafort may have been talking to the FEDS since Monday. In that time, the interviews with Manafort reportedly took up hundreds of pages. That’s a lot! There’s really no telling who Manafort is giving up yet. Keep in mind, he has personally dealt with tons of shady characters across the globe. Russians, Turkish, Ukrainian, Americans. Mr. Manafort has personally been involved with some very shady characters in his lifetime. So I’m sure some of their names will come up during his interviews with the special counsel, BUT I find it hard to believe that the special counsel wanted Paul Manafort for any reason other than serving up Donald Trump and his organization on a silver platter. Time will tell. We will see. Tick-tock. Tick muthaf*ckin’ tock!