UP THE LADDER by Kareem Rahman

Up the ladder


Living in the same neighborhood sometimes brings people together. Even when you thought there was a time that you had absolutely nothing in common with a person. Damiko was home, fresh off of doing a 12-year stretch in the penitentiary. Things had changed drastically. Everyone from the old days were gone. The old good was now full of a bunch of faces that he did not recognize. Damiko did run into two recognizable faces from the days of old though. Mack and Armani. They were not actually friends back in the day, but being the last of a dying breed managed to bring them all together.



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The Necropolis was a direct product of what had inevitably been coming to Earth since the day someone figured out how to make Nuclear Weapons. I’m almost certain that whoever that person was, probably thought that creating such a weapon was a pretty good idea. They probably thought that creating such a weapon would ensure one Country’s survival in this unstable world. Really, what type of crazy person would attack a Country, knowing that, said Country had the power to turn entire portions of the Earth into a flaming ball of shit? Once one Country obtained the ability to create Nuclear Weapons, every Country realized that it was a necessity that they owned at least one too. Owning Nuclear Weapons quickly became the only way to protect one’s self, and guarantee the survival of a nation. For years and years, Nuclear Weapons were just that. Tools that ensured a nation would survive. Nuclear Weapons were mostly used for surviving and threatening. Every Country had nuclear capabilities, but no Country had ever really seriously considered using them. Who would ever be that stupid? You launch at them, they launch back at us. In the end, nobody wins. Surely, there was no president anywhere on Earth who was stupid enough to launch a nuclear attack against another Country, was there? An inept United States Congress, that enabled a madman and allowed him to take control of America, and his equally mad dictatorial counterpart in North Korea managed to get into a dispute that led to the unimaginable becoming a very real reality…………….


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THE BOUJEE CIRCLE by Kareem Rahman

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Before I tell you the story of The Boujee Circle, let me take a moment to tell you about The Boujee Circle. The Boujee Circle is a series of books about four friend/enemies. Let’s call them “frenemies”. Ashley, Dina, Brittney, and Miranda. Four women, with four very different personalities. The one thing these women have in common is money. All four of the ladies do very well financially. Some ladies get their money in different ways than others, but the money, or the perception of having money, is the glue that holds the group together. You know that saying, “birds of a feather flock together?” Yeah that.





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Sex sells….Tawanna learned this early on on life and had been applying this knowledge to every aspect of her life ever since. Tawanna had no problem at all with using what she had, to get what she wanted. Tawanna’s daughter Alie, who was only 15 years younger than her mother, was the complete opposite. Alie wanted nothing from anyone. She believed that hard work was the thing that took a person to the top. At 24-years old, Alie was an up and coming R&B singer whose career had risen earlier, but was now stuck at a standstill. Tawanna had played a big part in getting Alie’s career to where it was at today, by having sex with with every person remotely connected to the music industry that she could find, but even that had failed to take Alie’s career to that next level. All of that changed when Alie met a local superstar in the R&B world named Kendale. Meeting Kendale turned out to be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Alie’s career was sure to skyrocket after meeting him, but her relationship with her mother was threatened to become broken beyond repair….forever!



Everybody wants something, and everything has a price. This is the ultimate story of “everything not being what it looks like, when you’re on the outside looking in.” In a world that’s fueled by greed, treachery, lust, and deceit, people tend to become STRAIGHT SCANDALOUS!


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Nothing in the world motivates a person like the want….or need of money. Especially when you’ve grown accustomed to living a certain lifestyle. There is almost nothing you wouldn’t do to continue living that lifestyle. And almost no one you wouldn’t walk over to continue living that lifestyle!



Meet Pebbles. Your average female going through life and taking the steps to try to ensure a better future for herself. That changes when she meets, and falls in love with her college sweetheart, Alvin. She found in Alvin, what she thought life was supposed to be about….love and happiness. Pebbles’ college studies quickly take a back seat to Alvin, “the love of her life.” Alvin is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He’s kind, caring, and attentive to her every want and need. At least he started out that way. It didn’t take long before Pebbles discovered that Alvin was the devil in disguise. He really wasn’t such a gentleman. Alvin was a frequently drunken, equally as frequent abusive, insecure monster, who began publicly beating Pebbles on a regular basis. During one of her public beatings, Pebbles was saved from Alvin’s wrath by a “knight in shining armor” by the name of Jahlil. Pebbles was impressed by Jahlil in every way imaginable from the very beginning. Now this, was a real man! Jahlil was everything that Alvin wasn’t. Mature, not insecure, and most importantly, a willing provider. Well…..as it turned out, Jahlil wasn’t quite what Pebbles thought that he was either. Jahlil had some skeletons hidden deep down inside of his closet. Unlike the last time with Alvin, Pebbles refuses to accept disrespect again! …….Truthfully, just between you and me, Pebbles really just refused to give up the lifestyle that being with Jahlil provided her. Either way, Pebbles is now out for revenge. And we all know that there is nothing more dangerous on the face of this earth than a woman who feels as if she has been scorned!



Tommy was one of those dudes who never fit in anywhere. Not in grade school. Not in middle school. Not in high school. No matter where Tommy went, he was labeled as a “weirdo.” Feeling this way all of his life, made Tommy’s decision about what to do after finishing high school an easy one. He joined the Army. Tommy came home from the Army as a new man with some new skills, but he still found himself being looked at as a weirdo by his peers. Tommy accepted this, and began to settle into his life after the military as a weirdo. Of course, being labeled as an outcast led Tommy to dive deep into the online world. Tommy was all in too. Any social media or other site where people congregated in droves, you could bet your bottom dollar that Tommy had an account on there. This was his escape from his reality. Tommy’s new life was working out pretty good for him for a lil’ minute too. He had his real life, and his fantasy life. Two very different things, but Tommy found a way to make shuffling in between both worlds and lives work for him. Tommy will find his world forever changed when his fantasy and real lives collide. And he will find his life completely turned upside-down when his fantasy life leads to a real-life meeting with a woman named Pebbles!


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shari's black


Shari dreamed of the day she would finish college and become the first in her family to earn her bachelor’s degree. She’s an average college student, into her books, and adored by her boyfriend, Neil. Shari knew that the college experience would prepare, and open her up to a whole new world. She wasn’t prepared for what she found!



Shari’s world becomes a haze as past and present collide, altering her grasp on what’s real and what’s not. As Shari fights to get answers and attempts to keep hold of her sanity, her world as she knows it, has become, Shari’s Crossing!


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TRAPPED by Kareem Rahman


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TRAPPED is the story of a single mother trying her best to raise three kids on her own, the best way that she can, while trying to mange some sort of a love life for herself. TRAPPED is the first installment in this series of books that will take you through the trials and tribulations of Zakia, a young woman who was on her way down a very dark and destructive path. Kia tries her beat to turn things around and become that strong example for her kids as to how they should live their own lives. As Kia tries to change her own, and her kids lives for the better, Kia is constantly bombarded by changes and situations that threaten to take away her sanity. Kia thinks she’s strong enough to handle anything, but some things that happen to her makes her wonder how strong she really is…..



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