SportsCenter (@sportscenter) is reporting that Russel Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder has just agreed to a 5 year $205 million extension. The contract makes Westbrook the highest paid player in NBA history. (total amount of money included in contract) Oklahoma City just bet the house on Westbrook, and that seems like a pretty good bet. Last season Westbrook became only the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double for the season. The only other NBA player to ever do so was Oscar Robertson. Ironically, (maybe not) Westbrook signs the record setting contract on former Thunder teammate Kevin Durant’s birthday! With Westbrook locked up for the long term, the Thunder can concentrate on adding a few more key role players to the team’s core. Fellow all-stars, and new Thunder teammates Carmelo Anthony and Paul George both have one year contracts at the moment. More on this story coming soon.



If you have a Netflix account you should be on the lookout for a new phishing email scam that is making the rounds. First reported by WGN, the scam includes “official looking” emails that claim there is an issue with your billing information. The email asks users to login and update your payment details. The email is signed “Aleksander.”


The email contains a link called “Login Now” that, when clicked, will take you to a fake page that asks you to enter account information. Under it’s help center, Netflix says it will never ask you for payment information, social security number, or password over email. Netflix asks that if you do receive a suspicious email, forward it to and then delete it immediately.


The State Department of the United States has issued a travel warning for United States citizens who may be thinking about traveling to Cuba. This after 21 U.S diplomats and family members became ill after a mysterious sonic attack. The U.S. State Department is pulling all families of employees and nonessential personnel from Cuba. The American Embassy in Cuba will continue to operate with a 60% reduction in staff. CNN (@CNN) reported that the sonic attacks took place in hotels around Cuba that Americans are known to frequent. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denied that Cuba was involved in the attacks. He accused U.S. Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson of trying to politicize the events. U.S. officials say there may have been as many as 50 attacks. The most recent in August. Victims of the attacks have experienced long lasting symptoms, and in at least one case, a permanent loss of hearing.


Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa threw out the first pitch on Wednesday night at PNC Ball Park before the Pittsburgh Pirates game. Wiz sported a white T-shirt with the words “Legalize it” written across the chest. Wiz then made a gesture symbolizing taking a tote from what his t-shirt wanted legalized. Nothing wrong with a little weed. But at least one person in the MLB’s offices took exception to Wiz’s tee-shirt, and the gesture offering up a little tree. The MLB released an official statement afterward:


“Marijuana is a probated substance in all of our drug programs. It’s unfortunate this situation occurred. The Pirates has informed us that this should not have happened.”


Maybe Wiz should offer some of the uptight suits over at the MLB’s offices a tote of that good tree. It seems like they could use it, considering something as small as this was something that they felt the need to release an official statement about.  Chill out MLB. There are bigger issues going on in the world right now. And much bigger issues that are “official statement” worthy than a “Legalize It” T-shirt and a hand gesture. Lighten up a little.