It was reported last week that Mel B’s divorce proceeding took an ugly turn when the former Spice Girl allegedly sent threatening text messages to rapper Siya who was set to testify in Mel’s divorce hearing on behalf of Mel B’s husband, Stephen Belafonte. Siya was set to testify about Mel’s alleged drug use and Mel’s frequent threesomes with the couples’ nanny, Lorraine Giles. E NEWS reported that the Los Angeles County District Attorney said they “declined to move forward with the witness intimidation charges because the statements are vague and cannot clearly be interpreted as threats.” Mel dodged a bullet this time, but she better chill with the “Thugnificent” stuff before she finds herself doing a county eleven and a half to twenty three or something. (“11.5 to 23 months in the county jail” for those that don’t know what that means.)





The Golden State Warriors have responded to the President’s rescinded invitation to visit the White House this morning via Twitter. Looks like the team still plans to visit Washington D.C. in February, just not the White House.





FREE MELO! Every basketball fan who is not a hardcore Knicks fan has been screaming this for at least the last three years. The New York Knicks ownership and front office have finally listened. The Knicks are reportedly trading Carmelo Anthony to OKC, in return the Knicks will receive Enes Katner, Doug Mcdermott, and a draft pick. This deal actually works out pretty well for both teams as the Knicks have been grooming “The Young Unicorn” Kristaps Porzingis to be the superstar there. With Melo out of the way, Porzingis will have total control to do what he wants, when he wants to do it. Carmelo Anthony being shipped off will definitely give the budding superstar, Porzingis, the room and confidence that he needs to grow. Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony heads down to Oklahoma City to join Russel Westbrook and Paul George, who along with Carmelo Anthony will be a free agent next season. That pretty much says that the Thunder are putting all of their chips on the table for this season. It will be pretty expensive to resign two players of Melo’s and PG’s calibur with Russel Westbrook’s huge contract eating up most of the teams payroll. If nothing else, the Western Conference will definitely be interesting and fun to watch this upcoming season. The question I have, is does this move make the Thunder a legitimate contender in the West?


Once again the president of the United States took to Twitter to express his feelings about the really important issues this Country is faced with. The topic of this morning’s Tweet storm. Steph Curry.

As far as I know, the Warriors whole team were already considering declining the invitation to the White House to meet the president. But in true man-child fashion, Trump took to Twitter to feed his ego & claim to rescind an invitation that Curry and the Warriors were already going to decline. Good to see we have a president who is concerned with the big issues facing our Country and the world. Two recent hurricanes that United States citizens are still trying to recover from. Two major earthquakes in Mexico. Kim Jung Un threatening more bombs. Oh yeah, & there’s still that little matter of the Mueller investigation hanging over the president’s head. Yup, it’s good to know we have a president who is focused on what’s important.