For months there has been low murmurs and social media gossip about Barack and Michele Obama being in talks to do something with Netflix. The only question remaining unanswered was, what that something was. Today, as Netflix announced that the former first lady and president of the United States has inked a multi-year deal with the company, the question as to what the Obamas will be producing has been made a little more clear.




CNBC (@CNBC) reports, the deal the Obamas signed with Netflix may or may not include scripted and unscripted series, films, documentaries, and features. The content will be produced by Higher Ground Productions.




“One of the simple joys of our time in public service was getting to meet so many fascinating people from all walks of life, and to help them share their experiences with a wider audience. That’s why Michele and I are so excited to partner with Netflix. We hope to cultivate and curate the talented, inspiring, creative voices who are able to promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples, and help them share their stories with the world.” President Obama said in a statement.




During their time in the White House the Obamas made many, what I believe to be, long-lasting friendships and relationships with many people. Some people just have that “it” factor that attracts people to them. The Obamas has it, inside or outside of the White House. Like Barack said “people from all walks of life”, including actors, musicians, athletes, and many many more. I for one, am excited to see what type of movies and shows they will be bringing to Netflix. We should be in for some really good tv time coming up soon! I can’t wait!







It’s been a pretty rough year for ESPN’s Jemele Hill. After Hill called out Donald Trump’s racist actions for what they were….”racist.” The ESPN host was villainized by avid Trump supporters. Her Twitter was filled with racist comments and race-filled name calling that her employers seemed to find a way not to take notice of. Shortly afterward, Hill was suspended by the network. She made her return to the SportsCenter “The Six” show she co-hosted with Michael Smith a short time later. Hill decided to leave the show. A move that her attackers took as a firing. Once again, Hill was attacked and mocked by the same people. Once again, Hill handled the situation with class…..well as much as can be expected when constantly under attack. Don’t get it twisted, Hill is known to “clap back” at her MAGA haters on occasion. Hill made a turn away from full-time on-air personality, and made a return to her roots. Writing. Writing about stories that mattered to the black community. The kind of stories most people wouldn’t dare attempt to touch. Today, someone besides myself took notice of Hill’s perseverance and commitment to speaking out against injustices against the African-American community, even in the face of what I consider, “unfair treatment by the company that’s supposed to have your back.”




Sports Illustrated (@SI) reports, Hill was named Journalist Of The Year by the NABJ (National Association Of Black Journalist). The honor is awarded to someone who has “amassed a distinguishing body of work with extraordinary depth, scope, and significance to the people of the African Diaspora.”



Congratulations Jemele! Well deserved. Hill and Smith have long been two of my favorite on-air personalities over at ESPN. Hopefully the two will reunite for a new “His & Hers” type of show……hopefully at a network that has the balls to stand up for their peoples when the time for it comes.






In a move that looks like the beginning of a new and disturbing trend, the Supreme Court sided with employers over employees. The court’s ruling made today says that employers can prohibit employees from banding together to complain about pay, conditions, and likely many other things in the workplace. The move looks like a first blow in a battle by some employers to de-unionize some industries.




NBC News (@NBCNews) reports, the Supreme Court Justices ruled 5-4 on Monday, with the conservative court’s majority members in that businesses can force employees to individually use arbitration to resolve disputes. Meaning, multi-person class action lawsuits against companies will disappear. Giving big companies and their high-priced attorneys a clear advantage over one individual who can’t afford an attorney, instead of going up against hundreds of defendants who filed a joint lawsuit against a company. The outcome is an important victory for business interest.




An estimated 25 million employees work under contracts that prohibit collective action by employees who want to raise claims about some aspect of their employment. The Trump administration backed the businesses, reversing the position the Obama administration took in favor of employees.




Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorusch, writing for the majority said, the contracts are valid under the arbitration law.





“As a matter of policy these questions are surely debatable. But as a matter of law the answer is clear.” Gorusch wrote.




Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg called the decision “egregiously wrong.” Ginsburg said that individual complaints can be very small in dollar terms, “scarcely of a size warranting the expense of seeking redress alone.” Ginsburg said in a summary of the decision that she read aloud.

bader ginsburg


City Of Lies is a movie that attempts to bring details about the unsolved murder of Biggie Smalls to light following the death of Tupac Shakur in September of 1996. Many people have questioned if Biggie’s death was somehow related to the death of Tupac’s. One LAPD detective and one reporter uncover details about the murders that many had attempted to conceal. Details that implicate multiple individuals in the murder of Biggie Smalls. City Of Lies stars Forrest Whitaker and Johnny Depp. The movie comes to US theaters on September 7th, 2018. Check out the trailer below:


Video Courtesy: Global Road Entertainment







A former playboy centerfold and her 7-year old son both fell to their deaths after apparently jumping from a 25th-floor window of a Midtown hotel penthouse suite where the mother and son had been staying for the past few nights.

adams & baby




The New York Daily News (NYDailyNews) reports, the fatal falls of Stephanie Adams and her son Vincent were the final scene in a longstanding family feud between Adams and her estranged husband Dr, Charles Nicolai, according to sources.





Police said there was no suicide note left in the $849-a-night suite. Adams and her son checked into the hotel at 5:56 pm on Thursday evening. The two spent the night in the penthouse alone. Speculation among hotel employees was that Adams may have dropped her son from the window before leaping to her death at around 8:30 am.

adams hoteladams hotel-1




“From what the guests told me, they heard a light drop and then a heavier drop. I’m still in shook up about it.” An employee from the hotel told the Times.




Adams was in the middle of a nasty divorce from Nicolai, who is the owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness, according to court documents. Adams had recently asked a judge to allow her to take her son to Spain. According to Nicolai’s lawyer, William Beslow, Adams’ request was denied by the judge.

adams and hubby





“Apparently this was a trip for which there wasn’t going to be a return to the United States. The court believed that wouldn’t be appropriate given the child’s relationship with Dr. Nicolai” Beslow said.




The NYPD responded to five domestic disputes between the couple from the months July 2017 through March 2018, sources said. There was also an order of protection involved in the matter. It remains unclear which spouse asked for the court order, but Adams did make social media post suggesting that she herself, may have been a victim of abuse. Including this tweet from March 20th.




Stephanie Adams was 46-years old.






The shooter that opened fired and killed at least 9 people at Santa Fe High School located just South of Houston, Texas has been identified as 17-year old Dimtrious Pagourzis. Information on the shooter and the shooting is still sparse because of an ongoing investigation. But here’s what I’ve been able to piece together so far from multiple credible news sources and news outlets:


*The shooter allegedly began firing inside a classroom shortly after 7:30 am. The shooting sent students running out of the building.

*The gunman allegedly pulled the fire alarm to have students rush out into the hallways making them potential targets of the gunman.

*The alleged shooter and an 18-year old alleged accomplice are currently in custody.

*Police announced that explosives were found at the school and off campus.

*Pagourtiz, a student of the school, was allegedly armed with at least one rifle or shotgun. Authorities said that there could be more weapons to be recovered.

*Update* The number of victims has been updated since I started writing this. There are now 10 people who have been killed in the shooting assault. Nine students and one adult.

*The shooter told police that he planned to commit suicide after doing the shooting, but when faced with the prospect, couldn’t find the courage to carry out the act.

*The weapons used in the shooting: 1) shotgun 1).38 revolver. Pagourtiz’s father legally owned both weapons.

*More details to come soon