The numbers are in. And they aren’t good. With early projections showing a job growth of 80,000 for the month of September, the actual numbers that were released this morning by The Bureau Of Labor Statistics showed a sad reality. The U.S. economy lost 33,000 jobs in September. It would be careless to report these numbers without taking the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida into consideration. But, with that said, the combined numbers from July and August were revised downward. And that had nothing to do with the storms. This is the first time the U.S. economy has lost jobs since September of 2010. The September decline of this year interrupts the longest streak on record of consecutive months in which the economy added jobs. This is bad news for job seekers, and hopefully not a new trend. Maybe September was just one bad month and not the new norm. I guess we will just have to wait and see. But, on the good side, the president did send out some Tweets yesterday showing his pleasure with how well the stock market is performing. Not sure that this will mean much to most people, but, at least the very wealthy are not having to participate in the decline in the economy that the rest are us are currently in the middle of right?



“After all, it’s not murder if they’re black.” That was how 26 year old, full-time registered sex offender, and part-time keyboard gangster John Edgar Rust ended his Manifesto on 4chan about how he was going to kill a bunch of black people at Howard University.


“Any ni**ers left at Howard University after 10 tomorrow will be the first to go—After all, it’s not murder if they’re black.” Rust posted the threats to 4chan and Reddit back in 2015. Yesterday Rust was arrested by federal authorities and charged for posting the online threats from a Panera Bread restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia. The child molester….excuse me, sex offender, went on to add “And any of those cheapskate ni**ers who try to get out using the Metro will regret that choice real fast. Sure, the po-po will take me down, but I’ll go out a hero knowing that I made the world a better place.”



The threats caused increased police presence on the campus and caused the FBI to be alerted. When Rust was initially interviewed by FBI agents back in 2015, he admitted eating dinner at the Panera restaurant but denied using the internet, claiming that doing such would violate the terms of his probation because…he’s a convicted sex offender, and convicted sex offenders are not allowed to go online, in some cases. The FBi then searched Rust’s home where they found that Rust had gone online multiple times around the time the threat was posted.  Rust had also visited a subreddit titled “DeadNi**aStorage a day before the threat was posted. Under the federal guidelines, Rust faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted of the crime.


Netflix just pulled a quick swing-move on it’s customers, myself included. You probably won’t even notice, but if you use Netflix’s standard or premium subscription services, your monthly bill is about to be a little more. CNN (@cnn) is reporting that Netflix’s standard and premium service costs are on the rise. The standard service, which allows customers to stream Netflix in HD on two screens is going up to $10.99/month from its former price of $9.99. The premium service which allows for streaming on four screens is going up from $11.99 to $13.99. The price for the basic service, which allows for streaming on one screen without HD will remain $7.99. A Netflix spokesperson says that existing customers will be notified of the change 30 days before their next billing cycle.


“From time to time, Netflix plans and pricing are adjusted as we add more exclusive tv shows and movies, introduce new product features, and improve the overall Netflix experience to help members find something to watch even faster.”



Netflix may think they’re fooling somebody, but they’re not fooling me. Netflix recently spent $15.7 billion on streaming content deals, and contracts with new shows and show-makers, most of which are absolute trash! Especially a lot of the stand-up comedy specials. It’s becoming harder and harder to find something good to watch on Netflix on any type of consistent basis (you all know it, even if you don’t want to admit it.) This is exactly the wrong time to go up on prices if you’re Netflix. It may only be a few dollars, but how can you even think about raising the price of subscription when the content is rapidly declining? Not saying that Netflix doesn’t still have great original shows and movies, because they do(The Ozarks and Narcos are quickly becoming two of my favorite shows, anywhere), I’m just saying, it’s beginning to feel like the great movies and shows are not appearing on Netflix as often as they once did. Plus, and even more importantly, Netflix isn’t the only game in town when it comes to streaming anymore.