I think it’s clear why Ivana Trump and “The Donald’s” marriage didn’t work out. They’re probably too much alike. The former Mrs. Trump seems to have no problem at all in saying exactly what’s on her mind, as she did in an exclusive interview on “Good Morning America” this morning.



“I have the direct number to the White House, but I no really want to call him there because Melania is there. I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because I’m basically first Trump wife.”



The current Mrs. Trump and First Lady Of The United States, Melania Trump, who is usually quiet and pretty much content playing the background, didn’t hold her tongue on this one. The first lady sent out a statement through her spokesperson about the former Mrs. Trump.



“The first lady plans to use her title and role to help children, not sell books. There is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. Unfortunately only attention seeking and self serving noise.”



The claws are out, and there is surely a cat-fight brewing between the former and current Mrs. Trump. How dirty will the participants get in this mud-fight? Find out on the next episode of “As The World Turns” the real-life edition. By the way, the former Mrs. Trump has a new book coming out soon. There will probably be plenty of dirt in there too.





A judge in Sanilac County, Michigan has awarded joint custody to a man accused of raping the girl when she was 12 years-old, the victim’s attorney says.



Local 4 WDIV News in Dteroit (@Local4News) reports that the alleged rapist and biological father was not on the child’s birth certificate. The woman was 12 years-old at the time the alleged rape took place. Her child is now 8 years-old. The mother says that she fears the man who allegedly raped her could have parental time with her son.



“He was conceived out of rape, but I don’t look at that. He’s my child. He’s a part of me. Not a part of him. I hope he never has any rights to him at all.”



The mother said when questioned about the situation. Now 21, the victim said she was raped by Christopher Mirasolo. Her attorney said, when the woman applied for State Aid, Sinilac County assistant prosecutor Eric Scott filed a motion to establish paternity and collect child support.



“He claims my client agreed to it, and even claimed she signed the judgement, and I’m like, ‘no she didn’t.’ I have it right here.” Said the woman’s attorney Rebecca Kiessling. Mirasolo pleaded guilty to attempted third degree sexual conduct. He served six months in jail. Mirasolo was later convicted for sexually assaulting another young girl. There is currently a motion sitting before judge Gregory Ross that he must decide on. Judge Ross could decided to grant joint legal custody to the father. Mirasolo’s attorney said the motion came as a complete surprise to them, and the motion was not something they filed for. She added that she’s not even sure if it’s something the father, Mirasolo wants. This motion was the actions of an eager prosecutor who clearly crossed some type of legal and moral boundaries. Another case of the law doing whatever they want to people who may not fully understand the law and its ramifications. The next hearing is set for the end of the month.



Even though I was aware that the Arizona Cardinals were a team on the decline, especially without star running back David Johnson, yesterday’s game at Lincoln Financial field didn’t go as I expected. And that really didn’t have too much to do with a sub-par Cardinals squad. When you’ve been a Philadelphia Eagles fan as long as I have, you come to expect certain things from the team. At the top of the list is a disappointing end to the season. We’ve all experienced that pain. The second thing that myself and most Eagles fans have come to expect, is that the team will play down to the level of the competition. The Eagles have made a career out of losing games that they should win, if not that, the Eagles will certainly find a way to make what should be a very easy ‘W’ extremely difficult. Taking this into account, why should I have believed that yesterday’s game against a bad Arizona Cardinals team would be any different?



The Eagles started off quickly. Especially the offense, who put together a solid, time consuming first drive, and capped it off when Carson Wentz hit TE Tre Burton for a 15 yard score. Wentz threw two more first quarter touchdowns. An 11 yarder to TE Zach Ertz, and a 59 yard bomb to WR Torrey Smith. The Eagles were up 21-0 heading into the 2nd quarter. I was happy, but still a little skeptical. This was looking far too easy, and if history had shown me one thing with this team, it was that they never make things easy. The tables surely had to turn right? The Cardinals looked like they were going to get back into the game early in the 2nd quarter when they drove down the field, and capped the drive off with a 13 yard TD pass from Carson Palmer to John Brown. That was the “here we go again” moment for me. Strangely, that would be the only moment on this day. The Eagles took care of business yesterday. In all three aspects of the game. Special teams came up big yesterday, with huge return after return by RB Kenyon Barner. The Eagles defense smothered Carson Palmer and the Cardinals offense. The passing game was ineffective, and the Cardinals ground attack was non-existent. Meanwhile, the Eagles offense basically did whatever they wanted. Carson Wentz ended the day with 304 passing yard and 4 touchdowns. Once the Eagles got comfortably ahead, they gave the keys to the car to LaGarrette Blount, who once again led the rushing attack in time consuming fourth quarter drives. That seems to be coach Doug Pederson’s strategy. Get a lead, then let Blount pound a tired defense. Blount came into the game in the 4th quarter completely fresh, against a tired Cardinals defense, and trucked them. Blount is like a runaway freight train when he gets going downhill. Nobody wants to go head-on with a runaway freight train, especially not a tired defense that has been on the field most of the day. The Eagles easily beat the Cardinals 34-7.



The victory moves the Eagles to 4-1 on the season, and sole possession of first place in the NFC East. The Eagles are clearly the best team in the division. The win-less Giants sit alone in the basement at 0-5. The Cowboys took an ‘L’ yesterday to drop to under .500 at 2-3. And the Redskins sit in second place at 2-2. Yeah, I know what you Skins, Giants, and Cowboys fans are saying right now. “Ya’ll start off good every year, but are never at the top at the end of the year.” In most cases, that’s true, but something about this season seems different. Not so much that everybody else in the division is complete trash, but more about this Eagles team. They are a complete package. Carson Wentz is a lot better than most people give him credit for, and now he has some weapons to throw the ball to in Torrey Smith, Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffrey, and an emerging Nelson Aghalor. The defense looks spectacular. While the secondary is not great, they are getting the job done this season. And the defensive front line…..the Eagles defensive line might be the best in the league. If you don’t believe me, ask any one of the five quarterbacks who have played against them this season. This might be our year. This really might be our year. Why the hell not? The Eagles winning the Super Bowl wouldn’t even be close to the strangest thing that’s happened in the world this year. The Birds have a short week, and a huge test, when they face Cam Newton and a dangerous Panthers squad on Thursday night.


Vice President of the United States Mike Pence Tweeted his displeasure at the NFL and its players after several members of the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the National Anthem before today’s, 49ers -Colts game this afternoon.



Mike Pence is a man who has shown previously that he will take any and every opportunity to stay in Donald Trump’s good graces, and this was just another instance of that. Mike Pence decided to go to a football game today, after he and the president made such a fuss about not supporting the NFL because of its players kneeling in protest of police brutality and widespread racism in the Country. Today Mike Pence decided to attend a football game after publicly speaking out against the protest over the last few weeks. Did Mike Pence really think that the protest were going to magically stop this afternoon? Did Mike Pence think the protest were going to stop because he was attending the game? Of course not. What happened is exactly what Mike Pence planned for, and hoped would happen. It gave him another opportunity to ensure that he would stay in Donald Trump’s good graces. It also gave him a needed opportunity to rally up the Trump base in support of him, once again. Mike Pence is twenty times more dangerous than Donald Trump. Pence realizes that a big part of him being able to step in whenever Trump is gone is to have Trump’s base on his team. Mike Pence is no dummy. Mike Pence is a career politician who understands how to play the game. Mike Pence is twenty times more dangerous than Donald Trump.