Have you ever noticed that the only time some people mention anything they think black people care about is when they need attention? Better yet, when their ratings start to take a dip and they’re desperate for clicks, views, or just being talked about. The same people pull the same stunts at least five to ten times every year. Whenever ratings dip, or they’re in need of attention, say something that they feel will anger the black community. They’ll probably classify this as saying something “controversial.” Just the thought that if you do or say a certain thing, a whole race will react, is really racist in and of itself….but I won’t get into all of that right now. The point of this post is that these same people pull this same desperation trick out of their bag for attention and I’m getting sick of the act.



Piers Morgan took to Twitter this afternoon to promote an article or post that he was writing (I really don’t know what it was, I didn’t bother to read anything but the title) titled “Black people say the ‘N’ word in their songs, so why can’t white people say it?” Or something along those lines. Granted, I never bothered to read the article. As far as I know the article could be about something completely different and Piers just used a catchy title to garner some attention. I doubt it though. The point is, the last thing in this world that Piers Morgan cares about is rap music  and how much the ‘N’ word is used in the lyrics. You know it, I know it, and Piers Morgan knows it. Yet, this is the topic he chooses to speak on. Why? I’m sure there are a million other things Piers Morgan cares about more than rappers saying the ‘N’ word. Like anything political going on in the United States right now. The GOP is right in the middle of another push at getting a terrible HealthCare bill passed. The President of the United States is once again making a public spectacle of himself…..this time on a global stage. Why isn’t Piers talking about those things? I’ll tell you why. It’s because in the political arena he’s just another small fish in a very big pond. Nobody gives a damn what Piers Morgan has to say unless its…..wait for it…..”controversial.” People like Piers Morgan whole careers lives or dies bases on attention. The man has no discernible talent. If he doesn’t get any attention, he will disappear into oblivion, because he really doesn’t add any value to anything. He’s just there. People like Piers Morgan don’t care if people are speaking about them negatively or positively. All that matters is that people are talking about him. Truth be told, that’s all the networks care about too. Do you think the networks go through the hassle of checking to see what each individual Twitter account is Tweeting about a person when that person is trending? HELL NO! All that matters is that the person is trending. That means they’re getting attention. To Networks, that means the person holds some sort of value. It’s that simple. This is all a game, and I hate to say it, but some people know how to play it, some don’t, and some aren’t even aware that there is a game going on. This is why people like Piers Morgan target a black audience when they need some attention. Their thought process is that, whenever you Tweet certain key words, the black community will react. And if you Tweet or speak about those key words negatively, the black community will give you the attention that you want and desire. Some of those key words being: Anything about white people saying the N word, anything negative about Beyonce, and anything negative about Barack Obama. They’re trolling. Most times they could honestly care less about any of these things. We have to do a better job of recognizing the game. If we keep giving them the attention they crave every time they’re looking for it, they will keep doing what they’re doing. Cussing them out in the comments does nothing at all. It’s still attention. That equals a win for them. The best way to handle these trolls is to completely ignore them. That hurts more than any comment you could think of typing. Attention is food for these trolls. We need to treat them like the animals in the zoo. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!



The Hill (@thehill) has reported that Puerto Rico could be without electricity for up to six months in the wake of Hurricane Maria. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yul Cruz told MSNBC, Thursday that Puerto Rico’s 3.5 million residents could be without electricity between 4-6 months. Mayor Cruz said “The San Juan we knew yesterday is no longer there.” Officials said that the storm, which was the most powerful in decades, destroyed more than 90 percent of the homes in some areas. When asked if he will visit Puerto Rico in the wake of the storm, president Trump responded with a somber, “yes I will.” I guess we will see. Let’s keep Puerto Rico and its residents in our prayers during this tough time, and also Mexico, who was hit with a massive earthquake that killed an unspecified number of citizens.


Christopher Ricardo Gonzalez 18, was arrested in California Tuesday after he posted an “Instagram Live” video showing his location. Gonzalez was wanted in Dallas on charges of suspicion of murder, aggravated robbery, and engaging in organized crime. The Associated Press @AP, also reported that Gonzalez was on Texas’ 10 most wanted fugitives list. Gonzalez is accused of fatally shooting Horace Davis, 54, in Dallas last year. As of Tuesday, Gonzalez was still in custody in California and expected to be extradited back to Texas to face those charges, and a few others as well. I said this once before, and I’ll say it again, Social Media is not made for people who live illegal lifestyles. Social Media has become the best tracking device the police has ever had. Furthermore, they have to do very little work in tracking an individual, as people have become so accustomed to informing the whole world of their every move. I’m just saying…..

IS HE TRYING TO KILL US ALL? Trump makes speech in front of the UN and threatens North Korea….again

Days without being a national embarrassment: 0. He did it once again. As has become the norm, Donald Trump made a complete ass of himself when he opens his mouth….again. This time in front of an audience of United Nations delegates. Most of these members of the United Nations look to the United States for leadership and strength, and this is what our great Country choose to put in front of them.The people of the world probably think we are complete idiots if we have an idiot like this representing our Country. SMH As usual, Republicans and hardcore Trump supporters with their heads up their asses came out in support of the Idiot In Chief. It’s like having a man-child with the mentality of a 12 year old boy in control of our Country. (and our nuclear arsenal.) Instead of teaching the child right from wrong, or even scolding him for inappropriate behavior, the GOP encourages and applauds this behavior at every turn. The expectations of the office of the presidency, and the expectations of the president himself has been lowered to a level never seen before in this Country. Bad behavior has become the norm and complete idiocy has become totally acceptable. In the matter of nine short months, Donald Trump has managed to completely corrupt the morals of an entire nation. He’s managed to make criminal activity no big deal, racism completely normal, and the creation of your own “alternate reality” totally doable, even if the facts dispute it. With an army of idiot followers behind him there’s no limit to the lows this Country can achieve. I fear that when the people who are in a position to do something about this threat to the United States finally realize the dire danger we are in with this idiot at the helm and finally decides to take some action, it will be too late. Donald Trump has put the United States on a head on collision with war. What war? Civil? Nuclear? I don’t know. Beats the hell out of me. But Trump seems determined to place the United States in a war with someone or itself….my guess is North Korea. I don’t know how the man’s mind works, but my guess is that the reason he’s so thirsty for war is because war would be a welcomed distraction from the reality taking place around him. Robert Mueller and his Federal investigation is closing in on Trump and his cohorts. Trump believes war is his “get out of jail free card.” A get out of jail free card Donald Trump desperately hopes to obtain. Even if it comes at the cost of putting the Country and it’s people directly in harm’s way. While all of this is apparent to every person in the Country with a small bit of common sense and a functional free-thinking mind, the GOP are spending their time trying to pass another terrible Health Care reform bill. Because that’s what the Idiot In Chief wants them to do instead of doing what’s really best for this Country and impeaching this fool before he manages to kill us all.