Washington, D.C




Donald trump spent part of his Sunday morning having another Twitter tantrum. In what has now become the norm for this Country, the Commander in Chief publicly attacks government employees and private United States citizens on a social media site that is viewed by the world. Allowing leaders across the globe to see just how unstable and out of control the United States has become under Trump’s leadership. The target of his fury this morning was former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was just fired from his position yesterday. And Robert Mueller, the person at the head of the Special Counsel investigating alleged collusion or conspiracy with Russia and/or Russian Nationals to interfere in the 2016 United States presidential election.




The tweets about McCabe and Mueller may seem to come out of left field without a little context (and a few rumors that the president may have just confirmed with these tweets). It was reported by multiple news outlets just yesterday that fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe took detailed notes of his encounters with the president. Then it was reported that McCabe turned those notes over to Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel a little while back. The other piece of rumor/news that may be relevant to these tweets, were reports that the Special Counsel sent Trump’s lawyers a set of questions they wanted to ask him pertaining to the investigation. If you believe these reports, then Trump’s tweets and the timing of these tweets may become more than just some ramblings from a crazed man. They become the erratic moves of a person who is attempting to get ahead of the story and prepare his followers for when this news does eventually break.




Quick fact check: Robert Mueller, just like most FBI agents and employees are registered Republicans. They’re most likely Conservative Republicans and not Trumpublicans, which to Donald Trump, is the same thing as being a Democrat, which in his mind is the same thing as being his enemy.




Austin, Texas




Three package bombs have gone off in the past two weeks. The local leader of the NAACP told NBC News that the targets seem to be prominent black families. New York Magazine (@NYMAG) reports, the families of Stephen House, who was killed on March 2, and Draylen Mason, who was killed on Monday, have known each other for a long time and even attended the same church, according to NAACP president Nelson Linder. Linder said that a third bomb, which injured 75-year old Esperenza Herrera, may have been intended for another person who might be connected to the House and Mason families.




The Austin police agree that the bombings are related. However, they haven’t suggested a motive as of yet. They also haven’t said whether or not they believe the victims were targeted. Police chief Brian Manley told reporters that they’re not ruling out that hate is at the core of this crime.




Reports of hate crimes rose by 46% in 2016. But the total number of hate crimes reported were suspiciously low, especially when you consider that Austin is a city with nearly 950,000 residents. In 2015 there were 13 hate crimes reported. That number rose to 19 in 2016, according to the FBI’s annual report on hate crimes. Some are skeptical of the Texas hate crime numbers.




“Relative to its population, Texas reports fewer hate crimes than other big states. Something is wrong when Texas, as a state has fewer hate crimes than some of the major cities in the US.” said hate-crime expert, criminologist, attorney who directs the Center For The Study Of Hate And Extremism, Brian Levin.


Aberdeen, Maryland


Former NBA player Glen Davis has come a long way from his glory days in the league. The former Boston Celtic and LA Clippers player was arrested in a Maryland Hotel last month and charged with drug possession and distribution. Davis was arrested on Feb 7th at the Hampton Inn in Aberdeen. ESPN (@espn) reported, that it was the smell of marijuana that got Davis in trouble. When the owner of the hotel smelled the aroma of something good in the air, his investigation led him to Davis’ room. The owner called the cops. When officers ran up in the room they found Davis, about a quarter pound of weed, and around $92,000 in cash. Davis was arrested and later charged with seven (7) counts of drug possession and distribution. What’s strange to me is the amount of weed recovered in relation to the amount of money recovered. Doesn’t that seem a little strange to you? 125 grams of weed is not that much herb. There are probably people who smoke that much in a few days. Why did he have so much money in the room when he was dealing with an amount of weed that small? Maybe he sold some before 5-0 ran up in the spot? But why have that type of money up in the hotel with you if that was the case? I don’t know…..maybe he was waiting on a customer to come through and buy the last quarter pound. Maybe he was up in the hotel slangin’ nicks and dimes. Either way, Big Baby got himself caught up in some mess. I still find it amazing that people who were making millions of dollars just a few short years earlier turn to illegal means of obtaining money so quickly after they leave the league. Why not invest in stocks or sell stuff on Ebay or something? Anything has to be better than having to spend MORE MONEY to fight a dummy case and have to pay to bail yourself out of jail because of a case you caught while trying to make some money. That seems like hustling backwards to me. Remember that Biggie Smalls lyric “Time to contemplate, damn, where did I fail? All the money I stacked, was all the money for bail.”


Gudauri, Georgia



A ski lift malfunction at a ski resort in Gudurai, Georgia left at least 11 people injured. If you watch the video, the 11 seems like a remarkably low number of injuries. Some were fortunate enough to jump from the lift before it arrived at the station. Those who weren’t fortunate enough to escape beforehand were violent whipped around a corner and thrown into the air. Georgia’ health minister David Sergeenko said that the victims were Georgian, Swedish Ukranian, and Russian citizens. According to the Huffington Post (@HuffPost), there were multiple reports that the injured Sweedish woman was pregnant.



Video courtesy: NBC NEWS







Georgia is a Country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is a former Soviet republic that is home to Caucus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches. It’s famous for Vardiza, a sprawling cave monastery dating back to the 12th century, and the ancient wine-growing region Kakheti.


The entire Country is split down the middle. The divide is mostly based on politics, religious beliefs, and perceived morality and patriotism. The one department we’ve been taught to believe was exempt from any political opinions were the FBI. That may still hold true. But what happens when the president of the United States forces a “for me or against me” ideology on an entire Justice Department? Politics come into play. That’s exactly what I believe we were witnessing when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the firing of former FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Friday night after hours. The reason I say this smells of a political agenda is because the president made it clear on multiple occasions that he did not want Andrew McCabe to collect his pension. That would’ve happened Sunday, when Mccabe will turn 50-years old and be eligible to collect full benefits. But if he would’ve been fired Monday….during regular business hours…..when a person would normally be fired, it would’ve been too late to deprive McCabe of his pension.  If this wasn’t Trump’s work and right in line with the petty type of things he does, what was the FBI’s reason for firing the man a little more than 24 hours before he would’ve been eligible for retirement and a full pension after 21-years of service? The president didn’t even wait a full two hours after the announcement was made before he took to Twitter and expressed pure joy over the situation.





Trump has made no secret about his displeasure with James Comey over perceived disloyalty to him. The FBI doesn’t work for Donald Trump. The FBI works for the people of the United States. Trump doesn’t understand this or simply doesn’t care about the law. When Comey refused to give the president favorable treatment in an investigation into the president’s alleged wrongdoings, the president fired James Comey. The firing of James Comey, led to the hiring of Bob Mueller and the special counsel to search for possible links between the Trump Administration and possible collusion with Russian cohorts to interfere in the 2016 United States presidential election. The firing of Comey, led people to question the reason behind Comey’s firing. Many believed that Comey’s firing was an attempt by the president to end any investigation into his alleged misdeeds. This led to Comey testifying before Congress and speaking about the president’s “loyalty pledge” that he demanded Comey take. James Comey said he had notes and witnesses to back up his claim. If true, Comey’s firing could be seen as an obstruction of justice. Andrew McCabe was one of those witnesses to Comey’s claims. That’s when McCabe says he became a target of the president’s.



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CNN (@cnn) reports, McCabe had been regularly taunted by the president and besieged by accusations that he had misled internal investigators at the Justice Department. McCabe had been expected to retire this Sunday, on his 50th birthday, when he would have become eligible to receive early retirement benefits. But Friday’s termination could place a portion of his anticipated pension in jeopardy. McCabe has served with the FBI for over 20 years. A representative for McCabe said he learned from a press release that he had been fired by Sessions. McCabe’s firing was described by Sessions as “a lack of candor.”




“After an extensive and fair investigation and according to Department Of Justice procedure, the Department’s office of the Inspector General (OIG) provided its report on allegations of misconduct by Andrew McCabe to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). The FBI’s OPR then reviewed the report and and underlying documents and issued a disciplinary proposal recommending the dismissal of Mr. McCabe. Both the OIG and FBI OPR reports concluded that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions.”




Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement Friday night. By the way, Sessions has had to be brought back to testify before Congress on multiple occasions because of lies he told the previous times he stood before them. Just thought I’d throw that piece of information in there.




The Cleveland Browns were the joke of the league last year. A few key offseason moves may have turned that joke into a serious contender……Ok, I admit, I may be overreatcing a little, but you do have to admit, you’re a little curious to see what Cleveland will look like when they take the field next season. This team should be a very interesting thing to see.




The newest addition to the very market active Cleveland Browns is former 49ers running back, Carlos Hyde. The Browns snatched Hyde up off of the free agency market Wednesday morning. Hyde’s deal with the Browns is reportedly for three years and worth $15 million. Hyde will likely be paired with current Browns situational back, Duke Johnson.




The Browns now have Tyrod Taylor at QB, Hyde and Johnson in the backfield, Jarvis Landry, Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon at WR. All of this, before this year’s NFL draft where the Browns will surely grab at least a couple more quality players. Like I said before…..this could get very interesting.