ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???  Man, I’m still trying to process everything I saw (and didn’t see) last night. I say didn’t see because the night was dark and full of terrors….literally! There were times that I couldn’t see shit on the screen during last night’s episode. Especially when the blizzard or whatever came. At times, watching last night’s ep. reminded me of watching one of those bootleg DVD’s you used to buy on the Ave. back in the day. I blamed the cable company. Thought they were on some bullshit! But, even though I will probably have to call the cable company this morning and apologize to them for accusing them of purposely trying to sabotage “Thrones Night” and threatening to switch cable providers because of it, last night’s episode was still easily one of the best I’ve seen thus far.




Episode 3 brought so many characters together in one place at the same time. I don’t think there has ever been an episode like this. Some people on social media said it would’ve been better if all of the characters were in one place fighting against each other instead of fight the dead. And they wished more people would’ve perished in last night’s battle vs. the dead. Good theory, I suppose. But I ask one question. If more people would’ve died in the battle against the dead, who would’ve been left to fight the final battle against Sersei Lannister? You do realize that people like the Hound and Jaime Lannister stayed alive for a reason right? It’s for the drama of the final battle. The Hound vs. The Mountain. Jaime and Terion Lannister vs. Sersei Lannister. Yara Greyjoy vs. Euron Greyjoy. And so on and so on. The battle versus the dead was always built up to be a big battle. But the final battle has always been The Battle For The Iron Throne. Have we forgot? I expected some death last night, but I was pretty sure that quite a few key characters would remain among the living. One death that was surprising to me was Theon Greyjoy.




Theon’s character did a complete 360 didn’t he? Theon didn’t start off as a terrible person. He was actually a pretty good dude. Theon took a trip over to the dark side, got his dumb ass tortured for what seemed like forever, turned into a yellow bellied coward, and now seemed to be on the road to redemption. Full circle. I thought Theon would get to complete the circle. Killing his uncle Euron would’ve completed the circle for Theon…in my eyes. I guess the writers had something else in mind. At least Theon did die having peace of mind. The Starks forgave him for the wrong he’d done to them over these past seasons. Theon also took a lot of the dead to the grave with him. Great effort, but still, Theon’s watch has ended.


R.I.P Theon Greyjoy






One of the other deaths that threw me for a loop was the death of House Mormont. The Mormont’s didn’t just loose two family members last night, the entire Mormont name was wiped out by the end of last night’s battle. Everybody knew little Lyanna Mormont was a goner last night, right? You didn’t? What purpose would her character have served after the battle vs. the dead? Her whole purpose was rallying the troops during the weeks of preparation leading up to the battle. She was a great motivator, but she was never meant to be a soldier. Her making the decision to stay out there on the battlefield with her troops last week, had pretty much already sealed her fate in my eyes. She’s about 11-years old with no battle experience. Things played out exactly how I thought they would for Lyanna. But, the little girl with big heart, went out fighting. She managed to take one of the giants to the afterlife with her. Jorah Mormont’s death was more surprising to me. Jorah’s father disowned him a long time ago. The dad was killed, and even before last night’s episode, I was certain that Lyanna would be killed, and I believed that would leave Jorah as the last living Mormont. And that would be ironic considering his dad had disowned him and barred him from using the family’s name. Didn’t happen. Jorah died the same way he lived his life ever since he met Danarys…..protecting her. Jorah protected Dany all the way up to his last breath. Jorah was always in love with Dany, and even as he lay there dying, it seemed like his last wish was for a kiss from Dany…..or either a quick hand-job or something. Jorah got neither. Which made his death even sadder to me. The whole Mormont family died fighting for Westeros, but now their watch has ended.


R.I.P Mormonts






Episode 3 of season 8 took us all on an emotional rollercoaster as we watched some of our faves rumble with the dead. It took the viewer from a feeling of hopelessness to hopeful and back to hopelessness again, before Arya came through and saved the night. Even though I knew this wasn’t the last episode, there were a few times when I thought everyone was going to die. Especially when Jon Snow chased the Night King down and he revived the dead. I yelled at the tv “just get it over with already!” I’m happy Greyworm survived, but I could’ve sworn I saw him die at least twice last night. Jaime, Brienne, and Sam too. I blame it on the dark screen. But the battle versus the dead is over and now it’s time to move forward to the final battle for the Throne versus Cersei Lannister and her army, which is completely rested, while the army back in Winterfell has just finished up a hard fought seven-game series versus the dead. These final three episodes should definitely be very interesting to say the least! Oh yeah, I think another dragon died last night too. That leaves only one healthy dragon left for the fight versus Cersei, and she now has a weapon that can take dragons out! My prediction: Winterfell wins the series in 6 games. 4-2. Cersie just doesn’t have enough shooters to win 4 games versus Winterfell. Even with all of her sneaky, underhanded tactics.







Most of us have been watching this show long enough to know what last night’s episode was all about. Newer viewers may have seen joy, comradery, and love on the screen as they watched last night. We, veterans to the show know exactly what we were watching last night………DEATH!




Game Of Thrones writers have become the masters of taking the viewers on an emotional roller coaster. History tells us that last night’s celebration and pretty lighthearted episode full of some of our favorite characters, was nothing more than a retirement party for some of those same characters. Sorry to say, but I believe Lady…well Ser Brienne Of Tarth’s time being among the living has come to an end. The scene of Jaime making her a knight and the pure joy of seeing Brienne finally earn what she thought was impossible, pretty much sealed her fate in my eyes. Brienne is on an all-time high. It really can’t get any higher for her. Hate to see it, but in all likelihood it’s a rap for Brie. She won’t be making the crossover to the dead alone next week……in my opinion. Gendry also had a pretty good night last night. As creepy as the sex scene between him and Arya was to me. (We all pretty much watched Arya grow up. I understand that she’s done many grown-up things like killing multiple people, but it’s still hard for me to see her as an adult out here having sex and all.) I believe Gendry and Arya’s night together was about more than sex. Gendry revealed to Arya that he was Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. The king’s blood flows through his veins. I believe Arya will get pregnant by Gendry and fulfill Robert (Gendry’s dad) and Ned’s (Arya’s dad) greatest wishes. The two friends always wanted their families to join. That was what the marriage between Sansa and Joffrey was originally supposed to be about. With that whole thing coming full circle, I believe Gendry’s watch has ended. There’s really no more reason for him to remain alive if you really think about it. The prophecy has been fulfilled.




Jon Snow revealed a truth he learned from Sam last week to Dany. That he’s not actually Ned Stark’s bastard child. He is actually Rhaegar Targaryen’s (Dany’s older brother) son. That means that him and Dany are cousins? Aunt and nephew? I’m not sure, but those two are related! Instead of being shocked that she’d slept with, and fell in love with her relative, Dany’s main concern was that Jon is now the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. Dany’s reaction led me to believe that she is about to go full Targaryen. Burn them all! My belief is that Dany is going to pull her armies in the middle of the fight with the dead, knock Jon off, and then go wreck shop at Cersei’s. Dany’s quest for the throne is much more important to her than any of the other stuff currently going on. Even while the dead is at Winterfell’s front door, Dany’s biggest concern is her right to the Iron Throne. Crazy! That whole Dany and Jon story might go the other way though. Jon May end up killing Dany. Either way it goes, I don’t see both of them coming out of this war alive. Sorry.




I believe Brandon Starks’ watch has ended too. But Brandon Stark has been dead for awhile now. He is now the Three Eyed Raven. Bran is willing to use himself as bait to draw the Night King away from his Army and hopefully make it easier to be killed. The belief is that, because the Night King is the leader, if you can kill him, the rest of the dead will just die since he’s the one who turned them. Bold Strategy, good luck with that. But yeah, Bran’s ass is as good as grass. Can’t say I’ll be sad to see his little weird ass go.




Jorah Mormont and his little cousin, Lyanna Mormont had an interesting little conversation that I believe was put into the script for a reason. Jorah was trying to get Lyanna to go underground with the women and children during the upcoming battle. Jorah told her that she was the last of their name and she should ensure her safety so their family’s name will live on. Lyanna wasn’t trying to hear that shit. She told him she was going to fight alongside her peoples. Brave, but considering the fact that little Lyanna Mormont has no battle experience whatsoever, I’m fully expecting her to get her body hauled off out there on the battlefield, ironically leaving Jorah as the last Mormont. If you recall, Jorah’s dad disowned him and told him that he could no longer use the family’s name. Now he will likely be the last of his name among the living. Interesting.




There are a few more people I think will die next week (Greyworm), but I won’t mention too many names or bring a bad omen on anyone else. All in all, last night’s episode was more interesting and more insightful than a lot of people on social media gave it credit for being. OR maybe I just put way too much thought into this shit. WE WILL SEE NEXT WEEK!