It’s kind of funny when people with a bunch of money tell people who don’t have a bunch of money, that the reason they don’t have money is because they don’t understand the value of money, how to spend it wisely, and how to save it. It’s even funnier when someone tells poor people this while they’re simultaneously out spending taxpayer money like it’s their own money, and like it grows on trees. But what else did we expect when you have a bunch of millionaire, con-artist/businessmen at the head of every major department and agency in this Country?




Politico (@politico) reports, the Interior Department is spending $139,000 for new doors for Secretary Ryan Zinke’s office. The contract for the expensive job was awarded to Conquest Solutions LLC. A Maryland based company. The work involves replacing three sets of double doors, including two that open onto a plush balcony. An existing set of doors to Zinke’s office do not have a lock, so those will need to be upgraded too. The Interior Department says the recommendation for the work came from Interior Career Facilities and not Zinke himself, even though he will be the one benefiting from the luxury upgrades to his office.



   The secretary was not aware of this contract, but agrees that this is a lot of money for demo, install, materials, and labor.” Spokeswoman Heather Swift said in a statement.




This work and price tag is something that probably would have went unnoticed under any other administration. Most times, we as taxpayers, trust that our elected officials will not be using taxpayer money to provide themselves with all of life’s luxuries. This administration is totally different. From the private jet rentals with taxpayer money, to using taxpayer money to fund extracurricular activities that has nothing to do with the job, to the $31,000 of taxpayer money HUD Secretary Ben Carson spent on a dining set. This whole administration has gained a reputation for having a problem with providing themselves with luxuries with taxpayer money. Therefore, they deserve public ridicule for every single dollar of ours they spend. We should continue to watch these people like a hawk. The chances that Zinke himself did not request these upgrades are very low to zero. The fact that it was noticed was what caused the whole department to go into defense mode. Don’t be fooled.