One of my favorite shows is coming back! And unlike this last season of Game Of Thrones, Black Mirror never disappoints. Check out the trailer for season 5 of Black Mirror. Coming to Netflix June 5th



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Netflix’s insanely popular hit show has been renewed for season 5. No release date has been set yet, and no announcement on how many episodes will be in the new season. But the only thing that really matters is BLACK MIRROR IS COMING BACK! Netflix released a little teaser announcement to let the shows fans know of its return. Check it out below:



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Remember that episode in the newest season of Black Mirror with the dog-like robots that was killing people? Turns out, that episode….well at least the dog-like robots in that episode, may have actually been inspired by a real-life robot…..or have inspired someone to re-create it! Check it out below:




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I’ve just finished watching the first episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror, season 4. The episode is titled U.S.S Callister. I don’t know how Black Mirror continues to do it, but they manage to make shows that keep you engaged. The show is in its fourth season. I’ve seen every episode. Most of the seasons had something like five or six episodes. I can honestly say that I have not seen a bad episode yet. The first episode of season four continues Black Mirror’s trend of creating great tv.




In episode 1: U.S.S Callister, we have a man (I’m not good with names. I just watched it and can’t remember the names of any of the characters), who is the number two person in charge of a tech company. His partner and co-creator of the company, is the outgoing personality, as opposed to the main characters’ subdued personality. In short, he’s pretty much a weirdo…..but still one of the creators of the company. Instead of being treated like a boss, he’s treated like the low worker on the totem pole by mostly everyone around the office, including his partner. The main character is sort of like a Steve Wozniak, to his partners’ Steve Jobs. The main character created the technical side of the business, but it was the partner’s outgoing personality that sells it. Therefore, most people see the outspoken salesman as the creator and boss, and the man who created the hardware as a second fiddle and sometimes afterthought. Anyway, our main character is a very smart man. Like, genius type of smart. He takes note of how everyone treats him on a daily basis. He doesn’t like it, even though he’s not the confrontational personality that would ever say anything about it. He plots revenge on those who do him wrong though. The twist? He gets his revenge on people he feels has wronged them not in this world, but in a virtual world he has created. The main character creates a world where he is the Captain of a ship, similar to Star Trek. The genius character gets people into his world by stealing samples of their DNA. In his world things are totally different. He’s not the shy silent type that he is in the real world. In this world, he is the supreme commander. A commander that everyone loves, admires, and obeys……..or suffers brutal consequences! The crazy thing is that even though the sample of the stolen DNA creates a new person, they still keep the traits, characteristics, and memories of the original person, who is still living in the real world completely unaware that there is another them running around in an alternative world. In his world, they are captives. There is no escape. And in his world, the characters are punished for actions of their real world selves! In short, if the Captain is treated bad by a person in the real world, he will take it out on that person’s other self that he’s created in his own world! Completely insane! I won’t give the story away, but once again, I’m blown away by Black Mirror……at least this first episode. I give it 5-stars out of a possible 5-stars. It’s really that good! I plan on watching the next episode tonight, and I’ll probably have a review of that. I fully expect the next episode to be as good as the first!