Former NFL quaterback and hall of famer, Warren Moon is being accused of sexual harassment by a female executive assistant.




Yahoo News (@YahooNews) reports, 32 year-old executive assistant, Wendy Haskall who has traveled with the former QB since being hired by his firm in July, accuses Moon of forcing her to sleep in his bed while wearing thong underwear on business trips, grabbing her crotch during a trip to Seattle, and drugging her before taking off her bathing suit during an October trip to Mexico. Haskall says that she was demoted by the firm in October after filing a complaint about Moon’s behavior. Haskall has filed a lawsuit in California court seeking unspecified damages.







Wildfires continue to spread across Southern California into Wednesday. The fires have already destroyed hundreds of homes and forced thousands of residents to flee their houses as officials warned that the fires could endanger the region for days to come.




The Washington Post (@wapo) reports, The wave of fires that broke out early this week spread quickly, with the largest blaze expanding across a region almost as big as the city of Orlando. Emergency responders hurried to evacuate residents, protect homes and shut down roads across the region, even as authorities biggest fire was still “out of control” early Wednesday and keeping crews from entering the area.





The largest fire, known as the Thomas Fire, erupted in Ventura County, NorthWest of downtown Los Angeles. The Thomas Fire tore across 65,000 acres by Wednesday morning, and the blaze destroyed hundreds of homes, threatened 12,000 structures, and forced 27,000 people to evacuate. Most of those who fled were left wondering whether their residences were among those destroyed.




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The man who caused so much pain to so many, almost a half century ago, got off easy when he died of natural causes Sunday night, according to the California Department Of Corrections.




The New York Times (@nytimes) reports, Manson had been hospitalized in January for intestinal bleeding but was ruled too frail to undergo surgery. Manson came to in the late 1960’s as the leader of the Manson Cult, a group of young drifters in California. Manson’s followers committed a series of nine murders at four locations in July and August of 1969. Manson was found guilty of 7 murders and conspiracy in 1971, most notably the murder of Actress Sharon Tate.




All 7 of the murders were carried out at his instruction by members of the group. Manson was also convicted of first degree murder for two other deaths. Manson was originally sentenced to death for the murders, but his sentence was commuted to life with the possibility of parole after California invalidated the state’s death penalty statute in 1972. Manson served his life sentences at Corcoran State Prison in California. Manson refused to attend any parole hearings since 2012, after he was denied release for the 12th time during his life prison sentence. Manson’s next parole hearing was scheduled for 2027. He would have been 92 years old.