You ever worry about your Amazon package being delivered to your house when you’re not at home? Depending on where you live, this may be the perfect opportunity for lurking package thieves to run off with your stuff. Your delivered package may be sitting in front of your house alone for hours before you finally get home. Does that worry you? If yes, there’s no need to worry anymore. Amazon has come up with what just may be the perfect solution to this problem, or other problems you may have with home deliveries. Trunk deliveries.




The New York Times (@NYTimes) reports, starting Tuesday, people in dozens of cities across the United States can start getting their Amazon orders delivered to a parked car….provided their vehicle has the proper technology. With a few taps on a smartphone screen, the courier can unlock the car and drop the package inside the trunk or the back seat.




The new service is aimed at anyone who doesn’t want to risk having their package swiped from their front porch, or who can’t receive an Amazon order at work, perhaps because an employer doesn’t allow it or because the company mailroom is not secure.




The new in-car delivery service will be available in 37 cities on Tuesday. For in-car delivery to work, customers must have a 2015 or later Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac with an active OnStar account. Couriers can use those assistance services to find the cars through satellite tracking services that can track and lock-unlock the car’s trunk. Amazon says that it’s service will allow the courier to unlock car’s trunks or doors only once.




I believe Amazon’s new service is a good one with good intentions. But, like most new technology, Amazon is working on the assumption that all, or at least most, people in the world are good or have good intentions. Example: I’m in the movie theater and my car is parked in the parking lot. I have a delivery scheduled to my parked car. Somebody sees an Amazon delivery person placing a package in my back seat or trunk. Most parking lots don’t have very great security. I’m in a movie theater watching a two-hour movie. A thief has plenty of time to break into my car and steal my package. It may sound strange or ridiculous to you, but in some places, people will go to great lengths to steal a new Playstation, Apple phone, Ipad, television, or other popular electronic devices. They don’t know what was in the package that was just placed inside of your vehicle, but hope and assumptions, may make a person think it’s that thing that they really, really want. Just my opinion. Not everybody resides in Suburbia. It gets real in the inner-city sometimes.