CBS Philly’s (@CBSPhilly) Joe Holden just reported from the criminal justice center in Philadelphia that Meek Mill has been sentenced to 2-4 years in a state prison by a judge for violating probation. Meek’s original probation stemmed from a 2009 arrest for drugs and a gun. He served 8 months in jail before he was released on probation. 8 years later, Meek is still on paper from that same case. Meek was sentenced to house arrest for a violation of the same probation back in 2015 after sitting in jail for a few weeks. Meek had an arrest at a St. Louis airport for an alleged fight that took place and an arrest for reckless driving in NYC since the house arrest. The probation officer on Meek’s case seemed to be itching to send him to prison for a long time, as the probation officer dragged Meek into court time after time, for this and that. Meek was immediately turned over to the custody of the state after being hit with the numbers for the violation this evening. He’s most likely in CFCF county jail, where he will remain until he’s shipped out to whatever prison he will serve his state bid at. I’m not sure if the state allows for parole before the minimum time served, which would be two years in Meek’s case. If so, he’ll probably serve between 12-18 months on the bid. If not, Meek will have to pull at least a deuce of that time before being considered for parole. Here’s the biggest issue I have with the whole thing. After serving two years for a probation violation, Meek will still most likely have a probation term to serve, with another probation officer who may be out to get him yet again. The best advice I have for him is to fall all the way back until the full probation term is completed this time. Most people make the mistake of forgetting that probation is a sentence because it doesn’t come with prison time. Probation is just like prison time. Your life is not fully yours. A person has the power to violate you and send you to prison at the drop of a dime.