Ms. Aretha Franklin, who was known as the queen of soul passed away on Thursday morning.

CNN (@cnn) reported, the official cause of death was due to pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type. Aretha Franklin was surrounded by family and friends in her Detroit home at the time of her passing.

The Queen of soul was born, Aretha Louise Franklin, on March 25th, 1942. Her singing career began at the New Bethel Baptist Church as a child singing in the choir. By age 18 she was recording songs for Columbia Records. Aretha Franklin went on to sign with Atlantic Records in 1967, where she received her first taste of commercial success with songs like RESPECT and NATURAL WOMAN. By the end of the 1960’s, Aretha was crowned The Queen Of Soul. Aretha Franklin went on to record a string of chart-topping songs. Way too many to list, but here are a few you may have heard before:

  1. Never Loved A Man (1967)
  2. Respect (1967)
  3. Think (1968)
  4. Call Me (1970)
  5. Until You Come Back To Me (1973)
  6. Something He Can Feel (1976)
  7. Jump To It (1982)
  8. Freeway Of Love (1985)

Aretha Franklin also made appearances in multiple movies and documentaries throughout her career. Including:

  1. Black Rodeo (1972)
  2. The Blues Brothers (1980)
  3. The Zen Of Bennett (2012)
  4. Muscle Shoals (2013)

There will never be another Queen Of Soul. Ms Franklin will always be the sole owner of that honor and title. Rest In Peace Ms Aretha “Queen Of Soul” Franklin. You will be missed.



Former led singer of The Temptations, Dennis Edwards passed away today. He was 74-years old. The Detroit native became the lead singer of The Temptations after the group’s fallout with former lead singer David Ruffin in 1968. Edwards died at his home in Chicago today, his family reports.




Edwards singing career began when he was signed to Motown in 1966. Edwards was put on the shelf by the label. He got his break when Motown assigned him to join the group ‘The Contours’ after the group’s lead singer fell ill. In 1967, The Contours were opening for bigger acts like The Temptations. Edwards caught the eye of Temptations members Otis Reading and Eddie Kendricks, who were looking to replace lead singer David Ruffin at the time. Edwards, who was a personal friend of Ruffin’s, was introduced to Kendricks and Reading. The three quickly became acquaintances. Edwards quit The Countours later on in 1967. He was once again shelved by the label. Edwards spent the rest of 67′ and half of ’68 attempting to try to get out of his contract with Motown. In June, the label assigned him to join up with The Temptations who had just fired their lead singer David Ruffin.




Ruffin, friend of Edwards’ let him know ahead of time that he was likely going to be assigned to replace him in The Temptations. This put Edwards mind at ease because of the friendship he’d built with the group’s members, and caused Edwards to stop seeking to get out of his Motown contract. Edwards was officially introduced as a member of The Temptations on July 9, 1968 at a show in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. However, Ruffin, who was attempting to get back into the group by this time, crashed the show during Edwards’ lead on the song “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg.” Ruffin received great applause from the audience for his effort. This wasn’t just a one-time trick from Ruffin as he attempted to get back into the group. Over the next month, Ruffin crashed every one of the group’s shows and did the same thing. He received rousing applause every time. The people still loved David Ruffin. The group had no choice but to drop Edwards in place of Ruffin. Edwards was promised a solo deal from Motown for his efforts. Ruffin failed to show up for his very first return show with the group in Gathersburg, Maryland. The group had had enough of Ruffin. Edwards was brought back on to replace Ruffin permanently this time.




Edwards song lead on multiple Temptations hits including: Cloud Nine, I Can’t Get Next To You, Ball Of Confusion, Papa Was A Rolling Stone, and Shakey Ground. Cloud Nine and Papa Was A Rolling Stone won Grammy Awards.




Edwards remained with The Temptations until 1977 when he was fired by group member and founder, Otis Reading. The Temptations left Motown and Edwards went on to release a few solo efforts with Motown. Edwards without The Temptations was not working. The Temptations without Edwards was not working out much better either. Edwards reunited with the group in 1980 when The Temptations returned to Motown. Edwards and Ruffin finally got a chance to sing together during the groups reunion tour in 1982. By 1984, Edwards began missing shows and rehearsals and was replaced by Ollie Woodson.




During the 1990’s, Edwards began touring under the name ‘Dennis Edwards and The Temptations’, even though no other actual members of the group were on Edwards’ tour. A legal battle began between Edwards and Otis Williams. It was decided that Edwards’ group would be called “The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards.” Edwards group included Paul Williams Jr. (son of original member Paul Williams), David Sea, Mike Patillo, and Chris Arnold.




Dennis Edwards married Ruth Pointer in 1977. Edwards and Pointer went on to have a daughter, Issa. Issa Pointer went on to become a member of her mother’s group The Pointer Sisters.






“My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now. This too shall pass.” Democratic Rep John Conyers told a Detroit area radio show this morning as he announced that he was stepping down from his Congressional seat.




CNN (@cnn) reports, Conyers announced his retirement on Mildred Gaddis’ radio show in Detroit. Conyers endorsed his son to replace him in Congress. Pressure had been mounting for Conyers, who was hospitalized in Michigan late last month, to resign. Members of the Democratic leadership, including Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep Jim Clyburn, one of the elder members of the Congressional Black Caucus, all called on Conyers to step down. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan also called on Conyers to step down.




Last week, Marion Brown, a woman with whom Conyers had settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2005, appeared on NBC’s Today Show and said Conyers had “violated” her body, propositioned her for sex, and touched her inappropriately. The settlement was first reported by BuzzFeed News. Court documents also revealed that another staffer filed against Conyers in ’07, and later dropped a lawsuit against Conyers. She claimed that Conyers sexually harassed her in 2015 and 2016, while she was working for him.


A judge in Sanilac County, Michigan has awarded joint custody to a man accused of raping the girl when she was 12 years-old, the victim’s attorney says.



Local 4 WDIV News in Dteroit (@Local4News) reports that the alleged rapist and biological father was not on the child’s birth certificate. The woman was 12 years-old at the time the alleged rape took place. Her child is now 8 years-old. The mother says that she fears the man who allegedly raped her could have parental time with her son.



“He was conceived out of rape, but I don’t look at that. He’s my child. He’s a part of me. Not a part of him. I hope he never has any rights to him at all.”



The mother said when questioned about the situation. Now 21, the victim said she was raped by Christopher Mirasolo. Her attorney said, when the woman applied for State Aid, Sinilac County assistant prosecutor Eric Scott filed a motion to establish paternity and collect child support.



“He claims my client agreed to it, and even claimed she signed the judgement, and I’m like, ‘no she didn’t.’ I have it right here.” Said the woman’s attorney Rebecca Kiessling. Mirasolo pleaded guilty to attempted third degree sexual conduct. He served six months in jail. Mirasolo was later convicted for sexually assaulting another young girl. There is currently a motion sitting before judge Gregory Ross that he must decide on. Judge Ross could decided to grant joint legal custody to the father. Mirasolo’s attorney said the motion came as a complete surprise to them, and the motion was not something they filed for. She added that she’s not even sure if it’s something the father, Mirasolo wants. This motion was the actions of an eager prosecutor who clearly crossed some type of legal and moral boundaries. Another case of the law doing whatever they want to people who may not fully understand the law and its ramifications. The next hearing is set for the end of the month.