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Felicity Huffman chose to accept responsibility and take a guilty plea on Tuesday. The plea may keep Huffman out of prison. Lori Loughlin chose to take a different route. Even after the FBI promised that more charges would be coming against some defendants, Loughlin stuck to her guns. Turns out the feds weren’t bluffing. Late Tuesday Laughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli were slapped with a new money laundering charge. This is still connected to the college admissions scandal, but a money laundering charge crosses over into some heavier stuff that may lead to some prison time for the “Fuller House” actress and her husband.




Rolling Stone Magazine (@rollingstone) reported, Loughlin and her husband have been charged with a superseding indictment that is connected to the original indictment for the college admissions scandal. The superseding indictment charges Loughlin with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. The money laundering charge is the heavy one. That charge carries a maximum sentence of 20-years in prison. The original charges were basically a white collar crime. They were originally charged for funneling bribes to college admissions officials through a fake charity. Pretty immoral stuff, but on the scales of criminality the charge is pretty lightweight. The feds offered most of the defendants charged in the original indictment a plea deal in exchange for a guilty plea. Felicity Huffman and 12 others jumped on that opportunity yesterday. Loughlin didn’t….or either was late to the party. Either way, something that could’ve been light-work, has turned into something pretty heavy for Loughlin and her husband. Especially if Loughlin and hubby decide to go to trial. Those guilty pleas that the others took didn’t come for free. They will likely be cooperating witnesses in the case against Loughlin, in exchange for lighter prison sentences. Stay tuned. This is a story I will definitely be keeping an eye on.




After being arrested on Wednesday and charged with insider trading, Chris Collins defiantly gave a speech later that evening and proclaimed his innocence. Collins said the charges would not deter him from running for re-election for his congressional seat. Saturday morning, word spread that the Republican congressman from New York had changed his tune.

Collins released a statement regarding the suspension of his re-election bid that he posted to his Twitter page.

In true 2018 Republican fashion, Collins made sure to blame the Democrats for every problem in the world and his own transgressions before going on to speak about suspending his re-election campaign, and saying that he would serve out the rest of his current term. Collins also said he looks forward to fighting the “meritless” charges and clearing his good name of any wrongdoing.

Collins said what a person in his situation is supposed to say, as he attempts to exude confidence, but make no mistake about it….CHRIS COLLINS IS IN DEEP SH*T! And he knows it too.

Collins, his son Cameron, and the father of Cameron’s fiance, Stephen Zarsky, were all charged with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit securites fraud, and multiple counts of securities fraud. USA Today (@USAToday) reports, the charges stem from Collins’ association with a biotech company named Innate Immunotherapeutics, which Collins is heavily invested in. Collins has been reported to have been using his clout to attempt to get everyone he encounters to invest in the company. But that’s not where Collins’ legal troubles come from. Collins received inside information about a failed clinical test by the company. Because of his position in the company, Collins received this type of info before the general public. A negative clinical trial of the company’s flagship drug was certain to cause the value of the stock to dip. It’s hard to predict how substantial the drop in the stock price would have been. Collins didn’t wait to find out. He took the inside info and passed it along to his son and others, so they could sell their shares before the rest of the public investors in order to avoid huge losses. This is illegal. This is the very definition of insider trading. Collins and other members of his circle managed to sell 1.78 million shares of the stock before news of the failed trials were made public. The others were mostly family of Collins’ and his son’s fiancee. The Collins crime family avoided $768,600 worth of losses from the swing-move pulled by the congressman. To make matters worse, Chris Collins has also been charged with lying to the FBI about the whole thing.

The criminal case against Collins, his son, and Zarsky has multiple “unnamed co-defendants involved. There’s a possibility those unnamed co-conspirators could be charged at a later date. The unnamed defendants are likely the family members, which leaves open the nasty consideration of family taking the stand and testifying against one another in the hopes of leniency. There is also the possibility that some top level names in the company may be vulnerable to charges too. This is probably going to get very ugly before everything is said and done.






Three right-wing, Trump praising, “militia-men”, from rural Kansas were found guilty on Wednesday of a 2016 plot to slaughter Muslim refugees living in an apartment complex in Garden City.




The Huffington Post (@huffpost) reports, Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, and Curtis Allen were found guilty on charges of being in possession of, and making weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights. Wright was also found guilty on a charge of lying to the FBI. The defendants face a possible “life in prison” sentence when they go back for sentencing.




The jury reached their guilty verdict after shortly less than a day of deliberating. During closing arguments, in true Trumpian fashion, the defendants’ lawyers accused the FBI of overstepping and targeting the group because of rhetoric, that while hateful, was protected by the First Amendment.




The prosecution’s case depended largely on secret recordings of the group made by Dany Day, an FBI informant who masqueraded as a militia member. Day infiltrated the three men’s group for months as he recorded conversations of the group’s members. An undercover officer working on behalf of the FBI also met with Stein. The undercover cop posed as an arms dealer who shared the group’s anti-Muslim views and beliefs.




In court, jurors heard recording after recording of the men expressing a murderous hatred of Muslims, who they called cockroaches.




“The fucking cockroaches in this country have to go period. They are the fucking problem in this country right now. They are the threat in this country right now.” Said defendant Stein who went by the code name “Orkin Man.” In another recording, the men could be heard mapping out targets on Google Earth, dropping a “pin” labeled “cockroaches” over areas they knew to have a high Muslim population. They eventually settled on Garden City as their target. An apartment complex that is home to many Somali Muslim immigrants and the Mosque where they prayed.




The prosecution presented evidence that the men had started to collect explosive materials. According to the recordings made by Day, their plan was to detonate bombs at the apartment complex in November 2016. They wanted the explosions to occur during Muslim prayer times when more potential victims would be there. “Packed in like Sardines” was how defendant Stein put it. He said he hoped the bomb’s shockwaves would “make Jello of their insides.” Now, Stein better hope somebody doesn’t make Jello of his insides and bootyhole in prison!










One of the former stars of HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley has been charged with calling 911 to falsely claim that a woman traveling on the same train he was, had a bomb in her luggage. The Associated Press (@AP) reports, Federal prosecutors in Connecticut say actor T.J. Miller was released on $100,000 bond after an initial appearance in federal court in New Haven on Tuesday. Miller was arrested some time on Monday.




Prosecutors say Miller called in the false bomb information on March 18th after getting into a verbal confrontation with a woman on a train traveling from Washington D.C. to New York. The train was stopped in Westport, Connecticut, where it was searched. No explosives or explosive devices were found on the train.