Johnny Bobbitt Jr., the homeless man who admitted helping a New Jersey couple run a GoFundMe scam that pulled in more than $400,000, was sentenced to 5-years probation on Friday. Bobbitt Jr. won’t go free just yet. Last month he pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering in federal court. He has not yet been sentenced in the fed case.







NBC News (@NBCnews) reported, Bobbitt’s guilty plea stems from a plan concocted by a New Jersey couple back in 2017. In November of that year, Kate McClure and her then boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, created a GoFundMe account they said would help a homeless man, after he allegedly gave McClure the last $20 he had so she could get gas, after her car had allegedly broken down on the highway and left her stranded. Prosecutors say that was when the couple recruited Bobbitt, who actually was homeless at the time, to play the homeless hero who gave McClure the last $20 he had to his name, so she could make it home safely. The story of generosity tugged at the heartstrings of the general public. In just a couple of weeks the GoFundMe campaign had raised over $400,000. Things were all good until Bobbitt decided to file a lawsuit against the couple claiming that he’d never received any of the money, and that the couple were using the funds as their personal piggy bank to finance a life of luxury and luxurious trips around the world. The couple didn’t take the claims lying down. They made some claims of their own. Saying Bobbitt was a strung out drug addict who’d basically smoked/shot up all of the money they gave him. They claimed to be holding the rest of the money for him until he cleaned himself up. Because the feud and the case was so highly publicized, the law decided to take a peek at the case. That’s when the couple’s scam was discovered.







McClure got hit with a conspiracy to commit wire fraud charge by the feds. She pleaded guilty and is currently staring down the barrel of a 20-year prison bid when she goes back for sentencing. She’s also allegedly about to get hit by the state with a theft and conspiracy charge. Those charges have not officially been filed yet though. D’Amico made out a little better than his ex-girlfriend. He escaped a fed charge. The feds decided not to charge him. But he does have a theft and conspiracy charge in the state pending. D’Amico has not pleaded guilty to the charges. As of now, he’s going to fight it. He has publicly denied any wrongdoing from the start.





A few days ago a video of a 10-year old boy hit social media. In the video the child, who was clearly shaken by being bullied at school, tried to express how being bullied made him feel, and the pain it caused him. The 10-year old boy explained in-between sobs, how he was bullied simply for being different from everyone else.




Video courtesy: PHP/YouTube

Keaton’s video was received with compassion from every corner of the Internet almost immediately. The video went viral. Even stars were quickly lining up to throw support behind the child. Keaton’s mom “allegedly” opened a GoFundMe account that quickly jumped up above $50,000. Little Keaton was a “feel good” story that everyone could get behind. Bullying is wrong. Nobody should be bullied, especially for a reason as ridiculous as simply “being different.” That would’ve been a great end to the story, and a great lesson that everyone could learn….taught to us by a 10-year old child. BUT, this is 2017. In 2017, the world won’t allow us to have nice things. Shortly after celebrities began reaching out to Keaton’s mother, questions about her sincerity and motivation behind a GoFundMe account arose. Not too long after that, the mother’s Facebook page was discovered. The page was discovered to have some post that could be taken as racist on it. Along with pictures of mother and friends displaying Confederate flags. One post from Keaton’s mom page read:




“Dear butt hurt Americans,


If you aren’t bleeding, no bones are sticking out & you can breathe, STOP crying! For the love, some folks clearly never picked a switch. And before ya’ll start talking to me about metaphorical, emotional, financial, or historical blood & brokeness, DON’T join a group.”




Mama’s message and stance seems to clearly contradict that of her bullied son. You have to wonder what she would’ve told a child that had been bullied if it wasn’t her son. Mother’s post and pictures on her page made some people wondered if Keaton was bullied, or just put in his place for doing something like……….calling a black person the N-word. Some celebrities took back their offers to do this & that for the bullied child, and some celebrities stood by their initial offers. Social media, in general is all over the place on the subject. Some blame the mother, some blame the child, some blame the “bullies.” Throughout all of the wondering, guessing, and “think-pieces” on the subject, one thing is crystal clear….everyone has an opinion on this topic. What’s yours?


keaton's mom