Douglas County, Kansas




A Douglas County District Judge sentenced 23-year old Albert N. Wilson to over 12-years (147 months) in prison after Wilson was convicted of rape. The judge followed up the sentence with a lifetime of supervised release, and ordered Wilson to register as a sex offender after his release.




The Lawrence Journal World ( reported, the 12-years in prison was the low end of the sentencing guidelines for the charge, and also taking into consideration that Wilson, who was a student at the University Of Kansas at the time, had no prior criminal record. Wilson’s court appointed attorney, Forrest Lowry, asked that the judge depart from the sentencing guidelines and grant Wilson probation or a prison sentence substantially lower than the 12-years the judge suggested. The judge denied the request. Wilson was convicted by a jury on a charge of rape by force or fear on January 10th. Here are the circumstances jurors used to come up with their decision, and the judge used as justification not to depart from sentencing guidelines:




Back in 2010, Wilson, then 20-years old, and the victim, then 17-years old, were inside a bar drinking. Wilson used a friends’ ID to sneak into the bar. The victim was not carded at all and allowed to enter the premises and drink. The two met while in line waiting to enter the “Boom Boom Room”, a crowded dance floor in the basement of the bar. The victim stated that she’d been drinking beforehand. She said Wilson began lifting her skirt while the two danced on the dancefloor. At some point, the victim and Wilson left the bar together and headed back to his house a few blocks away. The victim stated that when they got to the house, Wilson attempted to have sex with her, at which point she told him “No, I’m too drunk, I can’t do this.”. It was then, the victim testified, that Wilson held her down and raped her. The victim says afterward she went back to the bar. The next day she went to the hospital with her cousin for a sexual assault examination. Wilson testified that he thought the witness wanted to have sex with him. Wilson testified that the two never ended up having sexual intercourse. They only engaged in “sexual acts”. The victim testified that Wilson had intercourse with her. DNA evidence supported Wilson’s claims of no sexual intercourse. The state argued that photos from the sexual assault exam at the hospital the next day corroborated the victim’s claims that Wilson held down and bruised her legs while raping her.




At sentencing, the judge said Wilson had “robbed the victim of the person she would go on to become.” And added that “What he did to her violated and changed her.” The judge also called Wilson’s behavior “predatory.”











Three right-wing, Trump praising, “militia-men”, from rural Kansas were found guilty on Wednesday of a 2016 plot to slaughter Muslim refugees living in an apartment complex in Garden City.




The Huffington Post (@huffpost) reports, Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, and Curtis Allen were found guilty on charges of being in possession of, and making weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights. Wright was also found guilty on a charge of lying to the FBI. The defendants face a possible “life in prison” sentence when they go back for sentencing.




The jury reached their guilty verdict after shortly less than a day of deliberating. During closing arguments, in true Trumpian fashion, the defendants’ lawyers accused the FBI of overstepping and targeting the group because of rhetoric, that while hateful, was protected by the First Amendment.




The prosecution’s case depended largely on secret recordings of the group made by Dany Day, an FBI informant who masqueraded as a militia member. Day infiltrated the three men’s group for months as he recorded conversations of the group’s members. An undercover officer working on behalf of the FBI also met with Stein. The undercover cop posed as an arms dealer who shared the group’s anti-Muslim views and beliefs.




In court, jurors heard recording after recording of the men expressing a murderous hatred of Muslims, who they called cockroaches.




“The fucking cockroaches in this country have to go period. They are the fucking problem in this country right now. They are the threat in this country right now.” Said defendant Stein who went by the code name “Orkin Man.” In another recording, the men could be heard mapping out targets on Google Earth, dropping a “pin” labeled “cockroaches” over areas they knew to have a high Muslim population. They eventually settled on Garden City as their target. An apartment complex that is home to many Somali Muslim immigrants and the Mosque where they prayed.




The prosecution presented evidence that the men had started to collect explosive materials. According to the recordings made by Day, their plan was to detonate bombs at the apartment complex in November 2016. They wanted the explosions to occur during Muslim prayer times when more potential victims would be there. “Packed in like Sardines” was how defendant Stein put it. He said he hoped the bomb’s shockwaves would “make Jello of their insides.” Now, Stein better hope somebody doesn’t make Jello of his insides and bootyhole in prison!






Authorities arrested a 25-year old California man in connection with a “swatting” prank call that led to the death of an innocent 28-year old man from Kansas. Authorities say the 28-year old man was shot and killed by SWAT officers when they showed up to his Kansas home responding to a call that a man had his family help captive inside at gunpoint.




The Huffington Post (@huffpost) reports, Tyler Barriss (pictured in photo) was taken into custody Friday in Los Angeles on suspicion of making up a story about a shooting and hostage situation at a Wichita, Kansas address halfway across the Country. ABC Los Angeles reported that a man by the same name was arrested back in 2015 for almost the same thing. In that incident it was for making a prank bomb threat. It’s not clear yet if that was the same Tyler Barriss, chances are, it is.




Relatives identified the deceased 28-year old man as Andrew Finch, who police confirm was unarmed. Deputy Wichita police Chief Troy Livingston said the incident was the result of “swatting”, a type of hoax associated with online gamers, where someone makes up a story and makes an emergency call designed to draw large numbers of police to a specific address.  In this call, the caller claimed to be a man who said that he had just shot his father in the head because of an argument he had with his mother. The caller claimed to be holding his mother and siblings hostage. He also said he was considering dousing the home with gasoline and setting the place on fire.




Mr. Finch opened the door to a swarm of  police shortly before they arrived. Livingston said officers repeatedly gave him verbal commands to raise his hands and walk toward them, officers say Finch lowered his hands. And you know the rest. A man who was clearly surprised to see a large police presence outside of his house when he hadn’t done anything wrong, and a bunch of cops juiced up on adrenaline from the depths of a reported hostage situation, is always the recipe for a disaster. That’s exactly what happened here. A senseless disaster.




The incident and subsequent call, is reportedly the result over an argument during an online game of “Call Of Duty” between two players. Here’s the crazy part…..Mr. Finch had nothing to do with the argument at all. Mr. Finch didn’t even play video games. What happened was, the two arguing parties took their online beef to Twitter. After calling each other out, one man gave the other his address…..which wasn’t actually his address. It was the address of Mr. Finch, who the man did not even know. From there, the other gamer figured that he would get his revenge by having the other gamer’s house “swatted”, leading to the death of Mr. Finch……an innocent man.