In a hearing in a federal courtroom on Wednesday morning, U.S. District Court Judge, Federico Moreno said Kodak Black was a “danger to the community” based on his long rap sheet. Minutes later, the judge ruled that Kodak will remain detained until his trial.




Kodak Black was arrested earlier this month right before he was set to perform at Rolling Loud Miami. He was booked on charges related to falsifying information to purchase (at least) three firearms. A judge initially set Kodak’s bond at $550,000. Prosecutors appealed that judge’s decision. On Wednesday morning, a federal judge sided with prosecutors and ruled that Kodak will be held without bail until his trial date.




“I’m very concerned with the type of guns he wanted to get a hold of, and that he has a prior criminal history. He was out on bond (on another case) and he committed an offense.” U.S District Judge Federico Moreno said from the bench according to The Miami Herald @MiamiHerald.



Prosecutors allege that one of the guns Kodak purchased when he falsified the info, was connected to a shooting that took place in March. According to the feds, Kodak’s fingerprints were found on the gun that was left at the scene of the crime. No one was hit in the shooting. A Porsche Panamera that was seen at the scene of the crime was later found abandoned nearby. No word yet on if the Porsche was also connected to the rapper. Chances are, it probably will, when the prosecution releases all of the evidence related to the case, or when it comes up at trial, otherwise the Porsche likely wouldn’t have been mentioned at all.







Rapper,Kodak Black has found himself in more hot water after allegedly being arrested at the U.S./ Canada border on drug and weapons charges. Kodak Black was reportedly driving in a Cadillac Escalade that had temporary tags on the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge when he was pulled over.




According to TMZ (@tmz), Kodak was the driver of the Caddy. When the vehicle was searched police found some weed (amount not disclosed) and a 9mm pistol that no one claimed. The Escalade was followed by a Porsche that allegedly contained three more individuals of Kodak’s team. That vehicle contained weed and two more loaded handguns. The driver of the Porsche claimed the weapons and was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana.




Kodak Black was allegedly on his way to Boston for a show at The House Of Blues where he was slated to perform on Wednesday night. Kodak’s team was forced to cancel the performance after he did not show and they could not get in touch with him. Fans that had been waiting to see the rapper were disappointed…to say the least. Kodak Black is being held on a $20,000 cash bail. As of Thursday morning, the rapper was still in custody.



Bill K. Kapri is a free man. I know you’re asking, “who the hell is Bill Kapri?” That’s your boy Kodak, who legally changed his name while he was in the bing.

Florida local news station, WPLG Local 10 News (@WPLGLocal10) reported, Kodak Black walked out of jail early Saturday morning and hopped into a black Bentley sport utility vehicle without saying much to the hordes of media that awaited him outside the jail.

I don’t really talk too much” was all Kodak had to say to the press before he jumped in the Bentley truck and reportedly made his way to his mothers’ house to see his son.

Kodak Black pled guilty to possession of a firearm by a felon. He reportedly used his time behind bars wisely, earning his G.E.D and participating in other programs. While this chapter of his legal battles are over, Kodak still has a pending case in South Carolina. That one is for an alleged sexual assault. No word yet on when he will be headed to the studio, but fans of the 21-year old rap star is hoping it will be soon.






Rapper Kodak Black has been sentenced to serve 364-days in jail. On the surface, it sounds a little heavy. A year is a long time. Not as much as say 20 or 30, but still a long time to be away from your friends, family, and loved ones. Kodak Black is probably seeing his 1-year jail sentence as a blessing right about now. Especially when you think about what type of numbers he could’ve been hit with.




Kodak Black was arrested on charges of gun and weed possession, and also neglecting a child. Today before being sentenced, all of those charges were tossed out by a judge. Kodak kind of brought the charges on himself when he posted an Instagram Live video back in January that appeared to show people smoking weed and packing guns in the same room an infant was in. Somebody called the police, and you know the rest. Most of the charges stemming from the raid on Kodak’s house were dropped. Kodak ended up being sentenced for a violation of probation for driving on a suspended license and associating with known felon involved or engaged in criminal activity. The violation was what earned Kodak the 364-day jail sentence. Kodak black was arrested in January and credited with time served. He will be eligible for release in about six months. A huge difference in what type of time he would’ve been looking at had he got convicted of the weapons, weed, and child endangerment charges. The best news about all of this for Kodak, is that when he’s released in six months he will be a free man. When he finishes this year in jail, his probation will be done. Kodak Black will be hitting the streets in six months without the worry of any type of court supervision. I don’t know about you, but I consider six months behind bars a fair trade off in order to regain your freedom from the claws of the Justice System again. What Kodak does with his freedom this time around will be up to him.