Los Angeles, CA




Soulja Boy was taken into custody and held without bail after a courtroom appearance on Thursday morning. Soulja Boy was already on probation from a weapons case back in 2014. A few months ago, Soulja caught another charge when the police raided his home and found some ammunition a few months ago. Soulja Boy was out on bail as he awaited trial for that case, until he was taken into custody yesterday.




TMZ (@tmz) reported, Soulja was taken into custody after a probation hearing in an L.A. courtroom. The judge determined that Soulja Boy had violated his probation in numerous ways. One was for not completing his court-ordered community service. The second was for conspiring to falsify evidence saying that he had completed it. And the third was for the ammunition they found during the raid, considering that once he was convicted for the weapons charge back in 2014, he was likely prohibited from owning a firearm or ammunition. I’m guessing that the judge just threw that last one in there for kicks. Soulja boy has not been convicted on the ammunition charge yet. That case is still pending. How can a judge say he violated probation for being in possession of ammunition, when he hasn’t even been convicted of it yet? Just because you’re charged with a crime, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to be convicted of that crime. That’s what trials are for. Anyway, I’m guessing the judge already knows this, and just threw that charge in there to make the violation look a little more justifiable. Soulja Boy is being held without bail. He has a hearing scheduled for April 30th, at which time I’m guessing he will be released. The judge likely wanted to sit him down for a few weeks to show him that court hearings are real….. I guess…. Who knows what goes on in a judge’s mind when they do things like this?