Anthony Davis heading to L.A to join forces with Lebron James was a big deal, but the NBA free agency news that every fan was waiting on was, where is Kawhi Leonard going to sign? Every sports analyst claimed to have some “inside information” that no one else in the world had knowledge of. Most of this “insider information” pointed in the direction of Kawhi joining Lebron and A.D on the Lakers, or Kawhi resigning with the Raptors, who allegedly even had rapper Drake trying to tempt the all-star to stay in Toronto with a “producer’s credit” on his upcoming album. I don’t recall the Clippers’ name ever even being mentioned among all of the “expert” speculation. Unlike most current NBA players, Kawhi kept his decision to himself. More importantly, he’s clearly surrounded by a team of supporters who are not willing to leak information for a little fame. (A rare thing in today’s world.)




The new rumor is now that “Kawhi never really wanted to play with A.D. and Lebron on the Lakers”, he wanted to play against them. According to new rumors circulating around “the net” this morning, Kawhi informed Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, that if the Clippers could find a way to get Paul George over there, he was definitely coming to the Clippers. A thing that’s being reported today, but I’ve never heard reported prior to this morning. Long story short, Kawhi and Paul George will be playing in L.A next season. A thing that makes for a strong argument that the Clippers may be the best team in L.A even though the Lake Show have A.D and Lebron. If the Clippers can hold on to some of last season’s players like Pat Beverly, Lou Williams, and Montrezl Harrel…..I agree with the people who say the Clippers are the best NBA team in L.A with Kawhi and Paul George.




The LA Clippers have traded point guard Austin Rivers to the Washington Wizards for Center Marcin Gortat. ESPN’S Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) was first to break the news late this afternoon. Rivers played in and started 61 games for the Clippers in the 2017-2018 season and averaged 15.1 pts per game and 4 assist. Gortat played in and started all 82 games for the Wizards last season and averaged 8.4 pts and 7.6 rebounds per game.


Aberdeen, Maryland


Former NBA player Glen Davis has come a long way from his glory days in the league. The former Boston Celtic and LA Clippers player was arrested in a Maryland Hotel last month and charged with drug possession and distribution. Davis was arrested on Feb 7th at the Hampton Inn in Aberdeen. ESPN (@espn) reported, that it was the smell of marijuana that got Davis in trouble. When the owner of the hotel smelled the aroma of something good in the air, his investigation led him to Davis’ room. The owner called the cops. When officers ran up in the room they found Davis, about a quarter pound of weed, and around $92,000 in cash. Davis was arrested and later charged with seven (7) counts of drug possession and distribution. What’s strange to me is the amount of weed recovered in relation to the amount of money recovered. Doesn’t that seem a little strange to you? 125 grams of weed is not that much herb. There are probably people who smoke that much in a few days. Why did he have so much money in the room when he was dealing with an amount of weed that small? Maybe he sold some before 5-0 ran up in the spot? But why have that type of money up in the hotel with you if that was the case? I don’t know…..maybe he was waiting on a customer to come through and buy the last quarter pound. Maybe he was up in the hotel slangin’ nicks and dimes. Either way, Big Baby got himself caught up in some mess. I still find it amazing that people who were making millions of dollars just a few short years earlier turn to illegal means of obtaining money so quickly after they leave the league. Why not invest in stocks or sell stuff on Ebay or something? Anything has to be better than having to spend MORE MONEY to fight a dummy case and have to pay to bail yourself out of jail because of a case you caught while trying to make some money. That seems like hustling backwards to me. Remember that Biggie Smalls lyric “Time to contemplate, damn, where did I fail? All the money I stacked, was all the money for bail.”