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Dates for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s OTR 2 tour have been announced. The United Sates leg of the tour will begin this summer. Starting in Cleveland on July 25th. The duo will be making their way down to Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly on the 30th. If you’re reading this it’s probably too late! Just kidding. Pre-sale tickets went on sale March 14th. Tickets will be available for the general public to purchase on Monday March 19th (tomorrow). A quick Google search showed that a ticket will probably cost you in a range from $111 (200 level) to around $2940 (front row VIP). Tickets will probably sell quickly, so chances are, if you don’t get yours in the next few days, you probably won’t be going. Good luck in the ticket search.



As a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, I know for a fact the Birds are one of the most hated franchises in football. It’s not as much the team that’s hated, as it is the fans. There are very few fan bases that come close to matching the intensity of Eagles fans.(The Oakland Raiders are one of the first that comes to mind.) Eagles fans and rowdy behavior have a long history that goes way back to the 60’s when Santa Claus (allegedly) got belted with snowballs by Eagles fans. People may not remember, but I recall something like that happening again in the 80’s. Then there was that time Dallas Cowboys players and coaches were belted with batteries thrown from the stands by angry Eagles fans. Then there was the time Eagles fans cheered as Dallas WR Michael Irvin lay completely still on the very unforgiving Veterans Stadium turf after being slammed on his neck. It was feared that Irvin may be paralyzed while laying on the turf and not moving at all, but Eagles fans still cheered Irving’s injury. And, there were the multiple, multiple, multiple accounts of fans from other teams’ coming down to the Vet and getting their asses whipped by drunken Eagles fans up in the 700 level at the Vet. It got so bad, that in the latter years of the Vet, they created a criminal court below the stadium for offenders. Yup, everybody hates Philly fans. But, fans have been mostly on good behavior since the opening of Lincoln Financial Field way back in 2003. New stadium, new attitude, right? No, not really. Eagles fans are still as rowdy and belligerent as ever. Ask 22-year old Taylor Hendricks.




Action News on 6abc (@6abc) reports, Taylor Hendricks was ejected from Saturday’s Eagles-Falcons game. On his way out he decided to punch a police horse in the face as he walked down Pattison Avenue in South Philly. Police charged the 22-year old with assaulting a police horse. WHY TAYLOR? Philadelphia was just starting to get over the image of being an out of control and belligerent fan base, and then you want to go and do this? Who am I kidding? Philly has never shed its image and reputation for being out of control fans, and probably never will. The night of the game, I saw a video posted on Twitter of two Eagles fans engaging in sexual acts out in the open on the Subway as they made their way home from the game. Imagine what will happen in the city if we actually win a Super Bowl? Hate it or love it, this is us! This is who we were, are now, and probably will be moving forward. If you don’t like it, don’t come here as a visiting fan of another team (horses too!), anybody is likely to get that work! In his press conference, Minnesota Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer suggested that Vikings fans should come to Philadelphia and invade Lincoln Financial Field. Yeah, you might want to think twice about that strategy Mike! Ask Santa Claus, visiting teams fans (especially Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants), and that horse that got punched in the face on Pattison Avenue about visiting fans coming to invade The Linc. Not promoting violence, or even saying violence is ever an acceptable solution to anything, BUT as a visiting fan of another team, COME TO PHILLY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


eagles fans


Respect is earned not given! This was the message that Eagles players held onto all week leading up to last night’s NFC Divisional Playoff matchup against the red hot Atlanta Falcons. The #1 seed Philadelphia Eagles were underdogs against the #6 seeded Atlanta Falcons…..at home! That was about as disrespectful as disrespect could possibly get. Yes, the Birds are without starting QB Carson Wentz, who likely would’ve been MVP this year if not for a late season injury, but, as big of a factor that Carson Wentz was in the Eagles 13-3 record and number seed in the NFL playoffs, he didn’t do it alone. Now, because Wentz is out, the Birds are suddenly underdogs against a number 6 seed who barely snuck into the playoffs? Yeah, that was disrespectful, that was very disrespectful!




Before we get into anything else, let’s be clear about this: THE EAGLES DID NOT PLAY A GREAT GAME. Just our luck, we were 5 points better than the Falcons…..on that day. I believe that the Eagles would’ve lost that game last night against any other NFC team still left in the playoffs. (Saints, Vikings) But, the Birds were good enough to beat the Falcons last night. Especially the defense. Julio Jones had 9 receptions for 101 yards, and Tevin Coleman had 79 rushing yards on 10 carries, but the Eagles still held the Falcons high-powered offense to just 10 points. Looking at the game, and seeing the stats, are two different things. Because a lot of the night Tevin Coleman and Julio Jones seemed unstoppable. The Falcons seemed to move the ball up and down the field at will. The fact that they only came out of this game with just 10 points is amazing, and a major credit to the defense, especially the d-line.




The Eagles offense was not actually as terrible as it looked at times. Nick Foles was an efficient 23/30 for 246 passing yards, and more importantly 0 interceptions. Foles connected with 8 different receivers in the game. RB Jay Ajayi rushed for 54 yards on 15 carries. The stats looked pretty good on paper, but the game didn’t look that way a lot of the time. Foles looked very shaky early on, but in the 2nd half he seemed to settle down and find a little groove. Foles was actually not really that terrible, although I think we would be having a very different conversation if Matt Ryan had completed that final pass in the end zone to Julio Jones. But, he didn’t, and the Eagles pulled out a scrappy 15-10 win at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly.




Lats night showed how important having the number one seed in the playoffs really is. The fans down at the Linc were out of their minds. The noise bothered the Falcons offense many times over the course of the game. The Eagles will have that home field advantage once again next week when they play the winner of the Saints/Vikings matchup. Yesterday’s game against the Falcons was an ugly affair. But as crazy as this may sound, an ugly game seems to work in favor of the Eagles at this point. If yesterday’s game had gone the way Atlanta had hoped it would (wide open and high scoring), the Eagles wouldn’t have had a chance. Before yesterday’s game, saying that the Eagles could possibly make it to the Super Bowl with Nick Foles at QB probably sounded stupid. This morning, being just one win away from that wild dream becoming a reality doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. In an ugly game, at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly, the Eagles can actually pull out a win against the Saints or the Vikings. Call me crazy, but I really believe this. I predict an all PA Super Bowl this year! STEELERS VS EAGLES