THE BOUJEE CIRCLE (episode-1) by Kareem Rahman *extended preview*


42 year-old, Ashley Jackson had it all. The million dollar home, the hundred thousand dollar car, a closet full of name brand clothes and shoes, the ability to afford luxury shopping sprees and exotic vacations, great friends who shared the same tax bracket she did, and most importantly, a thriving job that she loved. My bad, Ashley didn’t have a job. Ashley had a career. Big difference. Ashley’s official title was Munincipal Judge Ashley Jackson. Ashley was a judge at Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center. Judge Jackson’s court was held in courtroom 723. Judge Jackson mostly presided over criminal cases. Ashley loved her job. She was one of a few people in the world who’s job made a direct impact on her community. In her hands, Ashley held the power to decide an individual’s fate. She could decide if an individual deserved to live amongst law-abiding citizens or not. Ashley took this responsibility and her job very seriously. It was her, who might be standing between a criminal charged with a small crime, not being able to go back to the streets and commit a bigger one, that might hurt more people. Since the very first day Asley put that black robe on, she’d been on a personal mission to clean up the streets of Philadelphia. Ashley’s personal mission helped to make her one of the most hated judges in the city… criminals. Ashley was loved by everyone else. She was looked at as a role model. Here, you had this black woman, attempting to clean up the same neighborhoods that she had grown up in. Ashley’s perception of a role model had managed to make her millions of dollars outside of her well paying job. Ashley was also a 4-time, New York Times best-selling author. Ashley was frequently booked to speak at events and conferences. Especially at events for black women. Ashley was frequently the headliner at these events. She was a woman who had made her way on her own. Ashley worked two jobs throughout her time at college and law school. Her motto was “if someone like me can do it, why can’t you?” Ashley’s other big source of income was her YouTube channel. Ashley posted bi-weekly podcast type shows. Sometimes she invited her friends or other successful women on as guest. Sometimes Ashley just talked about the issues facing the black community and its citizens. Either way, Ashley’s videos always got over 10 million hits, in a very short amount of time. Two days tops. Ashley’s good looks may have had a lot to do with her commercial success, but it was her career success that people respected, even the criminals who tried to avoid courtroom 723 at all cost. It was a known fact by every criminal and every criminal attorney in the city, that if a person went in front of Judge Ashley Jackson, and lost, she was throwing the book at them. No exceptions. This kind of threw criminals off who didn’t know of Ashley’s reputation and had the unpleasant pleasure of standing before her for the first time. What men saw when they looked at Ashley, was anything but the type of black woman that would hit you with a 20-40 year prison sentence without batting an eye. Especially if you appeared in front of her for illegally possessing a firearm, any type of drug distribution charge, or anything having to do with violence, especially domestic violence. What most dudes saw when they went before Judge Ashley Jackson, was the chick they would try to holla’ at in a crowded night club. Ashley was 42 years-old, but she damn sure didn’t look like it. Ashley didn’t look a day over 24, and she carried herself in this way sometimes….especially when she had that Henny up in her system.


Ashley may have had it going on in the career department, but her personal life was a totally different story. To Ashley’s friends, she looked like a happy camper, but Ashley Jackson was anything but happy. Having a career like Ashley had took sacrifice. Ashley had sacrificed a lot to live the kind of life she was currently blessed with. Including a meaningful relationship and kids. Ashley was very single and had no kids. Ashley had only had two pregnancy scares in her whole life, and both times she knew that she was just wishing on a star. Ashley always told people that a husband and kids were things that meant very little to her, but that was a bold-faced lie. Ashley would gladly trade her career for a soulmate and a few kids in a heartbeat. Ashley wasn’t single because she couldn’t get a man either. Men fought each other just for the opportunity to get a little bit of Ashley’s time and attention. Ashley was single because she reaaaaaaly cared about what people thought of her, especially her circle of friends. Trying to live up to what Ashley believed was acceptable to her friends, was one of the main reasons that Ashley was single right now. Ashley feared that any man she got involved with would fail to meet the ridiculously high standards her circle of friends had set for themselves, without a single word about it needing to be said. Actions spoke a lot louder than words, and Ashley’s circle of friends actions had set the standards for male companionship very high.




Miranda, the baby in Ashley’s circle of friends, was a 29 year-old successful real-estate agent. Fresh out of college at the age of 22 years-old, and with no clear direction for her life, Miranda had an encounter, that was supposed to be a one-night stand, with a man named Randolph who she met at a night club during a night of heavy drinking and partying. Randolph instantly fell in love with Miranda. The two moved in together, because……..why not? Miranda wasn’t doing shit else. Turns out, Randolph was the realtor to the stars. Every athlete, politician, and entertainer in the tri-state area who was in search of a multi-million dollar home went to see Mr. Randolph Scott. Miranda wanted a piece of the action the moment she realized who Randolph was. He was her opportunity to become a resident on “Easy Street” for the rest of her life. Miranda asked Randolph to teach her the business. He did her one better. Randolph told Miranda that he would make her a partner in his real-estate empire if she would marry him. The decision to say yes wasn’t a hard one for Miranda. Seven years later, the two were still happily married, with two kids, and known as the King and Quenn of real-estate In all of P.A, South Jersey, and major parts of New York City.




Brittney was the outspoken member of the group. Brittney was the one that wasn’t afraid to say what everybody else was thinking……even if her words hurt a person’s feelings, which they usually did. Brittney had traveled the conventional road to obtain her wealth……she married into it. Marrying into wealth wasn’t as easy as it sounded. Brittney didn’t marry an already wealthy man. Brittney married her husband after he obtained his wealth, but she had been dating him for ten years straight before that. Brittney was married to Eric Easley. Eric was a former all-star shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks. Eric’s road to the NBA had not been an easy one, and Brittney had been by his side, every step of the way. Eric was not a highly recruited prospect coming out of high school. He was a walk on at a D-2 college. After playing for four years with below average stats, Eric was on no pro team’s radar. Getting drafted by an NBA team was out of the question. The only option Eric could see, if he hoped to continue pursuing his dream of playing in the NBA, was to head across seas. Eric packed up and asked his high school sweetheart, Brittney to come with. Brittney, a recent college grad, had just landed a sweet gig at a tech company. The company had actually pursued Brittney. Her computer programming and developing skills were sought after before she even graduated college. Val-Tech, the company Brittney went to work for, was growing at a rapid pace. There was plenty of opportunity for advancement in the company. Brittney signed on with an $85,000/year salary, a company car (current year BMW that was upgraded every year), and a luxury condominium, all paid for by Val-Tech. Brittney left it all to head to Italy with Eric in pursuit of his dreams. Life in Italy turned out to be anything but a dream for the couple. Brittney drained her savings account in less than three months. Her money wasn’t spent on luxury items, and she damn sure wasn’t living in excess. Brittney’s money was spent on necessities. Brittney drained her savings account just trying to keep her head above water. There was rent, groceries…….and Eric. Eric wasn’t working. Going across seas had not been as simple as just going and playing somewhere. Eric was attempting to walk-on to a team. He had to try-out for a squad, and so far he’d been having no success at all. Eric claimed that he couldn’t work because he needed to train all day and be ready when his opportunity came. Eric was doing everything except working out and training, Brittney kind of new it, but she footed the bill for the couple anyway. Eric always claimed that he needed this and that. Basketball sneakers and gear. Not the cheap stuff either. Eric also made a habit of needing to look fly every single time he left the house. His weekly clothing tab was more than the couples’ rent, groceries, and bills combined. Damn near every night, Eric went out. He claimed that he needed to be in the mix of the night-life if he hoped to make some contacts that might be able to help him get on a team. That was what Eric told Brittney. Of course it was all bullshit. Brittney knew what the truth was, even though she didn’t want to admit it. Eric was out there partying and whoring every night…..and she was paying for all of it! Brittney made money by offering website building services online. She worked all day and night, building websites for clients at rock-bottom prices. For the quality of her work, and the name Brittney had build up for herself, the low prices she charged were beneath her. Brittney felt dirty for doing this type of work at these prices. She felt like a prostitute. She was creeping like she was cheating on someone. This was embarrassing to Brittney. This was definitely a low point in her life. Brittney had been forced to sell herself short so she could finance Eric’s dreams of playing professional basketball. A dream that was looking more and more like it was just that…..a dream, and not ever going to be a reality. As Brittney thought about the sacrifices that she was making, and the thought of Eric out there cheating on her, Brittney became more and more pissed off. She resented Eric. Brittney had no proof of Eric’s infidelities, but just the thought of being played for a sucker was enough to make Brittney want to bounce. And that’s exactly what she did…..or tried to do. Brittney packed her bags and called a taxi to come and take her to the airport one night while Eric was out partying. As luck would have it, Eric arrived at the couples’ modest studio apartment before the taxi did. Eric begged for another chance before Brittney even had the chance to say anything. He realized that he was busted, and the gig was up. Eric had no pride or swag in his mannerisms as he cried and begged for another chance. He said that he would be faithful from now on. Eric also promised Brittney that he would be signed to a team and be able to take care of the both of them soon. Eric told Brittney that if he wasn’t signed to a team in the next three months, he would not try to stop her if she still wanted to bounce.


Eric was a man of his word. He stopped bullshitting and got down to business for real. He seeked out an agent the very next day after begging for Brittney’s forgiveness. Eric’s new agent came through almost immediately. He got Eric a tryout with “Dinarro Basket Sassari” basketball team. Eric impressed the coaches at tryouts, and manged to make the cut and be added to the team’s fifteen man roster. Eric signed a i-year contract with the team that paid him the league minimum, $5000/month. Eric was also buried deep on the bench. Dinarro Sassari had stars on the squad. Eric was signed as no more than a “break in case of emergency” player. He wasn’t signed to actually see any significant playing time. About three weeks into the new season, the team’s plans for Eric changed. Four of the team’s star players went down with injuries. Four missing stars, changed the team’s rotation, especially since two of the injured players played Eric’s position. Eric was added to the regular rotation. Not only was Eric added to the regular rotation, he was inserted into the starting two guard position. Eric took full advantage of the opportunity. In his very first start with the team, Eric dropped 48 points and added 8 assist and 12 rebounds. The coaches quickly found out that Eric’s scoring explosion wasn’t a fluke. Eric scored 40 points or more in 10 of the teams next 11 games, and led the squad deep into the playoffs before his team was eliminated. Eric had only been signed to a 1- year contract. And that contract was signed before the team really knew Eric’s worth. Dinarro Sassari wasn’t the only team in Italy who knew Eric’s worth anymore. Every team in the league had saw Eric in action. Eric now held all of the cards. A bidding was for Eric broke out in the off-season. Eric was definitely going to make 6-figures next season, no matter where he signed. The couple would be able to finally breathe a little bit, with a six-figure a year check coming in. Eric was about to get paid! Strangely, Eric wasn’t happy. He wasn’t even sure about playing in Italy anymore. Italian teams weren’t the only ones calling on Eric. He’d received a call from a “D” league team (now known as the “G” league) offering him a tryout. Eric was looking at guaranteed money here in Italy. This “D” league tryout was not guaranteed money. There wasn’t even a guarantee that he was going to make the team. This was simply a tryout. When Eric told people that he was considering turning down the guaranteed hundreds of thousands of dollars to tryout for a “D” league team, people thought he was crazy. The “D” league was not the NBA. Even if he made the “D” league team, there was no guarantee that he would ever be called up to play in the NBA. Most people couldn’t see what Eric saw though. Playing in the NBA was his dream. Making a “D” league team would be a step in the right direction, even if it paid a lot less than playing in Italy. Eric truly believed that saying “It gets greater later.” Eric asked Brittney what she thought about the whole thing. Brittney said that she was riding with him, no matter what he decided to do. That was all of the motivation Eric needed. He decided to take the gamble and see what would come of it. He and Brittney headed back to the States. The gamble paid off. Eric made the team, and signed a 1-year, $13,000 contract to play with the Texas Legends of the NBA’s D-League. The contract was the league minimum, but D-League money was not what was important to Eric. Sure, him and Brittney was living in another studio apartment, this time in the Dallas area, and still struggling to get by from month to month, but Eric now had an opportunity. An opportunity was all that a person could hope for. What happened with that opportunity was up to you! Eric showed the D-League what he could do, almost immediately upon arrival. Eric averaged 28 points/game, coming off the bench in his first ten games with the team. He was promoted to the starting line-up soon after. Eric took over when he got that opportunity. Eric was averaging a whooping 40 points & 8 assist/ game by the All-Star break. Eric made the All-Star squad in his first season as a D-League player. He would never get the chance to play in the D-League’s All-Star game though. The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks called down to the D-League and offered Eric a 10-day contract. Once again, Eric made the most of his opportunity. The Mavericks ended up signing Eric to a contract for the rest of the current season. After the season, the Mavs signed Eric to a 5-year, $89 million deal. Eric and Brittney immediately got married. The happy couple had two kids. Eric played 8 seasons in the NBA before a nagging ankle injury forced him to retire, still in his prime. Eric and Brittney moved back to PA with their kids after Eric retired. Eric was only 31-years old, and was already retired. Life comes at you kind of fast sometimes. Eric didn’t get down on himself though, Instead, he shifted occupations. Eric took some of the NBA money he’d saved over the years and invested some of it in a start-up social media app, that messed around and blew up…..big time! Eric and Brittnet were set for life financially, but Brittney wanted more. She wanted a purpose of her own, outside of being a wife and mother. Brittney gathered a few wives of ex-basketball players that she’d befriended over the years, and other celebrity and popular social media types from the Philadelphia area, and created a reality show called “The Boujee Circle.” The ratchet ass reality show took off almost immediately. After the success of “The Boujee Circle-Philly”, Brittney expanded her empire. Brittney now had “The Boujee Circle” reality show filming in 8 different cities, with 8 different cast. Brittney signed a eight-figure distribution deal with “RatchetTvNow!”, the television station that broadcast’ her show. The Boujee Circle was the biggest ratings grabber RatchetTvNow! had ever had.




The last member of Ashley’s circle of friends, was Dina. Nadine Petty (yes, Nadine’s last name really was Petty), or Dina as she was known by her friends was 42 years-old, and the mother of a 25-year old daughter named Diana that Dina desperately tried to hide. She didn’t try to hide Diana because she didn’t love her, Dina tried to hide Diana, because knowing that she had a 25-year old daughter, would make Dina’s lie about her being 32-years old totally ridiculous. Whenever someone discovered that Diana was Dina’s daughter, Dina desperately tried to lower Diana’s age to around 20….18, if anyone was willing to buy that bullshit. Just like all of the other members of Ashley’s group, Dina was doing very well for herself financially. To simplify Dina’s occupation, she was a high-priced hooker. But if you wanted to put “official” titles on Dina’s “occupations”, she was an Instagram model/boutique owner/reality personality. None of that shit paid Dina’s bills, even though she bragged about her “hustle” to anyone who was willing to listen to her. Selling pussy was what really paid Dina’s bills and afforded her to live a life of luxury. Way back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Dina was one of the most popular video vixens walking this earth. Dina was drop dead gorgeous! Dina was still drop dead gorgeous today at 42, but 42 year-old Dina, had nothing on 23-year old Dina. Back in the day, Dina appeared in almost every popular rapper’s rap videos. They all tried to get at Dina. They all got shot down. They didn’t just get told “no thank you”, Dina laughed at rappers who tried to get with her. Dina never even considered getting involved with a rapper. In Dina’s eyes, rappers were the lowest of lows on the totem pole of big money people. Dina was bad, Dina was paid, and Dina was choosing. Rappers didn’t stand a chance with her……….that was back in the day. Fast forward to 2012. Things had changed drastically. Dina wasn’t the young, new face on the block anymore. There were many newer, younger, and badder chicks available to appear in videos now. Dina was 36 years old at the time, but in the rap world, she may as well have been about 89. Dina was bad, but she wasn’t young and in demand anymore……at least not in demand to appear in videos anymore. Dina was still sought after by rappers…..young and old. Even though Dina had been around the industry for years, she had never gained a reputation for sleeping with every rapper she encountered, or being an easy lay. Dina was 42 years old, beautiful, and what was known in the industry as “vintage vagina.” She was definitely still in demand, just not in the way that she had hoped for. Dina saw value in sleeping with rappers now, and that was exactly what the 36 year old mother of a 19-year old daughter did. Dina was sleeping with guys who were closer to her child’s age than her own. After sleeping with a few of the younger rappers, word quickly spread around the rap industry, and every other industry, that some “vintage vagina” was available and willing. Some good vintage vagina too. Dina was no young dummy. She was grown. Dina turned sleeping with multiple men into a very profitable business. Dina approached sex with a business-like mentality. Everything was about collecting contacts. Collecting contacts could lead your business to that huge account that could possibly take your business to that next level. Sleeping with rappers quickly turned into sleeping with athletes. Sleeping with athletes, quickly turned into sleeping with celebrities. Dina’s business was a’ boomin’ in no time at all. Dina took some of her money and started an online boutique. Dina also learned to use her Instagram page to make money for herself. Dina’s Instagram page was all about the fabulous vacations she took, shopping sprees, and very tight and skimpy outfits. Dina was definitely someone men were in a hurry to follow on Instagram and lust after. Dina racked up millions of Instagram followers in no time at all. Dina turned those followers into a paycheck. She started promoting Flat-Tummy Tea and any other product someone was willing to pay her to promote. Around 2015, Dina stopped sleeping with any and everybody who had some money and fame attached to their name. Dina cut her roster down to one or two wealthy men, who were willing to give her anything she asked for. Dina had no real job at all, yet she lived her life like money truly wasn’t a thing to her. Probably because she never spent her own. Dina also made appearances on “The Boujee Circle – Philly” every now and then.



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