Suspect Trevor Weldon Ingram



Austin, TX


Philly’s own, The Almighty Roots Crew were scheduled to perform at the South By SouthWest (SXSW) Festival in Austin Texas on Saturday, alongside Ludacris, Tank, Jesse Reyez and a few others. The show was canceled due to reports of a bomb threat. If you recall, Austin is the place that three package bombs went off last week killing two black people and injuring a Mexican woman. Police still will not say if minorities were purposely targeted in those incidents. In any case, you can see why Bud Light took the threat seriously enough to cancel the event, when 26-year old Trevor Weldon Ingram allegedly emailed Live Nation Music on Saturday afternoon, saying there was a bomb planted at the Fair Market venue.




Variety Magazine (@variety) reports, officers searched the venue and decided that there was no threat to be found. But Bud Light, the show’s sponsor, decided to cancel the event in the interest of audience safety. (And probably to remove themselves from even the possibility of being sued just in case something did go wrong.) The problem was that the announcement was not made until a large crowd had already gathered in anticipation of the show. Fans were upset about the last-minute cancellation, but some weren’t really all that surprised that something like this would happen.






Acccording to police reports, police were able to identify and locate the suspect believed to be tied to this threat and have a warrant signed for his arrest by 11:08 pm. Seven minutes later, Ingram was arrested and taken into custody. He was booked on third degree felony charges of making a terroristic threat.