About a week ago, Seattle informed their all-pro cornerback that he would be getting released. There’s a good chance Richard Sherman took that piece of news personally. You know how I know? Because, out of all the teams that would’ve loved to add a CB like Sherman to their roster, he chose a team in the same division as his former squad. The San Francisco 49ers. I know, I know, you’re saying “How? I don’t see the 49ers being any competition for Seattle in the near future.” But if you think about it, the 49ers are not that far away from being contenders in the NFC West. The addition of QB Jimmy Garoppolo from New England changed things drastically for the 49ers. A few more solid moves, and the 49ers could easily become a serious contender out West. Plus, Seattle has basically been decimated in these past few seasons. This is not the same Seattle squad that was legendary for its tough defense and the great ground and pound game with Marshawn Lynch.




Sherman signed a three year $39 million contract with San Francisco this week. A contract that reportedly included almost no guaranteed money (Sherman will receive a $3 million signing bonus). A contract Sherman negotiated himself without an agent. The deal Sherman agreed to came under fire by Cleveland Browns offensive Lineman Joe Thomas who said Sherman negotiated a horrible deal for himself. Sherman disagreed, saying that he was betting on himself. Sherman’s contract only includes a $3 million signing bonus, but he did negotiate a few incentives for himself in the deal: Sherman’s base salary for 2018 will be $2 million. He gets another $2 million if he passes a physical by the first day of training camp. If Sherman gets voted to the pro bowl he’ll receive another $1 million. If he’s named an All-Pro this season, Sherman will grab another $2 million. Sherman’s base salary for 2019 and 2020 become fully guaranteed if he makes the pro-bowl in 2018. That would be $16 million guaranteed for the next two seasons ($8 million in 2019 & another $8 million in 2020). In the long run, it wasn’t really a bad deal. Richard Sherman himself said as much. If he doesn’t have a major injury, there’s a very good chance that Sherman could make the pro-bowl next season. Most of his bonus money is tied up into him making the pro-bowl. It seems like a pretty good bet to me.