Whoever said the voices of children can’t make an impact, needs to reconsider their position. After the horrible tragedy at a high school in Parkland, Florida that left 17 people dead and many more wounded, the survivors of that tragedy, who all happen to be teenagers, pretty much turned into advocates overnight. These students appeared everywhere, basically begging Congress and the President of the United States to do something to protect them from tragedies like this. The message these students preached “guns kill.” That was pretty much the message from the students. They organized walk-outs and rallies across the Country. Their message was even heard by the president himself, who came up with what he thought was a great solution. “Guns aren’t the problem. The problem is that schools don’t have armed teachers and more armed security on the grounds.” In a nutshell, we need to buy more guns, not get rid of them. The president’s message was one that was shared by the NRA (National Rifle Association). The debate came to a head when CNN hosted a Town Hall meeting. Republican Congressman Marco Rubio appeared along with NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. Loesch went on the offensive. In condescending fashion, Ms. Loesch argued with kids. She argued that they were basically too young to know what they were talking about. Even though these kids had lived and survived a thing that Ms. Loesch had never come close to. The next day, the NRA doubled down on their aggressive stance that the Parkland shooting was everyone’s fault but theirs. The media, Democrats, Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and others were using this tragedy to be against the NRA because liberals want to take away your 2nd amendment rights and your guns. For some reason, the NRA thought that this was a good strategy. They clearly never considered what their arrogant position would do to them business-wise.




In the past 24 hours multiple companies have publicly cut ties with the NRA. This surely had a lot to do with the threat of boycotting the NRA and any company that does business with them.



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A few of the companies who have cut ties with the NRA in the past day include:


  • Simpli Safe – Home security
  • Enterprise – Rent a car
  • First National bank Of Omaha
  • Symantec – Cyber security
  • Best Western – Hotels
  • Wyndham – Hotel group


The list is expected to grow as the NRA continues to face this tragedy with an arrogant, blameless attitude about this whole situation. At some point, the NRA will need to realize that they’re going to have to give a little ground on this one. The NRA is used to people forgetting about a tragedy after a few days, then it’s usually business as usual for them. That doesn’t seem to be happening this time. The #boycottNRA movement just seems to be getting started and it looks to be rapidly picking up steam along the way. All done by a bunch of kids who are asking for change and to feel safe going to school. Children can make an impact. The voice of young people are just as loud or even louder than the voices of an older generation. Businesses may want to take note of that the next time they decided to approach a tragedy with an arrogant attitude.