$500 million sounds like a lot of money. But when you take a few things into consideration, that number begins to feel a little small. 1) There are at least 332 young women (that we know of) who Larry Nassar raped, molested, or sexually assaulted. All while serving as a doctor for the university and United States Olympics physician. 2) The amounts of money that a University like Michigan State takes in on a yearly basis from tuition, sports ticket sales, donations from alumni and other multi-million dollar donors, and multiple other sources of yearly income, are mind-boggling and surely run up into the billions of dollars on a yearly basis. $500 million is basically nothing to them. 3) Over the years, multiple young women came forward to report sexual assaults against Nassar. The university never made a move against Nassar or fired him, until his dirty deeds were made public…….years after his early assaults were reported to university officials. If you take all of this into consideration, Michigan State is probably feeling pretty damn good after coming up off of a half-a-billi in settlement payments this afternoon. Kind of crazy to think that someone would be happy about paying out $500 million in settlements huh?





The New York Times (@NYTimes) reports, Victims of Larry Nassar will receive $500 million from Michigan State University in a settlement announced on Wednesday. The agreement reached with lawyers representing 332 of Nassar’s victims, was approved on Tuesday by the university’s trustees. Officials said the settlement must still be finalized.






“This historic settlement came about through the bravery of more than 300 women and girls who had the courage to stand up and refused to be silenced. It is the sincere hope of all of the survivors that the legacy of this settlement will be far-reaching institutional reform that will end the threat of sexual assault in sports, schools, and throughout our society.” John Manly (pictured above), one of the lawyers of the victims said on Wednesday.




Nassar currently sits in a federal prison rotting away while serving multiple 100+ year prison sentences for his crimes. Some state, some federal.



After seven (7) straight days of victim impact statements from more than 150 young women and girls, former USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar learned his fate. US District Judge sentenced Nassar to 40-175 years behind bars. But not before the judge had a few harsh words for the former physician.




“Sir, you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again. I just signed your death warrant.”




Nassar’s face remained the same throughout the sentencing proceeding. What looked to me like a combination of sadness mixed in with plenty of self pity. Nassar briefly spoke before sentencing and said that “this would haunt him for the rest of his days.” Or something to that nature. The judge clearly wasn’t satisfied, as she began her scolding of Nassar before formally sentencing him. She questioned if Nassar’s words were genuine and if he really felt remorse for what he’d done to numerous young girls who were in his care. The one thing I did notice from watching the sentencing proceedings was how much others besides Nassar were named in court. Most notable, Michigan State University. Even the prosecutor halfway blamed many people for not listening to the victims as she credited the media with breaking this story. I expect a slew of lawsuits in the upcoming months. Lawsuits which I don’t see anyone attempting to defend. (not if they know what’s good for them) Nassar is also set to be sentenced for three more sexual assaults in Eaton County on January 31.


The U.S. Gymnastics knew that they had a convicted sexual predator on the payroll. That’s not an opinion, I’m just repeating what was in the lawsuit filed against U.S Gymnastics and former Dr. Larry Nassar by gymnast Mckayla Maroney.




ESPN (@espn) reports, Maroney’s attorney, John Manly, made the revelations after he filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Maroney’s behalf.




“They were willing to engage in a systematic cover-up of the entire matter.” Manly told reporters when asked about the lawsuit. In late 2016, USA Gymnastics paid Maroney to sign a confidentiality agreement, Manly said, effectively buying her silence. The Wall Street Journal (@wsj), reported that the amount of the confisentiality agreement was in the $1.25 million range. Manly admitted that Maroney willingly entered into the agreement, but he said that she was emotionally traumatized by the emerging news that Nassar had sexually abused dozens of other women under the guise of medical treatment.




“I want people to understand that this kid had no choice. She couldn’t function. She couldn’t work. They were willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of one of the most famous gymnasts in the world because they didn’t want the world to know they were protecting a pedophile doctor.” Manly said.




The claim alone spells big trouble for U.S. Gymnastics and everyone involved in the cover up. It brings to light the question, how long has this cover-up been going on? And how many young women were victims of the systematic cover-up and never said anything about it, because they were paid off? I smell a pile of lawsuits, and maybe some arrest on the horizon. The lawsuit filed Wednesday names the United States Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, Nassar and, Michigan State as defendants. Michigan State employed Nassar full-time.